Table of contents for The instant curriculum revised : over 700 developmentally appropriate learning activities for busy teachers of young children / Pam Schiller and Joan Rossano ; illustrations by Deborah Wright.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Bringing the Inside Out - Self Expression through Art
		Good Graffiti (p. 60)
		Meat Tray Art	 (p. 60)
		Buttermilk Drawing (p. 61)
		Sugar Water Drawings (p.61)
		Scented Markers
Drawing Tools
Drawing Surfaces
Crayon Melt (new name for Warming Tray Art p. 31)
Suerat Dots
Wet Sand Drawings (p. 64)
Magnifying Glass Assistance
Sidewalk Art
		Scratch and Sniff Paint
		Finger Paint and Finger Paint Relief
		Splatter Painting
		Cotton Swab Painting 
		Textured Paintings
		Bubble Painting
		Deodorant Bottle Paintings (p. 50)
		Spray Painting
		Roller Painting (new name for Little Wall Painters p. 51)
Squirt Bottle Painting (p.109)
Body Paints
Gadget Painting
Sponge Painting 
Feather Painting
Epsom Salt Paint
Icing Paint
Puff Paint
Salt Paint
		Finger Paint Baggies (p.33)
Marble Prints (new name for Marble Painting p. 34)
		Car Tracks (p. 58)
		Straw Blowing (p. 33)
		Glue Drop Designs (new name for Glue-Dots p. 30)
		Shaker Art
		Absorption Designs (new name for Paper Towel Art p. 31)
		Rubbings (p. 59)
		Sand Designs I
		Sand Designs II
Mondrian Masterpieces
Template Designs
Stained Glass Windows (p. 49)
More Stained Glass Windows 
Rock Salt Designs 
		Cookie Cutter Prints
Gadget Printing (p. 58)
		Bubble Prints I
		Bubble Prints II
		Sponge Prints (p. 57)
		Blotto Prints (new name for Fold Over 1 and 2 p. 55-56--see edits)
		Hand Mural (p. 57)
		Hand Wreaths
		Fingerprint Creations (new name for Fingerprint Art p. 555-see edits)
		Torn Paper Collages
Torn Paper Silhouettes (p. 90)
		Tissue Paper Collages (p. 24-see edits)
		Nature Collages
		Confetti Art (new name for Confetti p. 23)
		Humpty Dumpty Reconstruction (new name for Humpty Dumpty p. 26-see edits)
		Happy Face Montage
		Monochromatic Masterpieces (new name for Shades of Red p. 24)
		Shapes on Shapes (p. 27)
		Textured Collages (new name for Patchworks p. 28)
	Sculpting and Molding
		Paper Mache
		Goop and Gak
		Cloud Dough
		Playdough Sculpting (new name for Balls, Beads.p. 46)
		Wood Sculpting (p. 43)
		Box Sculpting (p. 43)
Stabiles (p. 44)
		Sand Castles (p. 48)
		Mud Pies (p. 48)	
		Soap Suds Clay		
 Tin Foil Sculptures 		
	Arts and Crafts Recipes
Chapter 2
A Pot, a Pan and a Wooden Spoon - Cooking
	No-Cook Recipes
Purple Cow Shakes
Baggie Ice Cream
Can Ice Cream
Sun Salad
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Balls
Friendship Mixes
Banana Pudding
Banana Wheels
Candy Mints
Glittery Sugar Mallows
Tooty Fruity
Apple and Carrot Salad
Fruit Sticks
Baloney Animals
Sandwich Fillings
	Toaster Oven/Oven Recipes
		Toast Tidbits 
		Pizza Faces
		Bear Claws
 Pigs in a Blanket
	Refrigerator/Freezer Recipes
		Gelatin Jigglers
		One Cup Salad
		Party Pops
	Hot Plate/Electric Skillet Recipes/Poppers
		Shooting Stars
		Chili Popcorn
		Skillet Cookies
		Grilled Cheese Delights				
Chapter 3		
The Magic of Make Believe - Dramatic Play
	Imaginative Play
Prop Boxes 
Beauty Salon
Car Wash (p.73)
Gas Station (p.73)
Tent Town (p.74)
Drive-Ins (p.75)
Dinner is Served (new name for Eat Your Dinner, Please p.78-see edits)
Baby Bath time (new name for Bath time for Baby p.79-see edits)
The Nursery (p.80-see edits)
Box House (p.80)
Box Cars and Boats (p.93)
Pantry Match (new name for Pantry Game p.154-see edits)
What's in the Trunk?
