Table of contents for Pregnant darkness : alchemy and the rebirth of consciousness / Monika Wikman.

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[pstyle:TOC]Acknowledgments	vii
[pstyle:TOC]Introduction	viii
[pstyle:TOC]Introduction	viii
[pstyle:TOC]Part I The Nigredo and the Rising of Lunar Consciousness	15
[pstyle:TOC]Chapter 1: The Psyche[0x2019]s Alchemical Language	38
[pstyle:TOC]The Activation of Mercurius	60
[pstyle:TOC]The Philosopher[0x2019]s Stone and the Birth of the Black Light	62
[pstyle:TOC]Turn, and Kiss the Black Stone	62
[pstyle:TOC]The Light That Cultivates	73
[pstyle:TOC]The Fire of the Alchemists	75
[pstyle:TOC]Chapter 2: Beginning the Alchemical Process: Rooting in the Psyche 
and Psychoid	79
[pstyle:TOC]Instinct and Spirit, Ego and Self	80
[pstyle:TOC]Religious Instinct as Roots	81
[pstyle:TOC]Rooting in the Psyche for the [0x201C]Mother[0x201D]	83
[pstyle:TOC]Rooting, Divine Appetite, and Addiction	84
[pstyle:TOC]Maeve and the Wild Pigs	85
[pstyle:TOC]Rooting for Religious Experience via Eros	86
[pstyle:TOC]The Religious Instinct and the Erotic Leap into the Unknown	87
[pstyle:TOC]The Axis Mundi as Bridge between Archaic and Modern Humankind	89
[pstyle:TOC]Chapter 3: Finding the Living Waters	92
[pstyle:TOC]The Living Water and Its Vessel: An Inner Attitude	94
[pstyle:TOC]On the Composition of the Alchemical Waters at Work in Our Lives	98
[pstyle:TOC]Embodying the Vessel via the Wound	102
[pstyle:TOC]The Dew of the Living Spirit of the Imagination	104
[pstyle:TOC]The Stinking Waters of the Descent	111
[pstyle:TOC]On Love and the Waters That Unite	121
[pstyle:TOC]Chapter 4: Tending the Living Waters	130
[pstyle:TOC]The Lovers Appearing at the Font	131
[pstyle:TOC]Evolution of Consciousness Requires Contact with Spirit Mercurius
[pstyle:TOC]Wholeness, not Perfection	139
[pstyle:TOC]Tracking a Few Devils at the Spring	139
[pstyle:TOC]The Devilish Spell of Concretization	143
[pstyle:TOC]Our Own Psychic Devilish Fixity and the Dream Spirit[0x2019]s 
Penetrating Arrows	144
[pstyle:TOC]Devils of Calcified Ideas	148
[pstyle:TOC]When the Waters of the Inner Spring [0x201C]Fix[0x201D] or Freeze
[pstyle:TOC]Mercurius as the Invaluable Inner Jackass	212
[pstyle:TOC]Trickster Nature and Religious Form in Community	212
[pstyle:TOC]The Ass: the Ordinary and Lowly Nature as Carrier of the God
[pstyle:TOC]The Ass God in Dream	217
[pstyle:TOC]King Midas[0x2019]s Fatal Flaw: An Inability to Own the Inner Jack 
Ass	219
[pstyle:TOC]Religious Conscience and the IBD	225
[pstyle:TOC]Looking into the Relationship Field for the Invaluable Inner Jackass 
and Decoding Saturn[0x2019]s Lead	228
[pstyle:TOC]Chapter 5: Integration of the Opposites: Sun-Moon Mysteries	161
[pstyle:TOC]The Human Hand Amid the Mysteries	161
[pstyle:TOC]Apollo and Artemis before the Union	165
[pstyle:TOC] The Sun God[0x2019]s Shadow at the Font	167
[pstyle:TOC]Sun-Moon Rebirth Pattern in Myth, Dream and Waking Life	173
[pstyle:TOC]Lunar Rebirth	175
[pstyle:TOC]Midnight Birth of the Sun God	177
[pstyle:TOC]Artemis, Guardian of the Axis Mundi	178
[pstyle:TOC]Artemis and the Pre-Phallic Mystery of Yin	179
