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Table of Contents
Summary of Major Sections
Introduction. A short overview to help you better understand and use the book. Starts on 
Page 1.
Part I: Overview of Personality and Career.*** Part I is an overview of personality 
and of the Holland personality types. This section also explores the relationship between 
personality and career. Starts on Page X.
Part II: What's Your Personality Type? Take an Assessment. This part helps you 
discover your personality type with a short, easy-to-complete assessment. Starts on Page 
Part III: The Best Jobs Lists: Jobs for Each of the Six Personality Types. The 140 
lists in Part III show you the best jobs in terms of high salaries, fast growth, and plentiful 
job openings for each of the six personality types. You can also see which jobs are best 
when these factors are combined. Further lists classify the jobs according to education and 
training required and several other features, such as jobs with the highest percentage of 
women and of men and jobs with high rates of self-employment and part-time workers. 
Although there are a lot of lists, they are easy to understand because they have clear titles 
and are organized into groupings of related lists. Starts on Page X.
Part IV: The Job Descriptions. This part provides a brief but information-packed 
description of the 50 jobs from each personality type that met our criteria for high pay, 
fast growth, or many openings. Each description contains information on earnings, 
projected growth, education and training required, job duties, skills, related job titles, 
related knowledge and courses, and many other details. The descriptions are presented in 
alphabetical order within each personality type. This structure makes it easy to look up a 
job that you've identified in a list from Part III and that you want to learn more about. 
Starts on page XXX.
Part V: Appendixes. This part contains four appendixes. Appendix A contains a list of 
occupations in this book and their two-letter RIASEC codes. Appendix B explains the 
various skills listed in the job descriptions in Part IV. Appendix C lists the GOE interest 
fields and work groups, and Appendix D defines the related knowledges and courses listed 
in the job descriptions in Part IV..
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Part I: Overview of Personality and Career.	0
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Why Use Personality to Choose a Career?	0
Describing Personality Types	0
Part II: What's Your Personality Type? Take an Assessment
Part III: The Best Jobs for Each of the Six Personality 
Types 	0
Best Jobs Overall for Each Personality Type: Jobs with the 
Highest Pay, Fastest Growth, and Most Openings	0
Part IV: The Job Descriptions	0
Descriptions for all the jobs in this book are included in this part in alphabetical order. 
The titles are presented below, along with the page numbers where each description 
begins. We suggest that you use Part III to identify job titles that interest you and then 
locate their descriptions in Part IV.
Realistic Jobs
Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers	0
Automotive Master Mechanics	0
Automotive Specialty Technicians	0
Boat Builders and Shipwrights	0
Brattice Builders	0
Part V: Appendixes
Appendix A: Occupations Ordered by Two-Letter RIASEC Codes
Appendix B: Definitions of Skills
Appendix C: GOE Interest Fields and Groups
Appendix D: Definitions of Related Knowledge/Courses
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Personality and occupation.
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