	Creative Play
Floral Arrangements (new name for Flower Arranging p.45)
	My Hat (p.39)
	Mad Hatters (p.86)
	Bakery Goods (new name Biscuits p.47-see edits)
Little Designers (p.77)
Baubles, Beads, Bangles and Belts (p.85-see edits)
What Is It? (p.88-see edits)
Stocking Snakes (p.112)
Soft Blocks (p.113)			
		Let's Pretend			
Chapter 4
Expanding Horizons - Language & Literacy
		"Go-fers" (p.140)
Listening Walk
Sound Canisters
Where's the Sound?
Follow the Sound 
Mystery Sounds (new name for Pick-a-Pair p.134-see edits)
Musical Hot and Cold
Ears Up (p.139)
Which Instrument Do You Hear?
Do You Hear What I Hear? (p.138)
The Sound of Silence
I've Got Rhythm (p.135)
Sound Makers (new name for Sound Match p.136)
Taped Directions (p.141) 
I Spy (p.148)
Listening Stories
Simon Says
Twin Tunes (p.258)
Listening Tunes
Clapping Names
	The Long and the Short of It
Oral Language 
	Reading Vocabulary
	Singing Vocabulary
	Word of the Day
		A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words
		Pictures, Pictures, Pictures (p.144)
Baggie Book Photo Albums (Baggie Book p.177)
Vocabulary Fun (new name What Is It? P.151-see edits)
Shopping Fun (new name Let's Go Shopping p.150-see edits)
Sequencing Concrete Objects (getting up, getting dressed)
In the Bag (p.150-see edits)
Positional Words (p.151-see edits)
Opposites (p.155)
Opposites Hunt
Sign Language Vocabulary
		Show and Tell
		Ticklers (p.144)
		Deluxe Show 'n Tell (p.146)
		String a Story (p.149)
Nursery Rhyme Pantomimes (new name for Jack and Bo-Peep p. 86)
Magic Mirror (p.142)
Magic Pebble (p.143)
Magic Wand (p.234-see edits)
Sally Sad and Harry Happy (notice slight change of title p.145-see edits)
Puppet Party (p.147)
What Do You Know about This? (new name Guest Spot p. 149)
Posing Questions 
Recipe Dictation
Flannel Board Stories
Expanding Story Concepts
Word Police
	Phonological Awareness	
Hickey Picky Bumblebee
		Clapping Words
Silly Sentences (p.139)
Tongue Twisters
Alliteration Fun (p.137)
Alliteration Songs
		The Sounds of Rain
Onomatopoeia Songs		
Name Game (p.137)
Pick-a- Pair (new)
Rime Time
Rhyme or Reason
Rhyming Game (new name for Rhyming Time p.135-see edits)
Fill-in Nursery Rhymes (new name Rhyme Time p.141) 
Rhythmic Nursery Rhymes 1 (p.242)
Rhythmic Nursery Rhymes 2 (p.242)
Whispered Rhymes
Rhyme in a Can
Say and Touch
	Letter Knowledge and Recognition
		What's Missing? (p.167-see edits)
		Whoops! (p.169-see edits)
		What's the Order? (p.168-see edits)
		Can You remember? (p.168-see edits)
		Wallpaper Lotto (p.156-see edits)
Alphabetical Order
		Which Letter is Missing?