[pstyle:TOC]The Dark Side of the Moon	181
[pstyle:TOC]Heart of the Forest, Heart of the Imagination	186
[pstyle:TOC]A Little Light on the Moon Mysteries of the Alchemists from Dreams 
and Life Experience	187
[pstyle:TOC]The Moon Grows a Phallus	187
[pstyle:TOC]The Moon and Mercurius Marry: Fixity, Love, and Grace	197
[pstyle:TOC]Artemis/Diana and Her Doves of Peace	198
[pstyle:TOC]The Devilish [0x201C]Thief[0x201D]	201
[pstyle:TOC]Integration of Sun and Moon: Night Vision, Day Vision, and Binocular 
Vision	208
[pstyle:TOC]Fruitful Struggle between Sun and Moon	209
[pstyle:TOC]The Garden of the Alchemists	210
[pstyle:TOC]Shining Renewed	232
[pstyle:TOC]Chapter 6: The Divine Transforming in the Human Soul	233
[pstyle:TOC]Encounters with the Divine transforming in the Human Soul	242
[pstyle:TOC]Love[0x2019]s Penetrating Spirit Contacts the Life Essence	243
[pstyle:TOC]What Does the Divine Experience with Incarnation?	249
[pstyle:TOC]Resisting the Divine Incarnation	255
[pstyle:TOC]The Evolution of the Divine in Our Life Journey	257
[pstyle:TOC][0x201C]Atheists[0x201D] Find These Mysteries, Too	259
[pstyle:TOC]Which Innermost Values Are on the Throne?	263
[pstyle:TOC]Discovering the Ally from the Psychoid	265
[pstyle:TOC]The the Ally as Erotic Healer	267
[pstyle:TOC]The Divine Anthropos	281
[pstyle:TOC]Refining the Religious Attitude	288
[pstyle:TOC]Love of the Infinite, Love of the Soul	290
[pstyle:TOC]Fear of the Descent into the Unconscious	296
[pstyle:TOC]Conscious Sacrifice and Discovery of the New Center	298
[pstyle:TOC]Gaining Honest Human Standpoint	303
[pstyle:TOC]The Metaphor of the Foot Wound	307
[pstyle:TOC]The Scathing Honesty of a Rotten Standpoint, Allowed In	311
[pstyle:TOC]Chapter 7: The Invaluable/Dangerous Heights: Inflation, Integration, 
and Incarnation	337
[pstyle:TOC]The Mingling of Human and Divine	342
[pstyle:TOC]Circulation of Psychic Energy among the Many Realms of Being
[pstyle:TOC]Coming Down from the Heavens	353
[pstyle:TOC]Emerging from the \[ct:Italic\]\[ct:Italic\]Preta\[ct:\]\[ct:\] 
Region	356
[pstyle:TOC]Getting Stuck in the Asura Region	362
[pstyle:TOC]Messages from the Animal Realm	367
[pstyle:TOC]Eros and the Wound: Razor[0x2019]s Edge between Inflation and 
Reductionism	369
[pstyle:TOC]Ascent, Incarnational Choice, and Archetypal Defenses	373
[pstyle:TOC]Dissolving the Ego[0x2019]s Unconscious Defenses	377
[pstyle:TOC] Encountering the Divine in Matter	381
[pstyle:TOC]Collective Application of these Images	391
[pstyle:TOC]The Secret Alchemical Stone Has Its Own Properties	392
[pstyle:TOC]Stone and the Protective Screen between the Worlds: Stone as the 
Mediator	393
[pstyle:TOC]Integration Brings to Life the Invaluable Inner Heretic, and the 
[0x201C]Orphan Stone[0x201D]	396
[pstyle:TOC]Yogic Consciousness, Experience of the 
\[ct:Italic\]\[ct:Italic\]Unus Mundus\[ct:\]\[ct:\] Mysteries	398
[pstyle:TOC]Rebirth of Consciousness: Unus Mundus and the New Fruits of Sun and 
Moon	000
[pstyle:TOC]Bibliography	000
[pstyle:TOC]Index	000
[pstyle:TOC]About the Author	000

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