Table of contents for Risk issues and crisis management : a casebook of best practice / Michael Regester and Judy Larkin.

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About the authors	00
Foreword	00
Preface	00
Introduction	00
1	Outside-in thinking	00
	Who can we trust? 	00
	Consumer power and the rise of a non-governmental order	00
	Case study: SHAC attack	00
	Dealing with risk	00
	Case study: MMR	00
	Handling the organizational approach	00
	The advocacy approach	00
	Public consultation - building dialogue into the communications process	00
	The rise of the precautionary principle	00
	Case study: phthalates in toys	00
	Case study: mobile phones and radiation	00
	Summary	00
2	Issues management defined	00
	What is issues management? 	00
	What about the sceptics? 	00
	What is an issue? 	00
	Who should practice issues management? 	00
	What are the functions of issues management? 	00
	Summary	00
3	Planning an issues management programme - an issues management model	00
	Issue lifecycle	00
	Case study: Norplant	00
	Case study: Monsanto wrecked brand and lost opportunity	00
	Case study: the pill panic, a lesson in over-caution	00
	Case study: `In the goo' industry failing to learn the lessons	00
	Case study: Intel	00
	The importance of early action	00
	Case study: 2004 Olympic scandals where now for world's greatest sporting event?	00
	Summary	00
4 	CSR: the new moral code for doing business	00
	Introduction	00
	The growing business imperative	00
	What constitutes good socially responsible corporate behaviour 	00
	New business values	00
	CSR best practice policy development and management	00
	Summary	00
5	An issue ignored is a crisis ensured	00
	Case study: decommissioning the Brent Spar - implications for a global industry	00
	Case study: mad cows and Englishmen - the story of BSE	00
	Case study: drug pricing in South Africa - the business perspective is not the only perspective	00
	Case study: CFCs - finding an essential breathing space	00
	Case study: Ford and Firestone - a management and communication failure	00
6	Implementing an issues management programme	00
	Examples of issue management models and processes	00
	Summary	00
7	So it hits the fan - now what? 	00
	Case study: supersonic disaster	00
	Business crises	00
	Case study: Sayonara Citibank	00
	How the mighty fall	00
	Case study: Challenger space shuttle tragedy	00
	Case study: Piper Alpha catastrophe	00
	Case study: Paddington rail disaster	00
	CEOs are not infallible	00
	Case study: Marks & Spencer	00
	Case study: can you be sure of Shell?	00
	Product-related crises	00
	Case study: the Tylenol tale	00
	Case study: what took the fizz out of Perrier	00
	Case study: Coca-Cola	00
	Who will have a crisis? 	00
	What kind of crisis will happen? 	00
	Summary	00
8	Perception is the reality	00
	A tale of three sorry tankers	00
Summary	00
9	The media in crisis situations	00
	How JAL and British Midland got it right	00
	Gaining media support	00
	Case study: Hillsborough	00
	The media as an ally	00
	Case study: Thomas Cook coach crash	00
	Case study: Inghams Austria coach crash	00
	Monitoring the media 	00
	Summary	00
10	The legal perspective	00
	Legal pitfalls when communicating in crisis	00
	Case study: Herald of Free Enterprise	00
	Case study: TotalFina and the Erika oil-spill disaster	00
	So what is the lawyer's role in a crisis? 	00
	Compensation	00
	Ex-gratia payments	00
	Summary	00
11	Planning for the unexpected	00
	Calm and positive thinking	00
	Deeds versus declarations	00
	Planning to manage the crisis	00
	Appointing the teams	00
	Communication hardware	00
	Crisis prevention	00
	Selecting team members	00
	Putting the plan in writing	00
	Testing everything	00
	Summary	00
12	Crisis communications management	00
	Stena Challenger grounding	00
	Background information to seize the initiative	00
	Set up a press centre	00
	Managing the press conference	00
	Dealing with the television interview	00
	Coping with hundreds of telephone calls	00
	Responding to calls from relatives	00
	The news release	00
	Keeping employees informed	00
	Using your website	00
	The role of the emergency services	00
	When it is all over	00
	Summary	00
References	00
Index	00

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Issues management.
Social responsibility of business.
Crisis management.