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Preface 00
Acknowledgments 00
Chapter One: Bioethics: Expanding Our Horizons	00
	A.	Shifting Paradigms 7
	B.	The Bioethical Perspective 10
	C.	Questions of Justice 20
	D.	The History of Public Health 24
	E.	The Population Perspective 32
Recommended Readings 35
Chapter Two: The Building Blocks of Health	00
	A.	What Is Health? 37
RenÄ Dubos, "Health and Creative Adaptation 40"
Daniel Callahan, "The WHO Definition of Health 48"
	B.	What Makes Us Healthy? 53
Scot D. Yoder, "Individual Responsibility for Health, Decision Not Discovery 58"
Geoffrey Rose, "Sick Individuals and Sick Populations 68"
Ichiro Kawachi, Bruce Kennedy, and Kimberly Lochner, "Long Live Community: Social Capital as Public Health 74"
	C.	The Economics of Health 89
John K. Iglehart, "The American Health Care System-Expenditures 96"
Wendy K. Mariner, "Rationing Health Care and the Need for Credible Scarcity: Why Americans Can't Say No 104"
Recommended Readings 93
Chapter Three: The Health of Individuals	00
	A.	What and Why Autonomy? 115
Gerald Dworkin, "Autonomy and Informed Consent 125"
David J. Rothman, "The Origins and Consequences of Patient Autonomy: A 25-Year Retrospective 144"
Shine v. Vega154 "Bouvia v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County 160"
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	B.	Individual Responsibility for the Health of Others 191
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 "In re A.C. 208"
 "Ferguson v. City of Charleston 244"
Amitai Etzioni, "HIV Sufferers Have a Responsibility 266"
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	C.	The Implications of Autonomy 292
Beverly Rockhill, "The Privitazation of Risk 298"
Gerald Dworkin, "Taking Risks, Assessing Responsibility 302"
Eike-Henner Kluge, "Drawing the Ethical Line between Organ Transplantation and Lifestyle Abuse 308"
Recommended Readings 295
Chapter Four: The Ethical Obligations of Health Care Providers	00
	A.	The Ethical Obligations of Physicians and Other Providers 310
 "The Hippocratic Oath 317"
Matthew Wynia et al., "Medical Professionalism in Society 318"
Dena S. Davis, "Nursing: An Ethic of Caring 326"
Helga Kuhse, "Clinical Ethics and Nursing: "Yes" to Caring, But "No" to a Female Ethics of Care 333"
	B.	The Obligation of Physicians to Provide Quality Care 340
 "Helling v. Carey 351"
Steven H. Miles, "Sounding Board: Informed Demand for "Non-Beneficial" Medical Treatment 356"
Marcia Angell, "The Case of Helga Wanglie: A New Kind of "Right to Die" Case 360"
Jerome E. Bickenbach, "Disability and Life-Ending Decisions 370"
 "Washington v. Glucksberg 380"
	C.	The Obligation of Confidentiality 420
 "Whalen v. Roe 427"
Amitai Etzioni, "HIV Testing of Infants: Privacy and Public Health 476"
Helena Gail Rubenstein, "If I Am Only for Myself, What Am I? A Communitarian Look at the Privacy Stalemate 482"
 "Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California 496"
	D.	The Physician-Patient Relationship in the Era of Managed Care 519
Patricia Illingworth, "Bluffing, Puffing and Spinning in Managed-Care Organizations 530"
Norman G. Levinsky, "The Doctor's Master 569"
John J. Paris and Stephen G. Post, "Managed Care, Cost Control, and the Common Good 572"
Recommended Readings 523
Chapter Five: The Ethical Obligations of Health Care Institutions	00
	A.	The Ethical Obligations of Hospitals 579
 "Darling v. Charleston Community Memorial Hospital 587"
Lucian L. Leape and Donald M. Berwick, "Safe Health Care: Are We Up to It? 595"
 "Utah County v. Intermountain Health Care, Inc. 597"
	B.	The Ethical Obligation of Managed Care Organizations 633
Wendy K. Mariner, "Business vs. Medical Ethics: Conflicting Standards for Managed Care 640"
E. Haavi Morreim, "Moral Justice and Legal Justice in Managed Care: The Ascent of Contributive Justice 651"
 "Pegram v. Herdrich 670"
Vikram Khanna et al., "Disclosure of Operating Practices by Managed-Care Organizations to Consumers of Healthcare: Obligations of Informed Consent 687"
	C.	The Ethical Obligations of Pharmaceutical Companies 700
Marcia Angell, "The Pharmaceutical Industry-To Whom Is It Accountable? 719"
David Healy, "Good Science or Good Business? 724"
Recommended Readings 706
Chapter Six: Individuals, Society, and Health	00
	A.	The Obligations of the State 736
World Health Organization, "Constitution 746"
 "Universal Declaration of Human Rights 750"
Norman Daniels, "Justice, Fair Procedures, and the Goals of Medicine 758"
Wendy E. Parmet, "Health Care and the Constitution: Public Health And the Role of the State in the Framing Era 783"
Norman Daniels et al., "Justice Is Good for Our Health 852"
	B.	Obligations to Other Societies 883
Solomon R. Benatar, "Global Disparities in Health and Human Rights: A Critical Commentary 890"
Peter Singer, "Famine, Affluence, and Morality 897"
David B. Resnick, "Developing Drugs for the Developing World: An Economic, Legal, Moral, and Political Dilemma 908"
Jillian Clare Cohen and Patricia Illingworth, "The Dilemma of Intellectual Property Rights for Pharmaceuticals: The Tension Between Ensuring Access of the Poor to Medicines and Committing to International Agreements 928"
	C.	Are Health Care Ethics Culturally Specific? 949
Godfrey B. Tangwa, "Globalisation or Westernisation? Ethical Concerns in the Whole Bio-Business 957"
Rosemarie Tong, "Towards a Feminist Global Bioethics: Addressing Women's Health Concerns Worldwide 966"
Loretta M. Kopelman, "Female Genital Circumcision and Conventionalist Ethical Relativism 984"
Recommended Readings 953
Chapter Seven: Individuals, Society, and Biomedical Science: Emerging and Reemerging Issues	00
	A.	Human Subjects in Medical Research 1003
 "Nuremberg Code 1011"
World Medical Association, "Declaration of Helsinki 1013"
 "Grimes v. Kennedy Krieger Institute, Inc. 1017"
Marcia Angell, "The Ethics of Clinical Research in the Third World 1056"
Keymanthri Moodley, "HIV Vaccine Trial Participation in South Africa- An Ethical Assessment 1059"
	B.	Science and Society 1078
The President's Council on Bioethics, "Human Cloning and Human Dignity: An Ethical Inquiry 1087"
Daniel Callahan, "Too Much of a Good Thing: How Splendid Technologies Can Go Wrong 1122"
	C.	Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections 1126
Lawrence O. Gostin, "Public Health in an Age of Bioterrorism: Rethinking Individual Rights and Common Goods; In Defense of a Model Act that Was Written to Bring Public Health Law into the Modern Age 1138"
George J. Annas, "Bioterrorism, Public Health, and Human Rights; Taking Human Rights Seriously Is Our Best Defense Against Bioterrorism and Fosters Both the Federalization and Globalization of Public Health 1148"
Wendy E. Parmet, "Bioterrorism: Public Health Perspectives 1152"
Jonathan M. Mann, "Medicine and Public Health, Ethics and Human Rights 1163"
Recommended Readings 1133

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Medical ethics.
Public health -- Moral and ethical aspects.