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List of Articles							
Black Women in America, Second Edition				
Chronology								Vol. 3
Bibliography of Basic Resources in Black Women's History	Vol. 3
Topical Outline of Articles						Vol. 3
Directory of Contributors						Vol. 3
Index									Vol. 3
Abolition Movement
Colored Females' Free Produce Society
Affirmative Action
African Cultural Links
From Goobers to Gumbo
African Cooking in America
Alexander, Sadie Tanner Mossell
Allen, Debbie
Anderson, Marian
Angelou, Maya
Antilynching Movement
Anti-Lynching Letter from Ida B. Wells-Barnett
Armstrong, Lillian "Lil" Hardin
Association of Black Women Historians
Featuring Writers of Autobiography
Bailey, Pearl
Baker, Ella Josephine
Baker, Josephine
Bambara, Toni Cade
Banks, Anna De Costa
Featuring Basketball Players and Coaches
Bass, Charlotta Spears
Bates, Daisy Lee Gatson
Battle, Kathleen
Beauty Culture
Featuring Beauty Culture Entrepreneurs
Berry, Halle
Berry, Mary Frances
Bethune, Mary McLeod
Bethune Museum and Archives
Birth Control Movement
Black Arts Movement
Lotus Press
Black Catholic Women
Black Catholic Women Religious
Black Museums
Featuring Museum Founders
Black Nationalism
Ye Daughters of Africa
Black Panther Women
Black Theater Movement
Black Towns
Blackwell, Unita
Black Women's Studies
Featuring Blues Performers
Bolden, Dorothy Lee
Bolin, Jane Mathilda
Bonds, Margaret Allison Richardson
Bowles, Eva del Vakia
Boyd-Franklin, Nancy
Brooks, Gwendolyn
Brown, Charlotte Eugenia Hawkins
Brown, Corrine
Brown, Hallie Quinn
Brown, Ruth
Burke, Selma Hortense
Burroughs, Nannie Helen
Butler, Octavia E.
Cadoria, Sherian Grace
Caesar (Williams), Shirley Ann
Callen, Maude
Carroll, Diahann
Carter, Eunice Roberta Hunton
Cary, Mary Ann Shadd
Catlett, Elizabeth
Charleston Market Women
Children's Defense Fund
Children's Literature
Featuring Children's Authors
Children's Librarian, The
Children's Welfare and Children's Rights
Featuring Workers for Children's Welfare
Many of Our Youth Are in Prison
Childress, Alice
Chinn, May Edward
Chisholm, Shirley
Civil Rights Movement
For Whites Only
Civil Rights Organizations
Civil War
Elizabeth Bowser, Civil War Spy
Daughters of the Confederacy
Civil War Pension Records
Clark, Mamie Phipps
Clark, Septima Poinsette
Lisette's Will
Clayton, Eva
Cleage, Pearl
Cliff, Michelle
Clifton, Lucille
Coachman, Alice
Cole, Johnnetta Betsch
Cole, Natalie
Coleman, Bessie
College Presidents
Collins, Barbara-Rose
Collins, Cardiss Robertson
Collins, Marva N.
Colonial America
Concert Music
Featuring Concert and Early Opera Singers
Featuring Opera Singers
Featuring Concert Musicians
Cooper, Anna Julia
Coppin, Fanny Jackson
Cowings, Patricia
Craft, Ellen
Craft, Juanita
Crandall School
Dancers and Choreographers, Early
Dancers and Choreographers, Modern
Dance Companies and Artistic Directors
Dandridge, Dorothy
Darden, Christine
Dash, Julie
Davidson Washington, Olivia America
Davis, Angela
Dawes, Dominique
Dee, Ruby
DeFrantz, Anita
Delany, Sarah Louise, and Annie Elizabeth Delany
DeLavallade, Carmen
de Passe, Suzanne
Depression, The
Housewives' League of Detroit
Devers, Gail
Dickson, Amanda America (Eubanks, Toomer)
Domestic Workers
Douglass, Anna Murray
Douglass, Sarah Mapps
Dove, Rita
Du Bois, Shirley Graham
Dunbar-Nelson, Alice Ruth
Dunham, Katherine
Earley, Charity Adams
Edelman, Marian Wright
Before Brown
Educators, Early
Featuring School Founders
Educators, Modern
Featuring Educators
Edwards, Lena Frances
Elaw, Zilpha
Elders, Joycelyn
Eldridge, Elleanor
Featuring Entrepreneurs
Featuring Corporate Achievers
Evans, Matilda Arabella
Fashion Industry
Fauset, Crystal Dreda Bird
Fauset, Jessie Redmon
Featuring Women's Rights Activists
Ferebee, Dorothy Celeste Boulding
Ferguson, Catherine
Featuring a New Generation of Fiction Writers
Fields, Stagecoach Mary
Film Industry
Featuring Early Film Actors
Filmmakers, Independent
Fisher, Ada Lois Sipuel
Fitzgerald, Ella
Flack, Roberta
Forten Sisters
Foster, Autherine Juanita Lucy
Franklin, Aretha
Franklin, Martha Minerva
Free Black Women in the Antebellum North
Voice of an Unknown Woman
Free Black Women in the Antebellum South
Freeman, Elizabeth "Mum Bett"
Frontier West Women, Antebellum
Isabel de Olvera Affidavit
Frontier West Women, Post Civil War
Fudge, Ann
Fuller, Meta Vaux Warrick
Garrison, Zina
Garvey Movement Women
Ghettoization in the North
Gibson, Althea
Giddings, Paula
Giovanni, Nikki
Girl Groups
Goldberg, Whoopi
Gospel Music
Featuring Gospel Singers
Government Officials
Featuring Appointed Officeholders
Grant, Frances Olivia
Greenfield, Elizabeth Taylor
Grier, Pamela
Grimké, Charlotte L. Forten
Guinier, Lani
Hale, Mamie Odessa
Hamer, Fannie Lou
Hamilton, Grace Towns
Hamilton, Virginia Esther
Hansberry, Lorraine
Harlem Renaissance
Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins
Harris, Barbara
Harris, Marcelite Jordon
Harris, Patricia Roberts
Harsh, Vivian Gordon
Featuring Hospital and Clinic Founders
Access to Healthcare
Mental Health
Hedgeman, Anna Arnold
Height, Dorothy Irene
Herman, Alexis M.
