Table of contents for The everything parent's guide to children with ADD/ADHD / Linda Sonna.

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Chapter 1: What Is ADD/ADHD? 
Life with an ADD/ADHD Child
Current Definitions
ADD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms
Other Diagnostic Requirements 
Rethinking ADD/ADHD
Chapter 2: ADD/ADHD Evaluations 
Diagnostic Dilemmas
Qualified Evaluators
Medical Tests
Evaluation Procedures 
Mental Health Screening 
Psychological Evaluations
Educational Testing
Impediments to Evaluation[NOTE to KJñ can be cut if the book is too long]
Getting a Second Opinion
Chapter 3: The ADD/ADHD Diet 
Kids and Food
The Food Controversy
Food Allergies and Sensitivities
Anemia and ADD/ADHD 
Vitamin B Deficiency
Mineral Imbalances 
Omega 3-Fatty Acids
Food Additives
Chapter 4: The Heavy Metal Connection 
Warning Signs 
The Silent Scourge
Lead Poisoning from Paing
Lead Poisoning from Food
Lead Poisoning from Water
Contaminated Air and Soil
Other Heavy Metals 
Overlooked Dangers at Home 
Chapter 5: Other Causes and Complications
The Diagnostic Maze
Cause, Effect, or Complication?
Biological Causes 
A Genetic Condition?
Avoiding the Diagnostic Trap
Talk Therapy
Chapter 6: Little Space Cadets: The ADD Child
The ADD Child at School
ADD or Creative Genius?
Growing up ADD
Kings of Chaos vs. Absent Minded Professors 
Space Cadets vs. Spacious Dreamers
Recalcitrant Rebels vs. Independent Individualists
Different Strokes for Other Folks
Allergies and ADD
To a Different Drummer
Chapter 7: Hyperactive Heroes
The Parenting Challenge
Healthy and Active Versus Hyperactive 
Tackling ADHD Symptoms
The Boy Factor
Rethinking Expectations 
Thrills, Chills, and Spills
The Huckleberry Finn Syndrome
Chapter 8: Family Fixes
The ADD/ADHD Lifestyle
Investing in Family Life 
Television and ADD/ADHD 
Dietary Delights
Wonderful Weekends
Revamping Your Lifestyle
Chapter 9: Medication Maze
A Potpourri of Problems
Medication Evaluations
What Your Doctor May Not Know
Facts about Stimulant Medications 
Drawbacks of Stimulant Medication
Ritalin and Later Drug Abuse
Social Stigmas
A Success Story
Chapter 10: Over-the-Counter Remedies
Treatment Dilemmas
Buyer, Beware! 
Finding an Herbalist 
Herbs for ADD/ADHD Symptoms
The Caffeine Cure 
Parenting Classes
Psychological Counseling 
Family Therapy
Chapter 11: Cutting-Edge Treatments 
Desperate Cases
The Frontal Lobe Factor 
Obtaining Neurotherapy
Homeopathic Medicine
Success Stories
Chapter 12: Parents as Behavior Managers
Teaching Tactics
The Miracle Cure
Defining Problem Behaviors 
Rewarding Good Behavior
Shaping Desirable Behaviors
Strategies for Success
Behavior Modification in Action
Chapter 13: Tempering Temper
The Mask of Anger
The Angry Child
Understanding Anger
Teaching Temper Control
Reducing Aggression
Teaching Anger Management
Teaching Problem-Solving
Anger Management in Action
Chapter 14: Chaos Control
The Disorganized Child 
The Parent Factor 
Teaching Organizational Skills
Organizing Projects
Teaching Time Management
Getting Ready on Time 
Staying Organized 
Chapter 15: Calming Young Worry Warts
Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Internalizing Behaviors
ìChemicalî Treatments
Reassuring Worriers 
Confronting Worries Head-on
Relaxation Exercises
Panic Control
Chapter 16: Classroom Coups 
Sitting Still to Learn
The Traditional Classroom
Simple Solutions
Kid-Friendly Classrooms
Learning Style
The Gifted Child
Special Educational Needs
Special Education Services
Chapter 17: From Defiance to Compliance
Chronic Foot-Dragging
Testing the Limits 
The ìZero Toleranceî Policy
Clarifying Rules
Teaching Children to Follow Rules
The Punishment Problem
No More Criticism!
Enforcing Consequences
Chapter 18: Building Social Savvy
Befriending Trouble 
Peer Power
Young Loners
Parents as Social Directors
Developing People Skills 
Keeping Friends
Finding Social Outlets
Positive Peers
Chapter 19: Daring to Discipline 
Dialogue Disasters
Identifying Your Parenting Approach
Parental Permissiveness
Communication Coups
When Talking Fails 
Authoritative Parenting
Harsh Discipline 
Rethinking Discipline
Chapter 20: Ending Bedtime Battles
Reading Sleep Signals
Sleep Apnea and ADD/ADHD 
Help for Young Insomniacs
Bedtime Solutions 
Best Bedtime Solutions 
Toddler Sleep Problems
Tweens and Sleep
Teens and Sleep
Rethinking Slumber Parties
Appendix A: Explaining ADD/ADHD to Your Child
Appendix B: Resources for Parents 

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