Table of contents for The Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild : an illustrated history / John L. Jacobus.

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Table of Contents
Preface	 00
Chapter I. Introduction
Background	 00
Purpose of the Guild	 00
Public Relations Bonanza 	 00
Overseas Craftsman's Guilds	 00
Lives Changed	 00
Tenets, Values and Virtues 	 00
Demise of the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild	 00
Intriguing Questions, Enigmas and Open issues	 00
Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild Time Line and Milestones	 00
Chapter II. Napoleonic Coach Competition (1930-1948)
Introduction	 00
The Fisher Brothers	 00
Philanthropy	 00
Fisher Body "Royal Coach" Trademark	 00
Napoleonic Coach Trademark	 00
Youth Scholarship Program	 00
Source of Inspiration	 00
Napoleonic Coach Designers and Creators	 00
Master Model Coaches 	 00
Plans and Instructions	 00
Guild Purpose and Organization	 00
Advertising, Promotions and Incentives	 00
Napoleonic Coach Competition, Master Craftsman Class	 00
Shipping Crate	 00
Judging and Scoring Coaches 	 00
Some Napoleonic Coach Details	 00
Coach Builder's Biographic Survey	 00
Some Ingenious Ideas Used to Build a Coach	 00
Napoleonic Coach Kits	 00
Labor Hours Required	 00
The Guildsman, Official Magazine of the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild	 00
Traveling Coach Competition, Apprentice Craftsman Class, Inaugurated 
 1934-35	 00
1934-35 Traveling Coach Competition Regions	 00
Between pages 000 and 000 are 16 color plates containing 00 photographs
Chapter III. Model Car Competition (1937-1968)
Pre-World War II Model Car Competition (1937 and 1938)	 000
Post-World War II Model Car Competitions (1946-1968)	 000
Model Body Styles, Dimensions, and Construction Methods	 000
Materials Used by Guildsmen	 000
Tools and Equipment used by Guildsmen 	 000
Trim from Common, Ordinary Household Items 	 000
Metal Trim and Brightwork 	 000
Paint 	 000
Construction Materials and Methods Used	 000
Secrets of Success	 000
Subcontractors	 000
Guild Clubs	 000
GM Dealers	 000
Art Center College of Design	 000
Stylist's Genes, Pedigrees and the "Right Stuff"	 000
Project Planning 	 000
Family Know-How	 000
Top 18 Brother or Family Scholarship Teams	 000
Labor and Time Commitment 	 000
Shipping Container	 000
Deadline 	 000
Judging and Scoring 	 000
Quantity of Model Entries for Selected Years	 000
Judges' Workload	 000
GM Sons' Presence	 000
1963 and 1966 Competition Demographics (Age, Education) for 
 Awardees Only	 000
Program Diversity and International Scope 	 000
Age Bracket Expansion 	 000
Fairness	 000
Purchased and Duplicated Models	 000
The Regional Awards System	 000
Competition Integrity	 000
National Guild Convention and Banquet 	 000
Being a National Scholarship Winner	 000
Consolation Prize: Certificate of Design and Craftsmanship and 
 Score Sheet	 000
Demise of the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild	 000
Can't Keep a Good Man Down	 000
Legacy	 000
Postscript	 000
Chapter IV. The Search for Guildsmen
Napoleonic Coach Builders	 000
Model "Dream Car" Makers	 000
Afterwards	 000
Non Sequitur	 000
Recovery and Identification	 000
Non-Guild Memorabilia	 000
Future Guild Reunions	 000
Accredited Industrial Design Programs 	 000
Appendix A. Fisher Brothers in Brief	 000
Appendix B. Skip Geear's Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild Foundation 
 and Mini-Museum	 000
Appendix C. Coach Builder's Biographic Survey Form, June 1997	 000
Appendix D. Fisher Body Division's Role During World War II	 000
Appendix E. Model Car Competition Rules and Regulations	 000
Appendix F. Popular Construction Techniques Used by Guildsmen	 000
Appendix G. The Awards and Regional Awards System	 000
Appendix H. Detroit Guild Convention Details for Selected Years 	 000
Appendix I. Analysis of Some Aspects of the 1963 and 1966 Model Car 
 Competitions 	 000
Appendix J. Overseas Craftsman's Guilds	 000
Appendix K. Summary: U.S. Guildsmen by Name, Year(s), University 
 and Vocational Interest	 000
Appendix L. The Fisher Body Crafsman's Guild: A Model for Educational 
 Reform, by Anthony V. Simone	 000
Appendix M. Persons Officially Assigned by GM Styling to Be Design Judges	 000
Acknowledgments	 000
Chapter Notes	 000
Bibliography	 000
Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms	 000
Index 	 000

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