Table of contents for Unsung heroes of the Lord of the rings : from the page to the screen / Lynnette R. Porter.

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Table of Contents
Foreword			i
Introduction to J. R. R. Tolkien's and Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings Trilogies	1
Chapter 1. Literary and Cinematic Heroes	7
	The Need for a New Definition of Hero	8	
	Literary Definitions of Hero	13
	Lord Raglan's Classic Literary Heroes	13
	Northrop Frye's Hierarchy of Heroes	17
	Joseph Campbell's Heroes on a Quest	19
	Additional Ways to Identify Heroes	20
	Peter Jackson's Vision of Heroes	23
		Camera Angles, Shots, and the Final Edit	23
		Lighting	25
		The Addition of Music	26
		The Structure of the Story	30
		Modern Heroes in a Classic Tale	32
 Creating a Modern Definition of Hero	37
 Unsung Heroes in The Lord of the Rings	39
	Notes			40
Chapter 2. Merry as a Knowledgeable Hero	47
	Merry as a Literary Hero	49
	Merry as a Cinematic Hero	63
		The Hero's Journey	65
			Physical Departures in Jackson's Trilogy	65
			Emotional and Psychological Departures throughout
			Jackson's Trilogy	70
			Initiations throughout the Trilogy	78
			The Return Home	82	
	Differences between Book and Film Merry	83
		Comic Relief	85
		Age Differences	87
		Personality Changes as a Result of War	88
		Lesser Importance of the Hobbits	91
	Merry and a Modern Definition of Hero	93
 Notes			98
Chapter 3. Pippin as an Impulsive, Youthful Hero	112
	Pippin as a Literary Hero	117
	Tolkien's More Heroic Pippin	118
		Pre-Fellowship Pippin	119
		Growing Pains During the Quest	122
		Wartime Heroism	125
		Post-Quest Heroics	126
	Pippin as a Cinematic Hero	127
		Fool of a Took	128
		Pippin's Impulsive Nature	135
		Four Heroic Deeds	145
		The Strength of Pippin	148
	The Structure of Pippin's Development in Book and Film	153
	Pippin and a Modern Definition of Hero	158
	Notes			163
Chapter 4. Éowyn as an Action Hero	177
	Éowyn as a Literary Hero	181
	Éowyn as a Cinematic Hero	186
	Differences between Book and Film Éowyn	195
		Éowyn's Love Nature	196
		The Houses of Healing	201
		Female Stereotypes	202
	Loss, Feminism, Dernhelm, and Éowyn	204
	Éowyn and a Modern Definition of Hero	209
	Notes			214
Chapter 5. Galadriel and Arwen as Inspirational Heroes	224
	Galadriel as a Literary Hero in The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings	225
 Arwen's History in Tolkien's Work	228
 The Link Between Arwen and Luthien	232
 	Similarities between Arwen and Luthien	235
 	Differences between Arwen and Luthien	239
 Galadriel and Arwen as Cinematic Heroes	240
		Inspirational Gifts	248
			Galadriel's Gifts	248
			Arwen's Gifts	252
 Portrayals of the Female Elves in Book and Film	254
		The Lack of a Back Story	255
		Arwen's Expanded, But Inconsistent Role	259
 Galadriel and Arwen as Heroes for a Modern Age	263
	Notes			267
Chapter 6. Legolas and Gimli as Intercultural Heroes	278
	Legolas and Gimli as Literary Heroes	283
		Mediation as the First Step toward Friendship	284
		Value Cultural Differences	289
		Ability to Let Go of Past Grievances	293
	Cinematic Interpretations of Legolas and Gimli	295
	The Importance of Multiculturalism in Modern Heroism	300
	The Necessity of Facing Change	302
	Legolas and Gimli and a Modern Definition of Hero	307
	Notes			313
Chapter 7. The Changing Social Definitions of Heroes	322
	Otherness and the Recognition of Heroic Qualities	326
	Film and the Mass Marketing of Tolkien	333
	The Fine Line Between Fiction and Reality	339
 The Lasting Influence of the Trilogies	341
	Notes			349
Bibliography			354
Online Resources for Tolkien Studies	371
Index				377

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Fantasy fiction, English -- History and criticism.
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