Table of contents for Child psychology : a handbook of contemporary issues / edited by Lawrence Balter, Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda.

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1.	Regulating Emotion in Infancy and Toddlerhood: A Self-determination Approach
	Wendy S. Grolnick, Jannette M. McMenamy, & Carolyn O. Kurowski
2.	The Nature, Etiology and Consequences of Individual Differences in Temperament
	Ted Wachs
3.	Determinants and Consequences of Infant-Parent Attachment
	Jay Belsky
4.	Early Language Development: Social Influences in the First Years of Life
	Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Tonia Cristofaro, Eileen T. Rodriquez, & Marc H. 
5.	On the Emergence of Perceptual Organization and Categorization in Young 
	Infants: Roles for Perceptual Process and Knowledge Access
	Paul Quinn
6.	Peer Relations in Young Children 
	Carollee Howes & Linda Lee
7.	Pretend Play and Theory of Mind
	Robert Kavanaugh
8.	Concreteness and Symbolic Development
	David H. Uttal, Linda L. Liu, & Judy S. DeLoache
9.	Effects of Representational Reminders on Young Children's Recall: Implications for 
	Long-term Memory Development
	Judith A. Hudson, Ellyn G. Sheffield, & Joanne Agayoff Deocampo
10.	Conversing with Toddlers about the Nonpresent: Precursors to Narrative 
	Development in Two Genres
	Paola Uccelli, Lowry Hemphill, Barbara Alexander Pan, & Catherine Snow
11.	Peer Relationships during Middle Childhood: Gender, Emotions, and Aggression
	Marion K. Underwood, Lara Mayeux, & Mikal Galperin
12.	Appreciating the Meaning and Aesthetics of Spatial Graphic Representations 
	during Childhood
	Lynn Liben
13.	The Role of Gender Stereotypes in Children's Preferences and Behavior
	Cindy Faith Miller, Hanns Martin Trautner, & Diane Ruble
14.	Motivational and Emotional Pathways through Middle Childhood
	Jacquelynne Eccles, Robert Roeser, & Allan Wigfield
15.	Emotion Regulation and Children's Socioemotional Competence
	Nancy Eisenberg & Richard A. Fabes
16.	Transition into Adolescence: The Role of Pubertal Processes
	Lori DeRose & Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
17.	Friendships among Black, Latino, and Asian-American Adolescents: Contextual 
	Predictors, Characteristics, and Quality
	Niobe Way, Bronwyn E. Becker, & Melissa L. Greene
18.	Towards a New Vision and Vocabulary about Adolescence: Theoretical and 
	Empirical Bases of a "Positive Youth Development" Perspective
	Richard M. Lerner, Jacqueline V. Lerner, and colleagues in the Institute for Applied 
	Research in Youth Development
19.	What Does It Mean to Be An Adult? Young People's Conceptions of Adulthood
	Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
20.	The Family Environment
	Robert H. Bradley & Robert F. Corwyn
21.	Poverty: Consequences for Children
	Marika N. Ripke & Aletha C. Huston
22.	The Impact of Community Violence on Preschool Development
	L. Oriana Linares & Nicole Anne Morin
23.	Cultural and Maturational Influences on Long-term Event Memory
	Michelle Leichtman
24.	Tuned In or Tuned Out: Parents' and Children's Interpretation of Parental Racial 
	Socialization Practices
	Diane Hughes
25.	Neighborhoods and Schools: Contexts and Consequences for the Mental Health and 
	Risk Behaviors of Children and Youth
	Elizabeth T. Gershoff & J. Lawrence Aber

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