Hernandez, Aileen Clark
Hill, Anita
Hine, Darlene Clark
Hip Hop (Rap) Music
In Charge of It All
Featuring Early Scholars
Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Holiday, Billie
hooks, bell
Hope, Lugenia Burns
Hopkins, Pauline Elizabeth
Horn, Shirley
Horne, Lena
Houston, Drusilla Dunjee
Houston, Whitney
Hunter, Alberta
Hunter, Clementine
Hunter-Gault, Charlayne
Hunton, Addie Waits
Hurston, Zora Neale
Incarcerated Women
Independent Order of St. Luke
Ingram, Rosa Lee
International Affairs
Featuring Ambassadors
Jacket, Barbara J.
Jackson, Mahalia
Jackson, Nell Cecilia
Jackson, Rebecca Cox
Jackson, Shirley Ann
Jacobs, Harriet Ann
James, Etta
Jamison, Judith
Featuring Jazz Instrumentalists and Band Leaders
Featuring Jazz Singers
Jemison, Mae Carol
Jessye, Eva
Jim Crow Era
Johnson, Eddie Bernice
Johnson, Eunice Walker
Johnson, Georgia Douglas
Johnson, Halle Tanner Dillon
Johnson, Hazel Winifred
Jones, Claudia
Jones, Gayl
Jones, Lois Mailou
Jones, Sissieretta
Jones, Verina Harris Morton
Jones, Vivian Malone
Jordan, Barbara Charline
Jordan, June
Journalism, Broadcast
Featuring Television Broadcast Journalists
Journalism, Early
Featuring Journalists
Journalism, Modern
"Where I'm Coming From"
Joyner, Florence Griffith
Joyner-Kersee, Jackie
Keckley, Elizabeth
Kelly, Leontine T. C.
Kennedy, Adrienne
Kennedy, Flo
Kincaid, Jamaica
King, Coretta Scott
Kitt, Eartha
Kittrell, Flemmie Pansy
Knight, Gladys
LaBelle, Patti
Labor Movement
Ladner, Joyce A.
Lafontant-Mankarious, Jewel Stradford Rogers
Lampkin, Daisy Elizabeth Adams
Laney, Lucy Craft
Larsen, Nella
Laurie, Eunice Rivers
Laveau, Marie
Lee, Jarena
Lee, Sheila Jackson
Left, The
Legal Profession
Featuring Early Judges
Featuring Women in Law Enforcement
Legal Resistance
Case of Jenny Slew, The
Not at the Back of the Bus
Featuring Legislators
"We the People"
Gladys Bentley
Lewis, Mary Edmonia "Wildfire"
Featuring Librarians
Liston, Melba
Little Rock Nine
Logan, Adella Hunt
Lorde, Audre
Luper, Clara
Mabley, Jackie "Moms"
McClain, Leanita
McClendon, Rose
McDaniel, Hattie
McKenzie, Vashti
McKinney, Cynthia
McMillan, Enolia Pettigen
McMillan, Terry
McNeil, Claudia
McRae, Carmen
Mahoney, Mary Eliza
Malone, Annie Turnbo
Malveaux, Julianne
Letter by Jane Giles
Marshall, Paule
Martin, Roberta Evelyn
Maryland Freedom Union
Mason, Vivian Carter
Matthews, Victoria Earle
Featuring Mayors
Meek, Carrie
Meriwether, Louise
Military, Black Women in the
Featuring Women in the Military
Black Women Killed in the September 11, 2001, Attack on the Pentagon
Miller, Cheryl
Hats of Mildred Blount, The
Million Woman March
Mills, Florence
Mitchell, Juanita Jackson
Mixed-Race Women
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Moore, Audley "Queen Mother"
Morrison, Toni
Moseley Braun, Carol
Mossell, Gertrude E. H. Bustill
Louisiana Royalty
Motley, Constance Baker
Murray, Pauli
Musical Theater
In Her Own Words: the Magic of Florence Mills
Music Industry
Bleaching the Blues
Mutual Benefit Societies
Nash, Diane
National Association of Colored Women
Scribe of the Club Movement
Naylor, Gloria
Norman, Jessye
Norton, Eleanor Holmes
Featuring Nurses
Oberlin College
O'Leary, Hazel R.
