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Prologue: New Haven, 1835
Chapter One: American Democracy in a Revolutionary Age
 The Country Democracy... ; The City Democracy... ; A Democratic Revolution?... ;
 Franklin's Death..... 
Chapter Two: The Republican Interest and the Self-Created Democracy
 Against Monocracy: Jefferson, Madison, and the Virginia Ideal... ; First Stirrings
 of Republican Organization... ; "The Cause of Equal Liberty Every Where"... ;
 The Federalist Counterattack... ; The Fall and Legacy of the Self-Created
Chapter Three: The Making of Jeffersonian Democracy
 John Adams and the Reign of Witches... ; "The 'Rallying Point'"... ;
 A Tortuous Revolution: The Elections of 1800 and 1801... ; March 4, 1801...
Chapter Four: Jefferson's Two Presidencies
 Monocracy Attacked... ; Jefferson Ascendant... ; Federalists, Clodhoppers, and
 Tertium Quids: Democracy in the States... ; The Second Presidency... ;
 Jefferson, Jeffersonian Democracy, and Democracy...
Chapter Five: Nationalism and the War of 1812
 The Rise of the Republican Nationalists... ; Hostile Incursions: The Prophet,
 Tecumseh, and Indian Resistance... ; 1812... ; War, Politics, and the Federalists in
 Dissent... ; Federalism Self-Destructs... ; Vengeance and Glory: The Emergence of
 Andrew Jackson... ; The War of 1812 and the Transformation of American
Chapter Six: The Era of Bad Feelings
 Democratic Struggles in New England... ; Democratic Struggles in New York... ;
 Democratic Struggles in the West and the South... ; The Panic of 1819... ;
 The Bubble Bursts... 
Chapter Seven: Slavery, Compromise, and Democratic Politics
 The Missouri Crisis in Congress... ; The Debate Over Slavery: Agitation,
 Compromise, Repercussions... ; Jackson Re-emerges: The Election of 1824... ;
 "Something Radically Wrong"...
Chapter Eight: The Politics of Moral Improvement
 "A Sacred Cause": John Quincy Adams in the White House... ; Raptures of Joy
 and Devotion: Piety, Politics, and the Second Great Awakening... ; Anti-Masonry
 and "the Second Independence"... ; Moralism, Democracy, and the Politics of
Chapter Nine: Democratic Revisions
 The City Democracy Reborn... ; Country Politics: Relief Wars and State Rights; 
 Quincy Adams at Bay... ; "Under Whip & Spur": Politics, Propaganda, and the
 1828 Campaign... ; "Jackson and Reform"...
Chapter Ten: The Jackson Era: Uneasy Beginnings
 Scandals: Treasury Rats, Spoilsmen, and Mrs. Eaton... ; State Rights and an
 Administration Adrift... ; "Things, That Have Coroded My Peace, and My Mind"...
Chapter Eleven: Popular Politics in the Early Jackson Era
 The Birth of Radical Abolitionism... ; Suffrage and Slavery in Virginia... ;
 Revivals and Labor Radicalism in the North... ; "Get the Workies to Be Up and
Chapter Twelve: 1832: Jackson's Crucial Year
 Democracy and "A Few Monied Capitalists": The Politics of the Bank Veto... ;
 "Vain Provisions! Ineffectual Restrictions!": The Politics of Nullification... :
 "Jackson Conquers Every Thing"...
Chapter Thirteen: Banks, Abolitionists, and the Equal Rights Democracy
 "To Heal the Constitution": The Bank War and the Rise of the Whigs... ;
 "The Only Real Democracy in Our Country": Abolitionism and Reaction... ;
 Workies, Unionists, and Loco Focos... ; Jacksonian Contradictions...
Chapter Fourteen: "The Republic Has Degenerated Into a Democracy"
 Indian Removal, Southern Politics, and the Texas Revolution... ; "Either the 
 State is Sovereign or the Banks Are"... ; The Dilemmas of Martin Van Buren:
 Slavery, Hard Money, and a Fractured Election... ; Jackson's Farewell...
Chapter Fifteen: The Politics of Hard Times
 Loco Focoism in the White House... ; Abolitionism's Reckoning... ; Anxiety
 Among the Democrats...
Chapter Sixteen: Whigs, Democrats, and Democracy
 The Revolution of American Conservatism: The New-School
 Whigs... ; Log-Cabin Democracy... ; Jackson, Jacksonian Democracy and
Chapter Seventeen: Whig Debacle, Democratic Confusion
 The Whigs in Disarray... ; Radicals, Hunkers, and Calhounites... ; Democracy 
 in Rhode Island: The Dorr War... ; The Glimmering of Normal Politics...
Chapter Eighteen: Antislavery, Annexation, and the Advent of Young Hickory
 Antislavery Goes Political... ; "A Deep, Deep, Deep Interest": Manifest Destiny and
 Texas Annexation... ; Divided Democrats and the Election of 1844... ; Northern
 Democracy, Southern Democracy... 
Chapter Nineteen: The Bitter Fruits of Manifest Destiny
 "A New Age, A New Destiny"... ; Slavery and Democracy in the States... ; "The
 First Element of Democracy": The Wilmot Proviso and the Transformation of
 Political Antislavery... : A Grand Army of Freedom?...
Chapter Twenty: War, Slavery, and the American 1848
 "The Devil's Thankee": Victory's Divisive Gains... ; The American 1848: 
 Background to Revolt... ; "The Greatest Question of the Day": The Free-Soil
 Revolt... ; "Party Connexions Still Retain Much of Their Force"...
Chapter Twenty-One: Political Truce, Uneasy Consequences
 The Evasive Truce of 1850... ; The Politics of Fugitive Slaves... ; "Thou Just
 Spirit of Equality"... ; Land Stand of the Old Parties... ; The Whigs' Last Gasps?...
Chapter Twenty-Two: The True Collapses
 Empires of Slavery? From Cuba to Kansas-Nebraska... ; Bleeding Kansas, Nativism,
 And the Formation of the Republican Party... ; 1856: Dress Rehearsal for
 Revolution... ; "A Victorious Defeat": The 1856 Elections and the Consolidation of
 the Republicans... ; "On the Tip-Toe of Revolution": The Republicans and Northern
Chapter Twenty-Three: "A Nightmare Broods Over Society"
 "Times Are Not What They Were": The Politics of Dred Scott v. Sandford... ;
 "General Jackson is Dead, Sir": The Furor Over Lecompton... ; The Panic of 1857:
 Depression, Labor, and Sectional Politics... ; Dixie Democracy... ; Popular
 Sovereignty and the Common Right of Humanity: The Lincoln-Douglas 
 Campaign... ; "Another Explosion Will Come Soon"...
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Faith That Right Makes Might
 John Brown and the Politics of Insurrection... ; The Revolution of 1860 and the
 Politics of Democracy... ; "The Democratic Proclivities of the Age"...
Chapter Twenty-Five: "The Iliad of All Our Woes"
 Secession, Slavery, and the Politics of Counter-Revolution... ; "This Great Tribunal,
 the American People"... ; The Slaveholders' Rebellion...
Epilogue: Redmoor, 1865 

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Democracy -- United States -- History -- 18th century.
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