Table of contents for Between pacifism and Jihad : just war and Christian tradition / J. Daryl Charles.

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1 Introduction
Wrestling with a Perennial Issue
Contemporary Geopolitics
Presumption Against War or Against Injustice?
Making Moral Judgments
Religious Attitudes Toward War
Just-War Thinking and the Terrorist Threat
2 Just-War Thinking in Ancient and Medieval Thought
Pre-Christian Just-War Thinking
Early Christian Attitudes Toward War and Soldiering
Early Christian Development of Just-War Thinking: Ambrose and Augustine
The Medieval Development of Just-War Thinking in Thomas Aquinas
3 Just-War Thinking in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period
The Protestant Reformers on Church and State and War
Early Modern Thinking About International Law: Vitoria, Suarez and Grotius
4 Just-War Thinking in the Modern Period to the Present
Reinhold Niebuhr
John Courtney Murray
Paul Ramsey
William V. O'Brien
Michael Walzer
James Turner Johnson
Roman Catholic Social Teaching
5 Christian Ethics and the Use of Force
The Personal and the Political (Romans 12-13)
Rethinking the "Politics of Jesus"
Rethinking the Ethics of the New Testament
Rethinking Pacifism and the Nonviolent Imperative
Rethinking Neighbor love
The Morality of Preemptive Force
6 Just-War Theory: Its Character, Constitution and Context
Rethinking Justice
Just War's Debt to Natural-Law Thinking
The Spectrum of Force: Just War as a Mediating Position
The Moral Criteria of the Just-War Position
The Justice of Deterrence
Retribution or Revenge?
7 Just-War Theory and the Problem of Terrorism
The Nature of the Terrorist Threat
Terror in the Name of God
Just War's Response to Terrorism
Extending Just-War Thinking Beyond War and Terrorism: Postbello Considerations
8 The Church's Worldly Mission
Christ and Culture Revisited
Adjusting Our Eschatology and Ethics
Incarnational Witness and Civic Duty
The Moral Necessity of Politics: Rendering to Caesar What Is Caesar's
Taking Theology Seriously
Selected Bibliography

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War -- Religious aspects -- Christianity -- History of doctrines.
Just war doctrine -- History.
War -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.
Just war doctrine.