Table of contents for Quantitative aspects of ruminant digestion and metabolism / edited by J. Dijkstra, J.M. Forbes, and J. France.

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1. Introduction
J. Dijkstra, J.M. Forbes & J. France
2. Rate and Extent of Digestion
D.R. Mertens
3. Digesta Flow
G.J. Faichney
4.	In Vitro and In Situ Techniques for Estimating Digestibility 
S. López 
5. Particle Dynamics
P.M. Kennedy
6. Volatile Fatty Acid Production
J. France & J. Dijkstra
7.	Nitrogen Transactions in Ruminants
J.V. Nolan & R.C. Dobos
8.	Rumen Micro-Organisms and their Interactions
M.K. Theodorou & J. France
9.	Microbial Energetics
	J.B. Russell & H.J. Strobel
10.	Rumen Function
A. Bannink & S. Tamminga
11.	Glucose and Short-Chain Fatty Acid Metabolism
	R.P. Brockman
12.	Metabolism of the Portal-Drained Viscera and Liver
	D.B. Lindsay & C.K. Reynolds
13.	Fat Metabolism and Turnover
D.W. Pethick, G.S. Harper & F.R. Dunshea
14.	Protein Metabolism and Turnover
D. Attaix, D. Rémond & I.C. Savary-Auzeloux 
15.	Interactions between Protein and Energy Metabolism 
T.C. Wright, J.A. Maas & L.P. Milligan
16.	Calorimetry
R.E. Agnew & T. Yan 
17.	Metabolic Regulation
R.G. Vernon 
18.	Mineral Metabolism
E. Kebreab & D.M.S.S. Vitti 
19.	Growth
G.K. Murdoch, E.K. Okine, W.T. Dixon, J.D. Nkrumah, J.A. Basarab & R.J. 
20.	Pregnancy and Fetal Metabolism
A.W. Bell, C.L. Ferrell & H.C. Freetly
21.	Lactation: Statistical and Genetic Aspects of Simulating Lactation Data from 
Individual Cows Using a Dynamic, Mechanistic Model of Dairy Cow Metabolism
H.A. Johnson, T.R. Famula & R.L. Baldwin
22. 	Mathematical Modelling of Wool Growth at the Cellular and Whole Animal 
B.N. Nagorcka & M. Freer
23.	Voluntary Feed Intake and Diet Selection
J.M. Forbes
24.	Feed Processing: Effects on Nutrient Degradation and Digestibility 
A.F.B. Van der Poel, E. Prestl¢kken & J.O. Goelema
25.	Animal Interactions with their Environment: Dairy Cows in Intensive Systems
T. Mottram & N. Prescott
26.	Pasture Characteristics and Animal Performance 
P. Chilibroste, M. Gibb & S. Tamminga
27.	Integration of Data in Feed Evaluation Systems 
J.P. Cant

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