Gel Bags
Playdough Letters (p.162-see edits)
		Pretzel Letters (p. 163-see edits)
		Thumbprint Letters
		Freckle Names (p.158)
		Letter Tracing (taken in part from Tracing p. 107-see edits)
		Letter Matching
		Pair, Think and Share
		Circle the Letter
		Letter Tic Tac Toe 
		Sand Writing (new name for Sand Drawing p.107-see edits)
		Sand Letters (p.160-see edits)
		Finger Writing (shaving cream, hair gel, sand, gravel, ice cream salt)
		Tactile Letters
		Tablecloth Lotto (p.164) 
		Lucky Letters (p.165-see edits)
Bingo (p.166-see edits)
		Scrabble Letters
		Mail Call (new name for Mail for the Mail Carrier p.159)
		Manual ABC's
	Print Awareness
		Top, Middle and Bottom
		More Top, Middle, and Bottom
		Left to Right
		Cozy Comics
		"Reader's Wiggle"
Name Puzzles (new name for Broken Names p. 171)
Letter Puzzles
		String a Letter
		Cereal Box Puzzles
Labels (p.172)
Name Tags (p. 172)
		Grocery Put Away
Funny, Funny Papers (p. 173)
		Story Dictation
		Experience Charts (p.176)
		Classroom Pen Pals (p.178)
		Rebus Charts (p.176-see edits)
Rebus Treasure Hunt
Rebus Recipes
		Nursery Rhyme Fill-Ins
		Writing Rhymes (p.174)
		Story Starters
Wordless Books
Baggie Books (p. 177)
Lists (p.a78-see edits)
Journal Writing (new name for My Journal p. 175-see edits)
Pen Pal Buddies
News Events
		Story Detectives (p.181)
		True/Not True (p.181)
		Questioning Strategies 
		Story Maps
		Word Webs
Story Re-enactments (combine Billy Goats Gruff & Goldilocks p.86-87)
Story Pantomime (new name for Pantomime Stories p. 87)		
Action Stories						
Chapter 5
First Things First: Making Math Meaningful
	Free Exploration
		Junk Boxes
		Naming Attributes
		I Spy
		Can You Find It?
		Tree Tag 1
		Tree Tag 2
		Hand Match Up
		Descriptive Vocabulary 
		More Vocabulary
	Spatial Relationships
		Top, Middle, and Bottom
		Little Box Surprises
		Inside Outside
		Over Under
		"Where's the Button?"
		"Going on a Bear Hunt?"
		Circle Commands
		Classmate Classifications (new name for This and That-see edit.p.187)
Classification Books (p.188-see edit)
Button Match (new name for Button to Button-see edit.p.188)
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes (p.189)
Eyes Open, Eyes Shut
Classifying Snacks
 Classifying by Color
		Stringing Bead Sort
		Fabric Sort
		Eyes of all Colors
 Classifying by Shape
Shape Match
Block Clean Up
Cracker Snackers
Cookie Cutter Shapes
Shape Step
 Classifying by Size
	 	Big and Little
		Short and Tall
		Long and Short
	 Classifying Using Senses Other than Sight
		Hard and Soft
		Loud and Soft
		Sweet and Not Sweet
		Nice Smell?
 Open Ended Classification 
Things that Are/Things that Are Not (p. 193)
Leaf Sorting (p.278)
Book Classification
 Classification Applications
Real Life Uses
		People Patterns (p.192)
		Object Patterns (p.193)
		Paper Patterns (p.193-see edit)
		Crayon Patterns (p.194)
		Paper Chains (p.194)
		Set Patterns (p.195)
		Block Patterns 
		Fruit Kabobs
 Vertical Patterns
		Up and Down
		Tube Bands
		Balls in a Tube
		Stacking Cans
 Circular Patterns
		Around We Go
		Stringing Beads
		Paper Clip Chains
 Wrap Around Patterns
		Around the End and Back Again
		Pegboard Patterns
 Movement Patterns
Footprint Patterns
Jumping Jack Patterns
	 Musical and Sound Patterns
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Sound Patterns
Clapping Patterns
Predictable Language Patterns
	 Cultural Patterns
		Days of the Week
		Months of the Year
	 Environmental Patterns
Pattern Hunt
		Pattern Rubbings
		Clothing Patterns
	One to One Correspondence
	 Equal Set
		Partner Match
		Today's Helper (p. 196)
		One Pebble for Every Child (p. 196)
On With the Show (replaces Flowers and Stems p. 197)
		Sock Match (replaces Sails p. 197)
		Ice Cream Cones (p.198-see edit)
		Penny Match (new name for Pennies p.198)
Rings and Fingers
		Pompoms to Suction Cups
 Unequal Sets
		One Left 
Musical Chairs
		More or Less
		Who Has the Most?
