Table of contents for Real girl, real world : tools for finding your true self / by Heather M. Gray and Samantha Phillips.

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Chapter 1: The Beauty Standard--Wasting Our Time on Perfection	
The Importance of Beauty: What a Headache	
Feeling Ugly: Beauty and Self-Esteem	
Models of Beauty: A Split Second Captured on Film	
Barbie: The Plastic Queen of Beauty	
Fashion Trends: They Used to Wear What?	
_The Fashion Folly/The Bull About Beauty	
Transforming Our Looks: The Big Makeover	
Buns, Beehives, Dreads, or Crews: There's So Much to Do	
Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures: Risky Business	
Rebelling: Trashing the Beauty Standard	
_ An Image of Our Own	
Putting Beauty in Its Place	
Chapter 2: Body Image--Can't Get No Satisfaction?	
Thin, Thin, Thin: No Way to Win	
Dieting and Exercise: Are We Out of Control?	
_ Real Bodies: Loving the One You Have	
How to Get Fit and Still Have a Life	
Being Overweight: It's Not a Crime	
_ Where the Fat Girls Are--and Proud of It	
Breasts: They Come in All Shapes and Sizes	
Taking Back Our Bodies	
Chapter 3: Eating Disorders--When Eating Goes Way Out of Order	
An Emotional Hunger? A Need for Control?	
Compulsive Overeating: Emotional Stuffing	
_The Hungry Self	
Anorexia Nervosa: A Slow Road to Self-Destruction	
Bulimia Nervosa: It's a Vicious Cycle	
Binge Eating Disorder
Not Quite Anorexia or Bulimia: Undefined Suffering	
Knowing Someone with an Eating Disorder	
What If I Have an Eating Disorder? Get Help!	
What We Miss When We Have an Eating Disorder: Life	
_Getting Help for Eating Problems	
Chapter 4: Take a Good Look Down There--Menstruation, Anatomy, Orgasms, and Masturbation	
Getting Your Period: How Big a Deal Is It?	
Premenstrual Syndrome: Real or Imagined?	
Getting to Know Your Anatomy	 
_Your Vagina Is Your Friend	
Pelvic Exams: The Journey to the Gynecologist	
Orgasms: Our Bodies Rejoice	
Masturbation: Pleasure of Our Own	
Sexual Fantasies: Having Fun with Daydreams	
Know the Facts, Have Fun, and Be Healthy	
_ Taking Back Our Health	
Chapter 5: Coming to Terms with Our Sexuality	
Having Your Bases Covered: There's More Than One Kind of Sex
Deciding to Be Sexual: YOU Say When	
_ Let's Talk About Sex	
Reputations: Sluts vs. Studs (Don't You Talk to Me That Way!)	
Pressure: When the Heat Is On	
Lesbians and Bisexuals: It's Not Taboo	
_ Out and About	
_ We're Here, We're Queer	
Trusting Our Feelings	
Chapter 6: Being in Charge of Our Sexuality	
Protection: Being Informed and Safe	
_ Making Sex Safer	
Contraception: What, Where, and How	
Pregnancy: Teen Moms	
_ Reality Check: Teen Pregnancy and Motherhood	
Abortion: The Facts	
Sexually Transmitted Infections	
Sexual Assault	
_ Recovering from Sexual Assault	
Taking Charge	
Chapter 7: Feminism--What Is It, and Do We Care?	
The F-Word: Why Some of Us Shun the Word "Feminist"	
The History of Feminism: The Road Toward Equality	
_ Pandora's Pages	
_ Feminists Organize	
Women of Color and Feminism: Ending Oppression on All Fronts	
Feminism Today: Are We Riding a Third Wave?
_ Get Involved	
_ Feminism Grrrl Style
Taking Our Rants and Ideas Public: Zines and Blogs	
Finding Our Own Brand of Feminism	
Conclusion: Be True to Yourself Always	

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Teenage girls -- Psychology -- Juvenile literature.
Self-esteem in adolescence -- Juvenile literature.
Self-perception in adolescence -- Juvenile literature.
Sexual ethics -- Juvenile literature.
Beauty, Personal -- Juvenile literature.
Feminine beauty (Aesthetics) -- Juvenile literature.