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Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of Spanish
A Romance Language
On the Iberian Peninsula
The Language of Castile
Spanish Literature
Out to the World
Make It Your Own
Chapter 2: Grammar Essentials
Just Like English
Blueprint of a Sentence
Parts of Speech
In Agreement
Tenses and Moods
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 3: Start with the Basics
Learn Your ABCs
Pronunciation Guide
Showing Stress
Counting Off
For the Nth Time
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 4: About Nouns
Divided by Gender
Forming Plurals
Definite Articles
Indefinite Articles
Choosing the Right Article
The Rules of Possession
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 5: Making Sense of Pronouns
From Noun to Pronoun
Itís Personal
Whose Is It, Anyway?
This, That, and the Other
Definitely Indefinite
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 6: Adjectives and Adverbs
In Agreement
Switching Places
Adjectives of Nationality
Making Comparisons
Forming Adverbs
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 7: Introducing the Verb
Action or State of Being
In the Infinitive
The Present Tense
Regular Conjugations
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 8: Irregular Present Indicative Forms
There Is an Explanation
Spelling Change Verbs
Changes in Pronunciation
Stem Changing Verbs
Just Plain Irregular
Ser Versus Estar
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 9: A Quick Verb Usage Guide
Saber or Conocer?
Talking about the Weather
There Is/There Are
Just Finished
Going to Do It with Ir
Progressive Forms
Passive Voice
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 10: Object of the Verb
What Is an Object?
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Direct Objects
Indirect Objects
A Different Kind of Construction
Make It Impersonal
Reflexive Verbs
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 11: In the Past
What You Didóthe Preterite
Irregular Forms
What You Were Doingóthe Imperfect
A Point of Comparison
Past Progressive Forms
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 12: Future and Conditional
Double Endings
Future Actions in the Present
Simple Future
Itís Potential
Future and Conditional Clauses
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 13: In the MoodóSubjunctive and Imperative
The Subjunctive Mood
Present Subjunctive
Irregular Present-Subjunctive Forms
Indicative or Subjunctive?
Past Subjunctive
Itís a Command
With Reflexive or Object Pronouns
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 14: Perfect Compound Tenses
Haber and Past Participle
Present Perfect
Past-Tense Forms
Future and Conditional
In the Subjunctive
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 15: Not to Be Overlooked
In Conjunction
Commonly Used Prepositions
A Sign of Excitement
The Case of Double Negatives
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 16: Questions and Answers
I Have a Question
Yes, No, or Maybe
Question Words
What Time Is It?
Other Frequently Asked Questions
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 17: Building Vocabulary
The Structure of a Spanish Word
Presenting the Prefix
Following with the Suffix
Itsy Bitsy Diminutives
Recognizing Cognates
Chapter 18: Writing in Spanish
Donít Overcapitalize
The Rules of Punctuation
When in DoubtóLook It Up
Accent Marks, ; , and Other Symbols
Composing a Letter
Chapter 19: Spanish in Everyday Life
Physical Characteristics
Family Relations
Back to School
Eating Out
Looking for a Job
Appendix A: Verb Tables
Appendix B: English to Spanish Glossary
Appendix C: Spanish to English Glossary
Appendix D: Answer Key

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