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Introduction - Drug Discovery in the 21st Century: An Introduction
Shayne C. Gad
Chapter 1 - Natural Products
Charles B. Spainhour
Chapter 2 - Cancer Cell Proteomics Using Molecular Aptamers
Weihong Tan, Zehui Cao, Dihua Shangguang
Chapter 3 - Molecular Similarity Methods and QSAR Models as Tools for Virtual Screening
Jürgen Bajorath
Chapter 4 - Systems Biology: Applications in Drug Discovery
Sean Ekins, Andrej Bugrim, Yuri Nikolsky, Tatiana Nikolskaya
Chapter 5- High Throughput Flow Cytometry
Larry A. Sklar, Peter C. Simons, Anna Waller. Sean M. Biggs, Susan M. Young, Marius Olah, Cristian Bologa, Tudor I. Oprea, Eric R. Prossnitz, Bruce S. Edwards
Chapter 6 - Combining NMR Spectral Information with Associated Structural Features to Form Computationally Non-Intensive, Rugged, and Objective Models of Biological Activity
Richard Beger, Dan A. Buzatu, Jon G. Wilkes
Chapter 7 - Using Microsoft Excel as a Laboratory Data Management Tool
A. Erik Rubin, Mark F. Russo, William Neil
Chapter 8 - The Age of Regulation
Sandy Weinberg and Gerald J. Whartenby
Chapter 9 - Simultaneous Screening of Multiple Cell Lines Using the CellCardtm System
Oren E. Beske
Chapter 10 - Protein X-Ray Crystallography in Drug Discovery
Peter Nollert, Michael D. Feese, Bart L. Staker, Hidong Kim
Chapter 11 - Biological and Chemistry Assays Available During Drug Discovery and Developability Assessment
Duane B. Lakings
Chapter 12 - Strategies and methods in monitoring and targeting protein-protein interactions
Arianna Loregian and Giorgio Palù
Chapter 13 - High Throughput Screening: Evolution of Technology and Methods
Martyn N. Banks, Angela M. Cacace, Jonathan O'Connell, John G. Houston
Chapter 14 - Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence: Application to High-Throughput Screening and Drug Discovery
Kadir Aslan, Ignacy Gryczynski , Joanna Malicka , Joseph R. Lakowicz , Chris D. Geddes
Chapter 15 - Methods for the Design and Analysis of Replicate-Experiment Studies to Establish Assay Reproducibility and the Equivalence of Two Potency Assays
Brian J. Eastwood, Amy K. Chesterfield, Mary C. Wolff, Christian C. Felder
Chapter 16 - Coupled Luminescent Methods in Drug Discovery: Three-Minute Assays for Cytotoxicity and Phosphatase Activity
Michael J.Corey and Robert J. Kinders
Chapter 17 - Design and Pharmaceutical Applications of Prodrugs
Tomi Jarvinen, Jarkko Rautio, Mar Masson, Thorsteinn Loftsson
Chapter 18 - GABA and Glutamate Receptor Ligands and Their Therapeutic Potential in CNS Disorders
Ulf Madsen, Hans Bräuner-Osborne, Jeremy R. Greenwood, Tommy N. Johansen, Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen, Tommy Liljefors, Mogens Nielsen, Bente Frolund
Chapter 19 - Cardiac Sarcolemmal ATP-sensitive Potassium Channel Antagonists: Novel Ischemia-selective Antiarrhythmic Agents
George E. Billman
Chapter 20 - Factors Influencing the Efficacy of Mediator-Specific Anti-inflammatory, Glucocorticoid and Anti-Coagulant Therapies for Sepsis
Peter C. Minneci, Katherine J. Deans, Michael Haley, Xizhong Cui, Charles Natanson, Peter Q. Eichacker
Chapter 21 - Combinatorial Chemistry in the Drug Discovery Process
Nathan T. Ross, Brian R. McNaughton, and Benjamin L. Miller
Chapter 22 - Herbal Medicines and Animal Models of Gastrointestinal Diseases
C.H. Cho and J.K.S. Ko
Chapter 23 - Endocrine and Metabolic Agents
Brian L. Furman
Chapter 24 - Respiratory Viruses
Paul D. Olivo
Chapter 25 - Strategies in the Design of Antiviral Drugs
Erik De Clercq and Piet Herdewijn
Chapter 26 - Protein Kinase Inhibitors in Drug Discovery
Keykavous Parang and Gongqin Sun
Chapter 27 - RNA-Based Therapies
Ingmar Hoerr and Steve Pascolo
Chapter 28 - Novel Imaging Agents for Molecular MR Imaging of Cancer
Dmitri Artemov and Zaver M. Bhujwalla
Chapter 29 - Genomics-Based Drug Discovery
Spyro Mousses
Chapter 30 - Cancer Drug Discovery
Susan Mooberry

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