Olympic Games and Amateur Sports, Participation in
Oral Histories
Osborne, Estelle Massey
Parks, Rosa
Parks, Suzan-Lori
Parsons, Lucy
Patterson, Louise Thompson
Petioni, Muriel Marjorie
Petry, Ann Lane
Featuring Early Philanthropists
Featuring Philanthropists
Featuring Black Women Physicians
Featuring Contemporary Physicians
Player, Willa B.
Pleasant, Mary Ellen
Spoken Word
Women of Cave Canem
Political Parties
Political Resistance
Powers, Harriet
Price, Florence Smith
Price, Leontyne
Primus, Pearl
Prince, Lucy Terry
"Bars Fight"
Prince, Nancy Gardner
Professionalism and Professionalization
Parallel Professionalism in Medicine
Progressive Era
Protestant Churches, Black
Methodist Women
Queen Latifah
Race as a Social Construction
Radio Industry
Featuring Radio Personalities
Rainey, Ma (Gertrude Pridgett)
Rashad, Phylicia
Ray, Charlotte E.
Reagon, Bernice Johnson
Reese, Della
Featuring Religious Leaders
Daughters of Conference
Remond, Sarah Parker
Reproductive Rights Movement
Revolutionary War
A Daughter of the American Revolution and the Confederacy
Rice, Condoleezza
Richardson, Gloria St. Clair Hayes
Ringgold, Faith
Riperton, Minnie
Roberts, Lillian Davis
Robeson, Eslanda Goode
Robinson, Jo Ann Gibson
Rock and Roll
Featuring Rhythm and Blues Performers
Rolle, Esther
Rollin Sisters
Romance and Suspense Novels
Ross, Diana
Rudolph, Wilma Glodean
Ruffin, Josephine St. Pierre
Saar, Alison
Saar, Betye
Sampson, Edith Spurlock
Sanchez, Sonia
Sanctified Churches
Savage, Augusta
Science and Technology
Featuring Scientists and Mathematicians
Settlement Houses
Sexual Harassment
Shabazz, Hajj Bahiyah Betty
Simkins, Mary Modjeska Monteith
Simmons, Ruth
Simone, Nina
Simpson, Carole
Simpson, Valerie
Sizemore, Barbara
Slave Narratives
Unusual Slaveholder, The
Her Open Hands
Smith, Amanda Berry
Smith, Anna Deavere
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Jessie Carney
Social Welfare Movement
Sororities Movement
Southern, Eileen Jackson
Featuring Groundbreaking Sports Figures
Sports Superstar
Staples, Mavis
Staupers, Mabel Keaton
Steward, Susan McKinney
Stewart, Ellen
Stewart, Maria W.
Stewart, Sallie Wyatt
Stewart-Lai, Carlotta
Stout, Juanita Kidd
Stringer, C. Vivian
Featuring Suffragists and Early Women's Rights Activists
Woman's Claim
Talbert, Mary Morris Burnett
Tate, Merze
Taylor, Koko
Taylor, Mildred
Taylor, Susan
Taylor, Susie Baker King
Television Industry
Williams Sisters, The
Terrell, Mary Eliza Church
Tharpe, Sister Rosetta
Thomas, Alma
Thomas, Debi
Thompson, Era Bell
Thoms, Adah Belle Samuels
Track and Field
Featuring Early Track and Field Athletes
Featuring Modern Track and Field Athletes
Truth, Sojourner
Tubman, Harriet Ross
Turner, Tina
Tyson, Cicely
Tyus, Wyomia
Universal Negro Improvement Association
Vaughan, Sarah
In the Line of Duty
Visual Arts
Walker, Aida Overton
Walker, A'Lelia
Walker, Alice
Walker, Madam C. J. (Sarah Breedlove)
Walker, Maggie Lena
Walker, Margaret Abigail
Wallace, Michele
Ward, Clara, and The Ward Singers
Warwick, Dionne
Washington, Dinah
Washington, Margaret Murray
Washington, Sarah Spencer
Waters, Ethel
Waters, Maxine
Wattleton, Faye
Wells-Barnett, Ida B.
Wesley, Dorothy Burnett Porter
West, Dorothy
Wheatley, Phillis
Whipper, Ionia Rollin
White, Lulu Belle Madison
Wilkerson, Margaret B.
Williams, Fannie Barrier
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Marion
Williams, Mary Lou
Williams, Myrlie Beasley Evers
Willis-Kennedy, Deborah
Wilson, Cassandra
Wilson, Harriet E.
Wilson, Nancy
Winfrey, Oprah
Womanist Theology
Women in the Black Sacred Cosmos
Women's Political Council, Montgomery, Alabama
Woodard, Alfre
World's Columbian Exposition
World War I
World War II
Wright, Jane Cooke
Young, Roger Arliner
Young Women's Christian Association

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