 Order by Height
Friends in a Row
Books on a Shelf
Tube Towers
	 Order by Length
		Caterpillar Line Up (new name for Long and Short Caterpillars p. 199)
Go Fishing (p. 202)
 Order by Weight	
Egg Weigh (p.199)	
Bell Envelopes
 Order by Liquid Measurement
		Water Play
Most to Least
		Tone Bottles
	 Order by Position
First, Next, Last
		Top, Middle, Bottom
		Tree Surprise (p.201)
		Block Pyramids (replace Carlos Caterpillar p. 201)
		Concentric Circles
	 Order by Comparing Sets
Least to Most
Dot Order
		Math Number Bags (p.214-see edit and change illustration)
		Bean Bag Throw (p.211-see edit)
Number Cards (new name for Thumbprint Numerals p.204-see edit)
The Shape of Things (p. 281)
Number Clips (p.208)
Counting Patterns
Pasting Sets (p.210)
Plates and Clips (p213)
Mix It Myself Snack (p.211-add warning about peanuts)
Piggy Banks (p.209-see edits)
Card Match (new name for Card Matching p.207-see edits)
Musical Numbers (p.206-see edit)
		Circle 'round the Zero
Number Bingo (p.203-see edit)
My Number Book (p.208-see edit)
Golf Tee Combinations (p.213-redo illustration)
Living Sets (p. 218)
Washer Drop (new name for Bean Drop p. 218-see edits-redo illustration)
Candy Sets
Crunchy Sets (p.219)
Mud Cakes (p.220)
And One More.(p.220)
Egg Carton Shake (p.221-see edit)
Target Practice (p.221)
Subtraction Action (p.222-see edit)
In the Bag (p.222)
		Cookie Cutter Shapes
Shape Construction
Playdough Shapes
Shape Hunt (p. 191)
		Musical Shapes (p. 191)
		Squares and Rectangles (p.279)
		Triangles and Rectangles (p.280)
	 Linear Measurement
		Hand Match
Four Hands High
Who Is the Tallest? (p.264)
Chain Links
 A Yard Long
Two-Feet Long (p.215)
		Inch by Inch (p.216)
		Foot Lengths (new name for Footlinks p.216-see edit)
		Big Steps, Small Steps
 Weight Measurement
How Much Do I Weigh?
Using Scales
	 Capacity Measurement
How Many Children Can Sit in a Dinosaur's Footprint?
How Many? (p.215)
	 Temperature Measurement
		Coolest to Warmest
		Temperature Experiment
		Temperature Indicators
	 Time Measurement
		Morning and Night
		Daily Schedule
		Yesterday and Tomorrow
		Into the Future
		Brothers and Sisters (new name for Do You Have.p.223)
		My Favorite Juice (new name for What Do You Like.p.223)
		Color of the Day (p.222)
Popular Pets (p.223)
More Popular Pets (new name for Popular Pets II (p.223)
From Pictorial to Symbolic (new name for Symbolic Presentation.p. 226)
How Do I Get to School?
My Favorite Fruit
Let's Vote (p. 360)
		The Same Amount for Everyone (p.227)
		What is a Half? (p.228)				
Chapter 6
The Universal Language - Music & Movement
		Happy Birthday (p.248-see edits)
Variations of Old Time Favorites (p.249)
Different Voices (p.250)
Sing and Listen (p.251)
Crescendo (p.252)
Do As I Do (p.253)
Circle Songs (p.252)
Windows (p.255)
Hummin' Birds (p.257)
"If You're Happy and You Know It" Variations
		"Itsy Bitsy Spider" Variations
		"Tinkle, Twinkle Little Star" Variations
		Singing Discussions
		"Who Took the Cookies?"
