Table of contents for Revolutions : a worldwide introduction to political and social change / Stephen K. Sanderson.

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Chapter 1. Understanding Revolutions
 The Nature of Revolutions
 Concepts for Understanding Revolutions
Chapter 2. The Great Historical Revolutions
	The French Revolution of 1789
	The Russian Revolution of 1917
	Revolution in China, 1911-49
Chapter 3. Revolutions in the Third World
	Castro and the Cuban Revolution
	The Sandinistas and the Nicaraguan Revolution
	The Iranian Revolution
	The Overthrow of the Marcos Regime in the Philippines
Chapter 4. The Causes of Revolutions: I
	The Natural History of Revolutions
	Social-Psychological Theories
	Marxian Theories
	Charles Tilly?s Resource Mobilization Theory
 State-Centered Theories
Chapter 5. The Causes of Revolutions: II 
	State-Centered Theories of Third World Revolutions
	Strengths and Weaknesses of State-Centered Theories
	Ideologies and Revolutions
	Structure and Agency in the Revolutionary Process
	Explaining Revolutions: Conclusions
Chapter 6. Revolutions from Above in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
	State Socialism: Development and Reforms
	1989: The Revolutions against Communism in Eastern Europe
	1991: The Revolution against Communism in the Soviet Union 
	Explaining the Revolutions against Communism 
	The Communist Collapse and State-Centered Theories of Revolution
	Coda: The Unexpected Nature of the Communist Collapse 
Chapter 7. The Outcomes of Revolutions
	The Revolutions against Communism
Epilogue. The Future of Revolutions
Appendix. Ten Leading Students of Revolutions: Biographical and Autobiographical Sketches
John Foran
Jack Goldstone
Jeff Goodwin
Ted Robert Gurr
Krishan Kumar
Barrington Moore, Jr. 
Theda Skocpol
Charles Tilly
Timothy Wickham-Crowley
Eric R. Wolf
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