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Table of Contents
Introduction	 1
I. The Bible
1. Old Testament	 00
		Genesis 00
		Leviticus 00
		Deuteronomy 00
		The Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) 00
2. New Testament	 00
		The Gospel According to Matthew 00
		The Gospel According to John 00
		The First Epistle to the Corinthians 00
		The Epistle to the Ephesians 00
		The First Epistle to Timothy 00
II. Christian Thought
3. Early Church Fathers	 00
		Tertullian: On the Apparel of Women 00
		St. Jerome: "Letter to Eustochium" 00
		St. Augustine: The Good of Marriage and The City of God 00
			The Good of Marriage 00; The City of God 00
4. Reformers, Scholastics, and Preachers	 000
		Peter Damian: The Book of Gomorrah 000
		Pope Gregory VII: "Letter to Bishop Otto of Constance" 000
		John of Salisbury: Policratus 000
		Jacques de Vitry: Exempla from Sermones Vulgares 000
		St. Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologica 000
		Alfonso Martinez de Toledo: Archpriest of Talavera or Whip 000
5. Mysticism	 000
		Bernard of Clairvaux: Sermons on the Song of Songs 000
		Hadewijch: Visions of Haedwijch 000
		Mechthild of Magdeburg: The Flowing Light of 
 the Godhead 000
		Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love 000
 6. Hagiography	 000
		The Life and Conduct of the Blessed Mary Who Changed 
		 Her Name to Marinos 000
III. Chronicles
 7. Early Church and Germanic Peoples	 000
		Tacitus: Germania 000
		Eusebius: Church History 000
		Gregory of Tours: History of the Franks 000
		Paul the Deacon: History of the Lombards 000
 8. Continental Europe, the British Isles and Ireland	 000
		Ibn Fadlan: Risala 000
		Thietmar of Merseburg: Chronicon 000
		Orderic Vitalis: Ecclesiastical History 000
		"Hugo Falcandus": The History of the Tyrants of Sicily 000
		Gerald of Wales: The Topography of Ireland 000
		Roger de Hoveden: Annals of Roger de Hoveden 000
		Salimbene de Adam: The Chronicle of Salimbene de Adam 000
		Jean Froissart: The Chronicles of Jean Froissart 000
		Jan D_ugosz: Annals of the Kingdom of Poland 000
 9. Russia and the Byzantine Empire	 000
		Procopius of Caesarea: Secret History 000
		Russian Primary Chronicle 000
		Niketas Choniates: Annals of Niketas Choniates 000
		Sigmund Herberstein: Notes Upon Russia
		Adam Olearius: The Travels of Olearius
IV. Law
10. Secular Law	 000
		Byzantine Law: The Eclogue 000
		Alamannic Laws 000
		Norwegian Laws 000
			The Law of Personal Rights-Gulathing 000; The Law of 
 Personal Rights-Frostathing 000
		Serbo-Croatian Laws 000
			Vinodol Law Code 000; Law Code of Emperor Stefan Du_an 000
		London City Archives 000
			Memorials of London and London Life 000; Liber Albus 000
11. Canon Law	 000
		Pentitentials 000
			The Penitential of Cummean 000; The Penitential of Theodore 000
		Church Councils 000
			First Council of Nicea 000; Second Council of Nicea 000; 
 Fourth Lateran Council 000
		Register of Eudes of Rouen 000
		Consistory Courts 000
			Cases from English Records 000; Krakùw Archives 000
12. University Records	 000
		University of Krakùw 000
V. Biology, Medicine, and Science
13. Understanding Male and Female	 000
		Galen: On the Usefulness of the Parts of the Body 000
		Isidore of Seville: Etymologia 000
		Medieval Woman's Guide to Health 000
14. Sexual Activity and Reproduction	 000
		Soranus: Gynaecia 000
		Constantine the African: De Coitu 000
		Hildegard of Bingen: Causa et Curae 000
		William of Conches: Dragmaticon 000
		Pseudo-Albertus Magnus: On the Secrets of Women 000
15. Remedies	 000
		Trotula of Salerno: Writings of Trotula 000
		Moses Maimonides: Writings of Moses Maimonides 000