		"Giant Stomp" 
		"The Flight of the Fairies" 
		"Oni Woni"
Creative Movements
	Giants and Elves (p.235)
	Olympic Streamers (p.235-see edits)
	Preschool Fitness (p.236-see edits)
	Around the Chairs (p.236-see edits)
Butterfly Wings (p.237-see edits)
Cool Music (p. 241-see edits)
Circles to Music (p. 241-see edits)
Friendship Circles (p.245-see edits)
Pom-poms (p.243-see edits)
Freckles and Stripes (p.244--see edits)
Hi-Low (p.247-see edits)
Ball Roll (new name for Play Ball p. 250-see edits)
"Hey! My Name is Joe"
	Moving Freely
		D.J. for the Day
		On Stage
Music Makers
		Table Top Band (p.238-see edits)
		Leader of the Band (p.239-see edits)
Bottle Maracas (p.240-see edits)
Drum and Sticks (p.240-see edits)
Body Rhythms (new name for Bongo Rhythms p.242-see edits)
Bottle Band
Homemade Music Makers
	Scarf Dancing (p. 232-see edits)
Paper Plate Flying
Shadow Dancing (p. 89--see edits)
Preschool Limbo (p. 234-see edits)
Hula Dance (new name for Grass Skirts p.235-see edits)
Pick Your Partner
Dance, Thumbkin, Dance
		Musical Beanbags (p.237-see edits)
Pass the Beanbag (new name for Pass the Pumpkin p.244-see edits)
		Who's That Traipsing on My Bridge?
		Cooperative Musical Chairs
		Snack Pass
Paper Chase					
		Inch Worm Race				
Chapter 7
Building Muscle Mastery - Physical Development 
Gross Motor
	Obstacle Course (p.118)
	Big Steps, Giant Steps
	Hula Hoop Toss (p.119)
	Musical Cues (p.119)
	Mirror Reflections (p.120)
	Amazing Mazes (p.121)
Blanket Toss (p.125)
Homemade Balls (combine Trash Balls and Stocking Balls p.122/ p.124)
Basket Balance (new name for Headbasket p.126-see edits)
Walk a Crooked Line 
Duck Waddles
Spider Walk
Back to Back Lifts
Broad Jumps	
Ring that Bell			
Shovel Pick Up		
Indoor Croquet 
Log Rollers
"The Little Ants"		
Fine Motor
		Bubbles in My Hand
Balls and Cups
Catch Me If You Can
Liquid Movers (p.101)
Wire Creations (new name for Twisted Sculptures (p.101-see edits)
Easy Cutouts (p.102)
Nut Sorting (p.102)
Seed Sorting (p.103)
Colorful Confetti (new name for Punch Me Out p.103-see edits)
Clay Letter (p.106)
Shaving Cream Designs (p.106)
Tracing Fun (new name for Tracing p. 107-see edits)
Tracing Lids (p.107)
Cookie Cutter Tracing (p.108)
Cups of Color (p.110)
Little Ships (p.110)
Greeting Card Puzzles (new name Greeting Cards p. 157-see edits)
Water Transfer (p.)
Button Transfer (new name for Bean Transfer p.111-see edits)
Torn Paper Creations (new name for Torn Paper Art p.112-see edits)
Paper Folding (p.112)
Grass Tug of War
Weaving Variations
Shadow Puppets
Finger Puppets								
Me Puzzles					
		Napkin Folding
		Paper Cutting	
		Button Sweeping
 Playdough Fun				
Chapter 8
The Wonder of Wonder - Science
Sacks of Air (p.295)
Air Pushers (p.295)
Air Pushers Experiment
Air Movers (new picked up from second bullet under Wind Walk p. 294)
Circle Kites (p.36)
		Bubbles Up
		Bubble Machines (p. 296)
		Floaters and Droppers
		When the Wind Blows
		Air Conditioning Hoops (p.293)
		Raisin Elevators (p.296)
 Sound-what we hear when air moves
	Megaphones (p.310)
	Who's Coming (New Name for Listening for Horses p.311)
	Sound Vibrations
Tuning Fork Exploration	
Surface Tension
Sink and Float 
Finger Paint Experiment 		
Ice Melting Race		
Slipping and Sliding on Ice 	
		Vanishing Art (p. 49)
		Tom Sawyer Painting --deleted--same as Vanishing Art(p. 291)
		Old Fashion Wash Day (p.291)	
	Will This Dissolve? (p.265)
