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The Medieval & Early Modern World: Primary Sources and Reference Volume
Table of Contents
Cast of Characters
Map of the Medieval and Early Modern World
Part 1			
1. Here Come the Bad Guys
St. Jerome, Epistolae 123, (Letters 123), 4th century
2. Who's the Boss?
Pope Gelasius, Ed XII, 494
3. Building a Viking Ship, 998 
Oddr Snorrason, "l fs saga Tryggvasonar en mesta. [Have not yet found an Icelandic speaker for full translation of the title] 1200
4. Cry Babies
Lullabye, medieval (we do not have the original title, publication date for this document)
5. . Christians Unite! [This will be changed to an easier call for crusades]
Anonymous., Gesta francorum et aliorum Hierosolymitanorum (The Deeds of the Franks), 1100-1101
6. John of Salisbury Gives a Picture of How Society Works
John of Salisbury (c. 1115-1180) 
7. A Serf Gains his Freedom by his Talent, c. 1100
8. Regulations for Students in the University of Paris, 1274
9.. The Model Parliament
Edward II, Summons, 1295
10. Good Housekeeping in 1393
Manuscript, Le ménager de Paris (The Goodman of Paris), approximately 1393
Part 2
11. How to Catch an Elephant
Al-Masudi [this is probably not his full name, but it is what the scholar/translator calls him], Muruj al-Dhahab wa Ma'adin al-Jawhar [Les prairies d'or, the golden plains-the work has not been translated in full into English, only French. We are trying to check to see if Les prairies d'or is all Al-Masudi to ascertain whether golden plains is the correct translation of the Arabic title but need more time to get this nineteenth-century French edition], sometime around 915.
12. You Are My Sunshine, about. 950
Abu'l-Tayyib Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Dju'fi al-Mutanabbi, [original Arabic title not yet found] "Panegyric to Saif al-Daula on his departure from Antioch," mid-tenth century 
13. The Great Kingdom of Ghana in the Eleventh Century
Abu [long mark over u] 'Ubayd 'Abd Allah [long mark over a] b. 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Bakri [long mark over i in both words] (d. 1094), known as al-Bakri [long mark over i], Kitab (long a) al-masalik (long second a) wa-'l-mamalik (long second a) (The book of routes and realms), eleventh century.
14. Balcony over Troubled Waters
Usâma ibn Munqidh, "Memoirs" twelfth century
15. Hot and Bothered in the Twelfth Century
Abu [long u] 'Abd Allah [long a] Muhammmad al-sharif al-Idrisi [long I's], Nuzhat al-mushtaq [long a] fi [long i] ikhtiraq [long a] al-afq [both a's long] (The Pleasure of Him Who Longs to Cross the Horizons), written 1154
16. Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam (to come0
17. A Medieval Tourist Describes the City of Constantinople
18. The Legend of Sundiata
19. A Guide for New Muslims in India
Muhammad Muhir Wajib Adib [long mark on the i's], Miftah al-Jinan [long diacritic on final a's of Miftah and Jinan] (The Key to Paradise), around 1350
20. Singing, Swinging History
Oral history
21. Who Did What in Africa, c. 1520
Mahmud Kati, Tarikh al-Fettash, early sixteenth century
Part 3
22. Vive les Veggies
Lankavatara Sutra, about fifth century
23. On the Roads
Hwui li or Huili, Da ci en si Sanzangfa shi zhuan [not sure of the exact translation of this title-it may be a modernized Chinese version. So a scholar in old Chinese will have to be consulted and the accurate 7th century title found.], seventh century
24. Down and Out
Du Fu, title in Chinese to come,. ("At the Corner of the World"), eighth century
25. A Husband Is Heaven
Miss Zheng, Nü xiaojing (Book of filial piety for women), around the year 730
26. Reading the Soap Opera
Murasaki Shikibu, Genji monogatari (The Tale of Genji, around 1000 
27. Poem to a Spinning Wheel
Ratanabi, song
28. Advice for Trading in China (and vol. 5)
Francesco di Balduccio Pegolotti, Guide for Merchants, fourteenth century
29. The Tea Pickers
Gao Qi, "Caicha ci" ("The Tea Pickers"), mid-fourteenth century 
30. A Plan for Irrigation in Korea, c. 1450
31. My Courtyard Has Been Cleaned and Plastered
Folk song, [The Gujarti title is not given anywhere in the anthology from which it is taken, and we have not been able yet to locate it in a library as we don't read Gujarti], (My Courtyard Has Been Cleaned and Plastered) date unknown
Part 4
32. Badly Behaved Bishops
Anonymous, manuscript pamphlet, about 1438
33. The Right Job at the Right Time
Muhammad ibn Asad Jalal [long second a] ud-din [long i] al-Dawwani [long second a, long i], Akhlaq [long second a]-i-Jalali [long second a and i] (Jalali's ethics), second half of the fifteenth century
34. Here Comes the Bride	
Headnote to come on King Arthur
35. Ban the Bomb
Desiderius Erasmus, letter to Anthony of Bergen, March 14, 1513/4
36. But No Marching Bands
Albrecht Dürer, Tagebuch der Reise in die Niederlande (Journal of a Trip to the Low Countries), 1520
37. Martin Luther Ideas about Women-Some of Them New
Martin Luther, Tischreden (Table Talk), 1530s
38. Bashfulness-Getting Over It
John Calvin, In Librum Psalmorum Commentarius (Commentaries on the Book of Psalms, written 1557, published 1564 (?)