			Treatise on Cohabitation 000; Medical Aphorisms 000
		Peter of Spain: Thesaurus pauperum 000
VI. Literature
16. Poetry	 000
		Lyrics 000
			"A Knight Was with His Lady Fondly Lying" (Gaucelm Faidit) 000; 
 "Am I, Am I, Am I Fair?" (Eustache Deschamps) 000; "Under 
 the Lime Tree" (Walther von der Vogelweide) 000; "Ballade for
 Fat Margot" (Franìois Villon) 000
		Marie de France: Lais 000
			"Laustic" 000
		Andreas Capellanus: The Art of Courtly Love 000
		Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun: The Romance of 
		 the Rose 000
		Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy 000
		Same-sex love poetry 000
			"The End of a Letter to Ausonius" (Paulinus of Nola) 000; 
 "Five Epigrams on an Adulterer and a Voluptuary" 
 (Ennodius) 000; "To a Hermaphrodite Girl" (Luxorius) 000; 
 "To a Boy of Angers" (Hilary the Englishman) 000; Later 
 Graffiti in a Ninth-Century Manuscript (Author 
 unknown) 000; Lesbian Love Letter from a German 
 Manuscript (Author unknown) 000
17. Riddles, Songs and Stories	 000
		Riddles from the Exeter Book 000
		Carmina Burana 000
			"Grates ago Veneri" 000; "Servit aure spiritus" 000; "Cur 
 suspectum me tenet domina?" 000
		Fabliaux 000
			"The Priest Who Peeked" 000
		Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales 000
			"The Wife of Bath's Prologue" 000
18. Advice Manuals	 000
		Dhuoda: Handbook for William 000
		Kekaumenos: Strategikon 000
19. Memoirs	 000
		St. Augustine: Confessions 000
		Guibert of Nogent: Memoirs of Guibert of Nogent 000
		Peter Abelard: History of My Calamities 000
		Margery Kempe: The Book of Margery Kempe 000
20. Sagas	 000
		Laxdaela Saga 000
		Njal's Saga 000
21. Plays	 000
		Hrotsvit of Gandersheim: Dulcitius 000
VII. Witchcraft and Heresy
22. Witchcraft	 000
		St. Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologica 000
		Martin Le Franc: Defender of Ladies 000
		Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger: 
		 Malleus Maleficarum 000
23. Heresy	 000
		St. Augustine: De Haeresibus 000
		Ralph of Coggeshall: Chronicle of Ralph of Coggeshall 000
		Pierre des Vaux de Cernay: Historia Albigensis 000
		James Capelli: "The Protests of the Heretics That in 
		 Matrimony No One Can Be Saved" 000
VIII. Judaism
24. Judaic Law	 000
		Midrash Rabbah 000
		Babylonian Talmud 000
		Christian Law Pertaining to Jews 000
			Laws of the Visigoths 000; Conciliar Canons 000; Penitential 
 of Pseudo-Thedore 000
25. Judaic Thought	 000
		Philo of Alexandria: "The Female Nature" 000
		Saadia Gaon: The Book of Beliefs and Opinions 000
		Moses Maimonides (aka Moses ben Maimon): 
		 The Guide of the Perplexed 000
26. Jewish Culture	 000
		Josephus: The Jewish War 000
		Jewish Poets 000
			Samuel the Nagid 000; Moses Ibn Ezra 000; Solomon Ibn 
 Gabriol 000; Judah Halevi 000
		Ethical Wills 000
			Will of R. Eleazer the Great 000; Will of Judah ibn Tibbon 000; 
 Will of Eleazar of Mayence 000
IX. Islam
27. Islamic Religion and Law	 000
		Qur'an 000
		Hadiths 000
		Abu Hamid al-Ghazali: Book on the Etiquette of Marriage 000
		Ibn Abdun: "The Markets of Seville" 000
28. Islamic Culture and History	 000
		Jahiz: Selections from Jahiz 000
		Al-Masudi: Meadows of Gold 000
		Ibn Butlan: Selections from Ibn Butlan 000
		Usama ibn Munquidh: "The Franks and 
		 Marital Jealousy" 000
		Imad Ad-Din: "Frankish Women of the Crusades of 
		 Peace and War" 000
		Women Poets 000
			Fadl Ashsha'ira 000; Thawab bint Abdullah al-Hanzaliyya 000; 
 Wallada bint al-Mustakfi 000; Buthanina bint al-Mu'tamid 
 ibn Abbad 000
		Moorish Poets 000
			Abu Hafs 000; Abu Bahr 000; Ibn Sa'id 000
Index	 000

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