	Finger Paint Finale (p. 300)
	Color Bottles (p.301)
 Non-soluble Substances
	Invisible Names (p.299)
	Wave maker (p.299)
Force and Motion
Wind Wheels (p.292)
	Wind Wands (p.293)
	Swing, Pendulum Swing
	Can Race (p.275-see edit)
 Friction- resistance to force
		Sanding (new name for Sanding Wood p. 309)
Making Sand (p.316)
	Rocks and Shells (p.316)
Hand Warm Up
Rough or Smooth
Shoe Skating (p.309)
Chalk Experiment
 Gravitation- force that attracts
	Marble Run
	Drop It
	Balloon Bounce
	Down It Goes (p.297)
	Cardboard Tube Slide (p.297)
	Downhill Racer (p.298)
	Stringing Up (p.298)
 Magnetism-another kind of force
	Magnetic Attraction
Metal Hunt
Gone Fishing (p. 314)
	Toy Towing (New name for Toy Tows p. 315)
	Home Hunt (p. 315)
	Magnetic Puppets (new name Magnetic Maneuvers p.315)
	Dancing Nail
	Magnet Chasers
	Magnetic Stories
	Magnetic Designs
	Magnet Car Races
	Magnet Painting
	Speedy Clean-up (p.277-see edits)
Simple Tools
	Pulleys (New name for Simple tools)
	Water Transfer (new name for Move that Water p. 312)
	Filter Catch (New name for Filter Game p. 312)
	Kitchen Tools (p. 313)
	Easy Movers
	Light and Color
	Color House (p.92)
	Color Shadows
	Playdough Color Mixing (p.308)
	Color Tubes (p.308)
 Rose Colored Glasses
	Color Mixer
Shadow Puppets (p.305)
		Guess Who (p.306)
		Sun Art (p.306)
		Rainbows (new name for Rainbows in the Room p. 307)
		Strobe Light
		Me and My Shadow
		Scattered Light
		Mirror Magic
		Mirror Drawings
		Lemon Juice Magic
Weather and Seasons
"The Weather	Song"
Cloud Watch (p.90)	
Wind Walk (p, 294-see edits)
Rain Gauge
Shadow Tracing
Season Walks
Seasonal Trees (new name for Add a Tree p. 325)
	Spotlight on Seasons (p. 326)
Seasonal Observation Bottles
	The Eyes Have It (p.281)
What's for Snack? (p.284)
Sound Makers (new name for Sand Casters p.285)
Taste Test (p.286)
Tactile Temperatures (p. 332)
Hot and Cold
Sound Canisters (p. 332)
Sounds Abound
Puffs of Smell (p. 333-see edits)
The Nose Knows
A World of Scents
Scented Bubbles 
Sensory Alert (p.334)
 Change of State
		Stone Soup (Replaces Soup and Soak p. 302)
		Ice Melt Down (New name for Ice in a Bag p. 303)
		Soda Fizz (p.303)
Gelatin Jigglers (Replaces Jiggles p. 304-see edits)
	Nature Bracelets (New name for Leaf Bracelet p.179)
	Tire Garden (p.317)
	Vegetable Garden (p.317)
	Hairy Larry 
	Grocery Sack Leaves (p.319)
	Leaves-All Sizes, All Shapes (p. 319)
	Leaf Rubbings (p. 320)
	Treasure Hunt (p.320)
	Window Garden (p. 321)
	Egg Carton Planters (p. 321)
	Mini-Terrariums (p.322)
	Little Sprouts (p. 322)
	Sweet Potato Vines (p.323)
	What's a Nut? (p. 324)
	Natural Dyes (p. 324)		
		Feed the Birds (p. 327)
		Bird Bath (p. 327)
		Pinecone Bird Feeders (p. 328)
		Looking Loops (p. 328)
		Ant Watch (new name for Watch the Ants p. 329)
		Ant Helpers (p. 329)
		Bug Bottles (p. 329)
		Animal Habitats (new name for Habitats p. 330)
		Who Lives Where? (new name for Land and Water p. 153)
		Feathers, Fur, Scales and Shells
		Animal Homes 		
Mothers and Babies
Insect Body Parts		
Chapter 9
Everyone's a Piece of the Puzzle - Social Studies
Feeling Good About Me
	I Am Special
	My Names Means a Lot
	Accentuate the Positive
VIP Treasure Chest (p.339-see edits)
Artist of the Week
		Responsibility Roosters (p. 344)
		Responsibility Straws (p. 345)
Understanding and Controlling Emotions
My Feelings (p. 340)
Happy and Sad (p.256-see edits)
