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Table of Contents
Breed Specifications
Chapter 1: The World of Dachshunds
A Dog with a Purpose
Badger Dogs of Germany
Breed Standards 
European Standards
Three Coats
A Dog of Many Colors
Two Sizes and a Tweenie
The Real Wiener
Chapter 2: Before You Buy
Are You Dachsie Ready?
The Joys and Demands of a Puppy
The Fun of Adopting an Adult
What Kind of Owner Are You?
Your ôCanine Fitnessö: Mental, Physical, and Financial
Family Dynamics
Are You Ready for Commitment?
Chapter 3: The Best Dachshund for You!
Dachshund Breeders
Pet Shops and Flea Markets
Shelters and Pounds
Purebred Rescue
Adopting an Adult
Choosing a Puppy
If in Doubt, Wait It Out
Chapter 4: Dachsie-Proofing Your Home
Your DachshundÆs ôSpaceö
Kitchen and Breakfast Areas
Bathrooms and Laundry
Living Spaces
Storage Areas and Garage
Outside Dangers
All Wieners Are Not Created Equal
Chapter 5: Bringing Your Dachshund Home
Planning AheadùMake Appointments
Sign Up for Training Now
Setting the House Rules
The Ride Home
What YouÆll Need the First Night
First-Year Supplies and Expenses
Naming Your Puppy
Chapter 6: PuppyÆs First Month
The First Day at Home
The First Night
The First Week
Socialization Starts Now
Shaping Behaviors
Handle with Care!
Chapter 7: Rescue DogÆs First Few Months
The First Day
The First Night
The First Months
Working Through Challenges
Behavior Issues
A Worthwhile Endeavor
Chapter 8: Tips for Successful Housetraining
An Easy Principle
Crate Training
Space Within a Space
Crate and Dog Door
Canine Litter Pan
A Workable Schedule
Increasing Space and Time
Accidents Happen: Just Clean Them Up
Training ôPottyö on Command
Chapter 9: Proper Nutrition
Commercial, Natural, or Home-Prepared?
Reading Labels
Feeding Schedules
WhatÆs Best for Pup?
Feeding the Adult
Senior Diets and Special Needs
Is My Dachsie Fat?
Snacks and Treats
Chapter 10: Grooming Essentials
Brushing Basics
Dealing with Tangles and Mats
Trimming the Coat
Bath-Time Guidelines
Trimming Toenails
Ear and Eye Care
Dental Hygiene
Chapter 11: Socialization Strategies
Why Bother to Socialize?
Places and Faces
How to Socialize with People
How to Socialize with Dogs
How to Socialize with Other Pets
Getting Extra Help
Chapter 12: Common Puppy Problems
Puppies Will Be Puppies
Mouthing and Nipping 
Crying and Whining
Constant Barking
Digging Holes 
Chewing and Shredding
Jumping Up 
Separation Anxiety
Bolting Outside
Chapter 13: Adolescent Troubles
Why Adolescents Act Like Teenagers
Leadership in Question
Changes in Pack Order
Dog-Dog Aggression
Possessive Aggression
Territorial Aggression
Chapter 14: Dachshund Training 101
An Independent Thinker
Training Collars
Basics of Operant Conditioning
Shaping Behaviors
Small Steps to Success
Finding a Good School and Trainer
Benefits of a Well-Trained Dachshund
Chapter 15: What Every Dachsie Needs to Know
How to Teach Good Manners
Teaching the Basics
Commands for Coming and Going
Teaching ôWaitö
Teaching ôStayö
ôWalk Nicelyö
ôTake Itö and ôGiveö
Chapter 16: Basic Dog Care
Finding a Veterinarian
Vaccinating Your Dachshund 
Flea and Tick Prevention
Internal Parasites
Handling Emergencies
Preparing for Natural Disasters 
Senior Care
Chapter 17: Advanced Dachshund Care
Bone and Joint Diseases
Heart Problems
Skin Disorders
Eye Problems
Ear Infections
Internal Diseases
Blood Disorders
Miscellaneous Disorders
Chapter 18: Competitive Dachshund Activities
Competitive Hunting and Tracking
Chapter 19: Just Plain Fun
Teaching Tricks
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
The Great Outdoors
Search and Rescue
Public Education
Animal-Assisted Therapy
Active Minds and Bodies Equal Enjoyable Companions
Chapter 20: Traveling with Your Dachshund
The Importance of Identification
Staying in a Hotel
Car Travel
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Traveling Abroad
Leaving Your Dachshund Behind
Appendix A: Additional Resources
Appendix B: Dachshund Rescues

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