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1.	Introduction
2. Religion, Transcendence, and Denial among America's Urban Poor
	Is This the Ghetto?
	Rich Churches, Poor Churches
3. Church Stories
	Saint Martin's Spiritual Baptist Church, Brooklyn	
	Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Bridgeport, Connecticut	
	"Hoover Street Dreams": Los Angeles	
	La Sinagoga: Dancing Your Problems Away in East New York, Brooklyn	
	Losing New Jerusalem, Chicago	
	Discharging a Debt to God: Pastor John Grier, Los Angeles	
	Lily of the Valley Spiritual Church, Chicago	
House of Prayer for All People: Chicago, Newark, Brooklyn, Camden, and Harlem
	Jesus Goes to the Dirty Places: Skid Row, Los Angeles 
	Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission, Inc., Skid Row, Los Angeles	
	Preaching the Word of God on Sixth and San Pedro Streets, Los Angeles	
	Sam, Street Preacher, Skid Row, Los Angeles
4. Architecture, Design, and Urbanism
Church Styles
How Do Churches Evolve?
Traditional Churches
Catholic Churches in Ghetto Areas
Storefront Churches
Why Do People Go to Church?
How Do Churches Get Their Names? 
Admirable Churches
Repositories of Folk Art
The Color, Sex, and Ethnicity of Christ
Church Interiors
Imitation Stained-Glass Windows
Why Are There So Many Storefront Churches?
The Street of God, Overflowing with Churches
5. I Am Here to Preach the Truth to You: Church Leaders
Dealing in Hope: Pastor, Preacher, Apostle, Minister, Elder, Congregant
Why People Become Pastors
Women Pastors
The Pastor's Vision
Church Portraits of Religious Leaders
Present or Past Employment of Pastors, Ministers, Deacons, Preachers, and Elders 
Congregants, Pew Members
Reactions to My Questions and Photographing
Tithes: God Loves a Cheerful Giver
6. Theology
God, the Lord
The Blood of Jesus
The Holy Ghost
Images of God
The Passion of the Christ
The Cross
Taking Advantage of Our Weak Nature: The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the Anti-Christ, the Enemy
The Holy Bible, the Scriptures, the Word of God in All Its Power
Prayer: Praising God, Thanking God
Salvation, Accepting God
Deliverance, Setting the Captives Free
The Church, the House of God
Paradise, Heaven, the New Jerusalem: Joy in the Presence of God
Hell, Eternal Agony and Torture: Despair over the Absence of God
Faith Healing, Demonic Possession, and Speaking in Tongues
Drunk in the Spirit
C. O. G. I. C., Church of God in Christ
Spiritual Churches: Jesus Is the Light of the World
7. Churches: The Public Face
Texts and the Categories to Which They Belong
Texts Copied from Church Buildings and Sunday Bulletins
"Make a Joyful Noise into the Lord": Church Hymns and Songs
Have a Very Blessed Day: Answering Machine Greetings
8. Christian Supplies: Creating an Atmosphere of Reverence and Devotion
	Visual Aids
	Bibles and Hymnals
	Christian Stores
	Custom Pulpit Robes, Choir Robes, Usher Uniforms
	Mail Order Catalogues with Church Supplies
Postscript: Walking with God

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