Table of contents for Freud / by Jacques Sâedat ; translated by Susan Fairfield.

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Part I. Method
1. Freud?s Writing.
The Birth of Psychoanalysis
Literary Genres
The Primary Importance of Psychic Processes
Psychoanalysis and Science
2. Freud?s Biography (1856-1939)
Part II. Works
3. 1985. Studies on Hysteria: Freudian Hysteria.
Elisabeth von R.
Suffering from Representations
House Arrest
The Question of the Origin
The Psychic Body
4. 1900. The Interpretation of Dreams: Between Signification and Sense
The Method
5. 1905. Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality
Tentative Sexual Investigation 
Infantile Sexuality
The Reworking at Puberty
6. 1910-1913. From Transferences to Transference Neurosis
Transference and Hysteria
Displacement of the Object
Transference and Repetition
Transference and Resistance
Displacement of the Representation
7. 1914. On Narcissism: an Introduction: the Revision of Drive Theory
Historical Background
Against Jung?s Introversion of the Libido
A New Theory of Drives
8. 1919-1921. Beyond the Pleasure Principle and the Repetition Compulsion
The Choice of the Third
The Uncanny
Beyond the Pleasure Principle
The Fort-Da
Transference and Repetition
9. 1924. Masochism and the Meaning of Repetition
The Organization of the Drives
Infantile Sexual Theories
The Drive to Know
The Experience of Pleasure
Anxiety and Enjoyment
Enjoyment and Femininity
Ordinary Masochism
10. 1921. Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego: a Generalized 
Theory of Identification.
The Soul of Groups
Collective Psychic Life
Suggestion and Libido
Two Artificial Crowds: Church and Army
Being in Love and Hypnosis
The Herd Instinct
11. 1923. The Ego and the Id: Revision of the Psychic Apparatus
Historical Background
Consciousness and Unconsciousness 
The Ego and the Id
Ego and Superego (Ego Ideal)
Two Types of Drive
The Ego?s Dependency Relations
12. 1924. The Decline of the Oedipus Complex: Finding One?s Place
Historical Oedipus 
Structural Oedipus
The Phallic Phase
The Decline
13. Denial, Disavowal, and the Activity of Thought
Denial (1925)
Fetishism (1927)
Part III. The Meaning of Freudianism
14. The Question of Lay Analysis: The Status of Psychoanalysis in 
Historical Background
The Question of Lay Analysis
The Political Stakes
Psychoanalysis Farà da Se
15. The Fundamental Rule: The Space of the Treatment
The Failure of Dora?s Analysis
Transference Love
The Rat Man
The Fundamental Rule
One Space for Two Psyches
16. The Extraterritorial Space of Uttering
Ethics and Metaphysics
Cult of the Father, Cult of the Dead
Freudian Mythology
Emergence of the Law
Culture and Repression of the Drives
The Sense of Guilt
The Disenchantment of the World
Freudian Metapsychology
The Space of Uttering
Ethics and Method

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Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939.
Psychoanalysts -- Austria -- Biography.