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INTRODUCTION: A Restful Word From Dr. Bill
CHAPTER ONE: Five Steps to Get Your Baby to Sleep Better
Step 1: Find Out Where You and Your Baby Sleep Best * Step 2: Learn Baby's Tired Times * Step 3: Create a Safe 
Environment Conducive to Sleep * Step 4: Create a Bedtime Ritual * Step 5: Help Baby Stay Asleep Longer * 
Making a Sleep Log
CHAPTER TWO: Fifteen Tips to Help Toddlers Sleep
What Toddlers Learn at Bedtime * Easing Your Toddler Off to Dreamland - Fifteen Tips * Teaching Your Young 
Child to Fall Asleep Alone and Happy * FAQ's About Toddlers Sleep * Why Nighttime Parenting Matters
CHAPTER THREE: The Facts of Infant Sleep and What They Mean for Parents
Learn the Facts of Infant Sleep * How Babies Sleep at Various Ages * Why Babies Wake Up * Normal Night 
Noises Sleeping Babies Make * Adapt a Nighttime Parenting Attitude * Unclutter the Daytime Life of a Nighttime 
Parent * Get Connected * Get to Know Your Baby's Sleep Personality * Matching You, Your Baby, and Your Sleep 
Plan * Sleep Safety
CHAPTER FOUR: Meet Different Families with Different Sleep Plans
Newly-Born or Soon to Be * Doing it Differently with the Next Baby! * Baby Training * Baby Fights Sleep * High-
need Sleepless Baby * Painful Nightwaking * Won't Sleep Well in Crib * Nursing All Night * Family Burned Out 
From Frequent Night Nursing
CHAPTER FIVE: The Joys of Sleeping with Your Baby
Our Experiences * The Truth About Co-Sleeping * Our Co-sleeping Experiments * Science Says: Co-sleeping is 
Healthful * Nine Benefits of Co-Sleeping * Nine Ways to Make Co-Sleeping Easier * Common Co-Sleeping 
CHAPTER SIX: Nightfeedings and Nightweaning - When and How?
Ages and Stages of Nursing at Night * Fifteen Ways to Make Night Nursing Easier * Thinking About Cutting Back 
on Nightnursing? * Twelve Tips for Getting Baby to Nurse Less at Night * Slowing the All-Night Sucker * More 
Nightnursing During Growth Spurts * Wants Nighttime Bottle
CHAPTER SEVEN: Moving Out Tips for Transitioning to a Big Kids Bed
Five Steps to Easing Your Kids Out of Your Bed, Out of Your Room, and into their Own Room * Getting Your 
Child to Sleep Independently 
CHAPTER EIGHT: Twenty-Three Nighttime Fathering Tips
Part One - For Dads * Be a Supportive Father by Day * Support the Tired Mom at Night * Try Our Favorite 
Nighttime Fathering Strategies * Part Two - For Moms
CHAPTER NINE: Naptime Strategies that Work
Creating Healthy Nap Habits * Getting Baby to Nap at Predictable Times * Winding Down the Reluctant Napper * 
FAQ's About Naps
CHAPTER TEN: Should Baby Cry it Out?
What Crying it Out Really Means * How Crying it Out Sabotages the Parent-Child Relationship * Sensitive Sleep-
Training That Does Work * More Questions You May Have
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Medical and Physical Causes of Nightwaking
Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER) * Food Allergies * Formula Intolerance * Stuffy Noses * Ear Infections * 
Environmental Allergies * Anemia * Pinworms * Sleep Apnea * Irritating Sleepwear * Teething * Growing Pains * 
Diaper Irritation * Baby Too Hot, Too Cold * Bedroom Noise * Separation Anxiety 
CHAPTER TWELVE: Nighttime Parenting in Special Situations
Nightwaking After Mother Returns to Work * Nightwaking in a Premature Baby * Twins and Multiples * When 
Child is Sick * When Traveling * Moving * When Dad Travels * "Nursing" Baby to Sleep at Daycare * Single 
Parents - Two Different Beds * Nightmares * Sleep Terrors
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Eleven Tips to Help Parents Sleep Better
Make Sleep a Priority * Eat to Sleep * Dress for Sleep * Exercise for Sleep * Enjoy a Before-Bed Bath * Turn off 
the Tube * Don't Worry, Be Happy! * Sleep More the First Month * Enjoy a Before-Bed Ritual * Nap When Baby 
Does * Make Nighttime Mothering More Restful 

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