Feeling (new name for Four Feelings p.148-see edits)
Face to Face (p.155-see edits)
 My Family
		Family Portraits (p.342-see edits)
		Family Tree (p. 343-see edits)
	Names for Relatives
	Classroom Concerts (p.258-see edits)
Sharing and Cooperating
	Tips for Taking Turns
	Pass It Along (p. 359)
	Tips for Sharing
Participating and Contributing
	Classroom Quilt (p. 62)
	Trash Truck (p. 346)
	Litter Brigade (p. 346)
	Sidewalk Art Sale (p.357-see edits)
Likenesses and Differences
International Feast (p. 366-see edits)
Home Sweet Home (new name for Home Visits p. 363-see edits)
There is More than One Way (new name for Accordion Display p. 364-see edits)
See, Touch and Hear p. 363-see edits)
Goodbye, Adios, and Sayaonara p. 366-see edits)
	Community Workers and Friends
		Career Prop Boxes (new name for Prop Boxes p. 356-see edits)
		Job Fair (p. 356-see edits)
		Small Mall (p. 358)
		Senior Citizens Day (p. 362-see edits)
Concepts of Time
		Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 
		Tomorrow Box
Growing Up (p.343-see edits)
By-Gones (p.362)
Morning, Noon, Night
Environmental Awareness
	Use and Re-use (p. 348)
	Re-Cycled Products (p. 348-see edits)
	Second Hand Rose
	Pen Pals
	Crayon Conservation
Sand Box Tools (p. 350)
Re-Bow (p. 351-see edits)
Recycled Soap (new name for Hand Washers p. 352)
Bits and Pieces (p. 353)
Rainwater Recycle (new name for Rainwater Resources p. 353)
Rainbow Bottles
A Tree from Me (new name for Mini-Forest p. 354-see edits) 
	Health and Safety
		Safety Rituals 
A Healthy Song (p.249)
		Cross-Lateral Brain Energizers
		Breathe Deep
		Thirsty Brains Can't Think
		Homemade Toothpaste
		Squeaky Clean
		Eating the Alphabet
		Food Group Pyramid
		Paper Plate Food Collage (p. 331)
		Heartbeats (p. 331)
		Traffic Lights (p. 347-see edits)
		Stop Signs (p. 347-see edits)
		Stop Look and Listen
		Stop Drop and Roll			
Chapter 10
Preparing for the Future---Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
	Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
		Arm Stretchers (p.264)
		Two Parts, Three People! (p.266/267-see edit)
		How Many People in Your Family? (p.267)
		What Can You Do With This? (p.267)
		What Will Go In This? (p.268)
		Water Brigade (p.268)
		Follow the Arrows (p.334)
		Ping-Pong Races (new name for Ping-Pong Volley Ball p.269-see edit)
		Where's the Birdie? (p.272)
		Wacky Wednesday (p.273)
		Is This Cup Full? (p.274)
		Separating Solids (p.275-see edits)
		Spill Clean Up (p.276)
From Many to One (p.277)
Puzzle Challenge (p.277)
Funnel Race (p.279)
Greeting Card Cut-ups (p.282)
Pass the Purse (p.284)
		Bubbles Aloft
		Rollers and Clunkers
		Back Together Again (p.171)
		Go-Togethers (p.180)			
Chapter 11
Adapting to Change--Transition Activities
	Pretend Places (new name for Where Am I? p.88-see edits)
	Who Am I? (p.88--see edits)
	Musical Cues (p.256)
	Listening to Classics (p.257-see edits)
	Groovy Moves (p.94)
	Weather Walks (p.94)
	Butterfly Flutter (p.95)
	Wacky Walks (p.96-see edits)
	Roll Call (p.158)
	Rhyming Roll Call (new name for The Name Game p.137-see edits)		
Chapter 12
Keeping Connected-Families as Partners
	Printed Labels
	What We Did This Week 
	Second Time Around
	Special Guest Day
Family Networking
Communication Notes

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Early childhood education -- Activity programs.
Curriculum planning.
Child development.