Table of contents for Problems with atonement : the origins of, and controversy about, the atonement doctrine / Stephen Finlan.

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The Incarnation
Ritual Atonement Metaphors
The Logic(s) of Atonement
Chapter 1: Sacrifice and Scapegoat
1.1 Hebrew Sacrifice
1.1.1 As a Gift
1.1.2 For Purification
1.1.3 Purifying the Temple
1.1.4 The Kippering of Sin
1.1.5 The Basic Meanings of Sacrifice
1.2 Spiritualization
1.3 Typological Interpretation
1.4. Expulsion Rituals
1.4.1 Gentile Expulsion Rites
1.4.2 OT Expulsion Rituals
1.5 Using Scapegoat to Christianize Sacrifice
Chapter 2: Paul's Use of Cultic Imagery
2.1 The Sacrificial Metaphor in Romans 3:25
2.2 Scapegoat and New Creation in 2 Corinthians 5:21
2.3 The Currency of the Curse in Galatians 3:13
2.3.1 Redemption and Curse
2.3.2 Covenants and Curses
2.4 The Body of Sin in Romans 6 to 8
2.5 Summary of Paul's Expulsion Imagery
2.6 Hellenistic and "Noble Death" Motifs
2.7 Cultic and Social Metaphors
2.8 Pauline Soteriology
2.8.1 Explaining the Messiah to the Gentiles
2.8.2 What Does "Dying for Us" Mean?
2.8.3 Your Faith Has Saved You?
Chapter 3: Atonement after Paul
3.1 Domesticating Paul
3.1.1 The Conservative Deutero-Pauline Tradition
3.1.2 Making Redemption Dominant
3.2 Development of the Doctrines of Atonement
3.2.1 The Rescue Theories
3.2.2 Augustine and Gregory the Great
3.2.3 The Satisfaction Theory
3.2.4 The Moral Influence Theory
3.2.5 Reformation Theories
3.3 The Psychology of Atonement
3.3.1 Why Atonement Is Compelling
3.3.2 The Guilt-Gratitude Cycle
Chapter 4: Rationalizing the Atonement Doctrine
4.1 Restating Atonement
4.2 Redefining Sacrifice
4.2.1 Sacrifice as Soul-Repair
4.2.2 Sacrifice as Sacred Violence The Theory of Girard Exonerating Paul
4.3 Critiques of Atonement
4.3.1 Winter's Critique of Inadequate Atonement Theories
4.3.2 Weaver: Improving the Atonement
4.3.3 Wink: A Nearly Pacifist Gospel
4.3.4 Feminist Rejection of a Gospel of Suffering
4.4 Atonement: A Call for the Question
4.4.1 Is the Atonement Metaphor Inherently Flawed?
4.4.2 Can the Sacrifice Metaphor Be Spiritualized?
4.5 Did Jesus Have to Be Killed?
4.6 The Soteriology of Jesus
4.6.1 The Hosea Principle
4.6.2 Jesus at Odds with Ritual Correctness
Chapter 5: The Incarnation
5.1 The Incarnation Interpreted through Secondary Doctrines
5.2 Theøsis

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