Table of contents for How to tell your friends from the apes / by Will Cuppy ; introduction by P.G. Wodehouse ; illustrated by Jacks.

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Introduction   3
Preface   xx
Memoirs of the Jukes Family, 
or Where We Come In
The Java Man   xx :: The Peking Man   xx
The Piltdown Man   xx :: The Heidelberg Man   xx
The Neanderthal Man   xx :: The Cro-Magnon Man   xx The Modern Man   xx
How to Tell Your Friends from the Apes, 
or A Monkey a Day
The Chimpanzee   xx :: The Gorilla   xx
The Orang-utan   xx :: The Gibbon   xx
The Baboon   xx :: The Howling Monkey   xx
The Lemur   xx
What I Hate About Spring
Return of the Birds
The Robin   xx :: The Wren   xx :: The Cuckoo   xx
The Booby   xx :: The Nightingale   xx
The Crow   xx :: The Stork   xx
Perfectly Damnable Birds
The Great Bustard   xx :: The Owl   xx
The Love Bird   xx :: The Hen   xx
The Rooster   xx :: The Canary   xx
Birds I Could Do Without
The Pewee   xx :: The Common Babbler   xx
The Nuthatch   xx :: The Loon   xx
The Water Ouzel   xx :: The Flamingo   xx
Farewell to Birds
The Parrot   xx :: The Penguin   xx
The Woodpecker   xx :: The Dotterel   xx
The Sparrow   xx :: The Hummingbird   xx
Wild Beasts I Have Met   xx
Mammals You Ought to Know, 
or Why Be a Rhinoceros?
The Lion   xx :: The Tiger   xx :: The Elephant   xx
The Rhinoceros   xx :: The Hippopotamus   xx
The Gira^e   xx
Fair to Medium Mammals
The Polar Bear   xx :: The Beaver   xx
The Gnu   xx :: The Whale   xx :: The Zebra   xx
Awful Mammals
The Duck-Billed Platypus   xx :: The Sloth   xx
The Hyena   xx :: The Bat   xx :: The Aard-vark   xx

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Animals -- Humor.