39. An Ideal Renaissance Man, 1445
Launoy, Regii Navarrae gymnasii Pariensis historia, 1667.
40. Be Scary, Be Very Scary
Niccolo Machiavelli, Il Principe (The Prince), 1532
41. A Cranky Pilgrim, a Boastful Monkey, and Pigsy 
Wu Cheng'en, His Yu Ki (Journey to the West), 1592
Part 5
42. The Mongols Capture a City in Iran
43. Top Model: Isabella, Queen of Spain
Anonymous, Chrónica incompleta de los Reyes Catolicos (1469-1474), según un manuscrito anónimo de la época (An Incomplete Chronicle of the Catholic Kings (1469-1474) according to an anonymous manuscript of the epoch), sometime between 1469 and 1474
44. Wish You Were Here
Christopher Columbus, letter, 1492
45. Wrecking the Place
Hans Mayr, Memoir, 1505
46. Turkish Delight
Anonymous manuscript, "Povyest o Gyurgyu Zrnoyevichu, narechenom Skenderbegu" 1510
47. It Was Harsh
[We have not found the Nahua title for this-even the most scholarly books use a Spanish or English translation and library sources so far don't give the Nahua title] (Annals of Tlatelolco), 1528-1531
48. Taking over Korea-and China-or Maybe Neither
Report to Hideyoshi, Japanese title of report not yet found, 1592
						Hideyoshi [Seal]
49. Religious Toleration in the Mughal Court, c. 1590
50. The Life of a Russian Serf in the Eighteenth Century
Alexander Radischev, Puteshestvie iz Peterburga v Moskvu (A Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow), attempted publication in 1790
Part 6
51. Don Quixote Goes Mad from Reading Too Many Legends about Heroic Knights (1605)
52. Dragon Boat Race, c. 1630
Yang Ssu-ch'ang, "Wu-ling ching-tu lëuch," (don't yet know what this means), exact date unknown. 
53. Samuel Pepys Describes the Great London Fire, 1666
Samuel Pepys, Diary, seventeenth century
54. Doing the New Science
Count Lorenzo Magalotti, Relazioni Di Viaggio In Inghilterra Francia E Svenzia (Travels of Cosmo, Grand Duke of Tuscany, 1821 (deceptive date of publication, as the actual trip is in 1669)
55. Protestants Run for Cover
Louis XIV, Edit de Fontainebleau (Edict of Fontainebeau), 1685
56. A Mexican Nerd 
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Respuesta a sor Filotea (Reply to Sister Philothea), 1691 (published posthumously, 1700)
57. Time to Party 
Antoine Galland, De l'origine and du progress du café (On the origin and development of coffee), 1699
58. Out of Africa
Phillis Wheatley, "On Being Brought from Africa to America," the 1770s
59. Use Your Brain
Immanuel Kant, "Beantwortung der Frage: Was Ist Aufklärung?" ("Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?"), 1784
60. Dutch Learning
61. Toussaint L'Ouverture's Proclamation of a Slave Revolution in the Caribbean
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