Table of contents for Heidegger on ontotheology : technology and the politics of education / Iain D. Thomson.

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A Note on the Notes
Abbreviations Used for Works by Heidegger
Introduction: "Heidegger on Ontotheology"
Chapter One
Ontotheology? Understanding Heidegger's Deconstruction of Metaphysics
§1. Introduction: Ontotheology?
§2. Metaphysics as Ontotheology
§3. Deconstructing Metaphysical Foundationalism
§4. "One of the Deepest Problems"
§5. Conclusions: Back to the Beginning
Chapter Two
Understanding Ontotheology as the Basis for
Heidegger's Critique of Technology
§6. Introduction: From Ontotheology to Technology
§7. What's Wrong with Technological Essentialism?
§8. Recognizing Nietzsche's Ontotheology as the Essence of Technology
§9. Addressing Feenberg's Objections to Heidegger's Critique of Technology
A. Ahistoricism?
B. Substantivism (or Fatalism)?
C. One-dimensionalism?
§10. Conclusions: Vindicating Heidegger's Critique
Chapter Three
Heidegger and the Politics of the University
§11. Introduction
A. Heidegger and National Socialism
B. The Confucian Question
§12. Heidegger's Earliest Views on University Education (1911)
§13. To Educate the Nation (1918 to 1924)
§14. Restoring Philosophy to Her Throne as the Queen of the Sciences (1927 to 1934)
§15. Lessons Learned (after 1934)
§16. Conclusions: Pöggeler and Derrida on the Confucian Question
Chapter Four
Heidegger's Mature Vision of Ontological Education, or:
How We Become What We Are
§17. Introduction: Deconstructing Education
§18. Heidegger's Ontohistorical Critique of the Technologization of Education
A. From the Essence of Truth to the History of Being
B. The History of Being as the Ground of Education
C. Education as Enframing
§19. Heidegger's Return to Plato's Cave: Ontological Education as the Essence of
A. Ontological Education Against Enframing
B. The Pedagogy of Ontological Freedom
C. What Is Called Teaching?
§20. Conclusions: Envisioning a Community of Learners

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Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.
Metaphysics -- History -- 20th century.
Technology -- Philosophy -- History -- 20th century.
Education -- Philosophy -- History -- 20th century.