Table of contents for The biodiesel handbook / editors, Gerhard Knothe, Jon Van Gerpen, Jurgen Krahl.

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Preface iii
1.1 Introduction: What is Biodiesel?	
Gerhard Knothe	1
2.1 The History of Vegetable Oil-Based Diesel Fuels 	
Gerhard Knothe	4
3.1 The Basics of Diesel Engines and Diesel Fuels	
Jon Van Gerpen	17
4.1. Biodiesel Production 	
Jon Van Gerpen and Gerhard Knothe 	26
4.2. Alternate Feedstocks and Technologies for Biodiesel Production	
Michael J. Haas and Thomas A. Foglia	42
5.1 Analytical Methods for Biodiesel 	
Gerhard Knothe	62
6.1. Cetane Numbers 	
Gerhard Knothe	77
6.2. Viscosity	
Gerhard Knothe 82
6.3. Cold Weather Properties and Performance of Biodiesel	
Robert O. Dunn	84 
6.4.1. Oxidation: Literature overview 	
Gerhard Knothe	123	
6.4.2. Stability of Biodiesel	
Heinrich Prankl 	128
6.5. Biodiesel Lubricity	
Leon Schumacher	138
6.6. Biodegradability, Biological and Chemical Oxygen Demand and Toxicity of 
Biodiesel Fuels	
C. L. Peterson and Gregory Möller 		146
6.7. Soybean Oil Composition for Biodiesel	
Neal A. Bringe	162
7.1. Impact of Biodiesel Fuel on Pollutant Emissions	from Diesel Engines 	
Robert L. McCormick and Teresa L. Alleman	167
7.2. Influence of Biodiesel and Different Petrodiesel Fuels on Exhaust Emissions and 
Health Effects 	
Jürgen Krahl, Axel Munack, Olaf Schröder, Hendrik Stein, Jürgen Bünger	177
8.1. Current Status of the Biodiesel Industry 	
Steve Howell and Joe Jobe 	185
8.2. Biodiesel in the European Union: Current Status of Legislation and Production
Dieter Bockey	197
8.2.1. Biodiesel Quality Management; the AGQM story 
Jürgen Fischer	207
8.3. Status of Biodiesel in Asia, the Americas, Australia and South Africa
Werner Körbitz	212
8.4. Environmental implications of biodiesel 	 
Sven Gärtner and Guido A. Reinhardt	221
8.5. Potential Production of Biodiesel 	
Charles L. Peterson	233
9.1 Other Uses of Biodiesel 	
Gerhard Knothe	241
10.1 Other Alternative Diesel Fuels from Vegetable Oils 	
Robert O. Dunn	243
11.1 Glycerol 	
D.B. Appleby	265
Appendix A	279
Appendix B	289
Appendix C	297
Index	298

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