Table of contents for Nonprofit internet strategies : best practices for marketing, communications, and fundraising / [edited by] Ted Hart, James M. Greenfield, and Michael Johnston.

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Chapter 1	ePhilanthropy Strategy: Where Relationship Building, Fundraising, and Technology Meet
	By Ted Hart, ACFRE	
	Defining ePhilanthropy
	Creating an Integrated ePhilanthropy Strategy (IePS)
		Integrate All Supporter Messages 
		Give Supporters a Reason to Visit You Online
		Interact with Supporters-Don't Just Send Messages 
		Communicate Using Multiple Methods
		Assess and Improve Performance
		You Can Do It
	Donors Must Be Asked
	Back to the Future
	Six Categories of Services
	Communications/Education and Stewardship
		Getting the Word Out
	Online Donations and Membership
		Online Donations
		Planned Giving Online
	Event Registration and Management
	Prospect Research
		Manual Prospect Research
		Electronic Seeking
	Volunteer Recruitment and Management
		Virtual Volunteer Management
		Privacy Concerns
		Shopping and Bidding
	Relationship Building and Advocacy
Chapter 2	It All Begins with Strategy: Using the Internet As a Strategic Tool
		By Anthony J. Powell, CFRE
		Blackbaud Consulting Services
	A Common Situation
	Early Returns on ePhilanthropy
	Organizational Strategy
	Developing and Aligning Strategy
	Mission, Objectives, and Activities
	Applying Strategy-Sample Case
Chapter 3	Multi-Channel Marketing 
		By Marcelo Iñarra Iraegui
		Greenpeace International
	Marketing with a Chef's Help
		Spaghetti with Seafood Sauce
	A Chef in a Virgin Land
	Knocking Down Walls
		How Do You Integrate Traditional Media with Online Media?
	Integration and Media Planning
		Radio Days
		Direct Mail.doc
	One Way or Two Ways
	Creativity for Better Results
	Donor Relationship Online: Efficient, Fast, and Cheap
Chapter 4	Staffing ePhilanthropy
	By Tim Mills-Groninger
		IT Resource Center
Having the Right Foundation
		Development Plan
		Communications and Marketing Plan
		Technology Plan
	The Ishakawa Fishbone
	Departments, Teams, and Titles
	Technology Jobs
	In-House Versus Outsourcing
		Contractors and Employees
		Keeping Employees Fresh
Chapter 5	Integrating Online and Offline databases to Serve Constituents Better
		By Jeff Gignac, CFRE, ePMT
		JMG Solutions, Inc.
		Pamela Gignac
		JMG Solutions, Inc.
	Fundraising and Technology
		Databases and the Internet
	What Is An Online Database Versus an Offline Database
	Which Database is Right for Me?
	How Does My Database Integrate with my Website?
		Capture of E-Mail Address 
		E-Mail Rules
		Alumni Tracking
	Integrating ASPs with Your Current Fundraising Database 
	What is Donor Development?
		Building Relationships
		Top Prospect Lists
	Prospect Research
		Research Your Database
		Five Top Ways to Use Your Database 
		Analysis of Your Database
		Prospect Research Service Providers
	Data Mining and Data or Prospect Screening
		What Is Data Mining?
		Data Mining Results
		Data or Prospect Screening
		Prospect Screening in the United Kingdom
		Finding Gold Prospects
		Donor Development and Prospect Screening
		Data Screening is a Research Process
	Privacy Best Practices
	Confidentiality and Your Database
	Sharing Information
	Using Your Offline Donor Database
	The Vast Galaxy of the Internet
		The Challenge
Chapter 6	Online Community Building
		By George Irish
		HJC New Media
	The Nature of the Net
	The Basics of Online Marketing
		Make Your Organization "Find-able"
		Brand Your Organization Effectively Online
	Go to Your Audience-Don't Wait for Them to Come to You
		Special Promotions
		Pass-Along Methods 
	Give Your Visitors What They Are Looking For
	Building an Online Marketing Strategy
		Step One: Audience Analysis
		Step Two: Making the Online Connection
		Step Three: Engaging Your Online Audience
Chapter 7	Building Successful Online Communities
		By Sheeraz Haji
		Get Active Software
	Moving Toward a New Model of "Online Community"
	Strategies for Building Community
		Community Identification
		Engage Supporters
		Community Mobilization
		Activity Optimization
		Organizational Assimilation
Chapter 8	Building Your Brand Online
		By Jason Mogus
		Pattie LaCroix
The Basic Branding Building Blocks
Taking Your Brand Online
What Makes a Successful Brand Online
Interactivity is Key
It's All About Trust
The Branding Edge for the Nonprofit Sector
Chapter 9	Inspiring Donors Online: How Your Message Can Make People Feel Extraordinary
	By Todd Baker
	The Awakening
	The Donor
	The Message
	Carefully Design the Message
	Hopeful Emily
Chapter 10	Online Advocacy-How the Internet is Transforming the Way Nonprofits Reach, Motivate, and Retain Supporters
		By Vinay Bhagat
		Convio, Inc.
Defining Advocacy
How Internet Technology is Transforming Advocacy
Easy, Low-Cost Activist Mobilization
Increased Response Rates Through Easy Response Mechanisms and Personalization
Increased Message Delivery Rate Through Utilizing Multiple Channels
Recruit More Activists
Much Better Tracking
Better Relationships, Stronger Loyalty
Integrated Approach To Managing Constituent Relationships
How Online Advocacy Impacts Functions In Addition to Public Policy
Develop Strong Prospects For Other Areas
Grow Donor/Member Loyalty
Reinforce the Organization's Brand
Trends and Predictions
Legislative Offices Will Become More E-Responsive
Increased Prevalence of Web Forms Versus Email Submission Acceptance
Measurement of Activist Participation, Segmentation and "Moves Management"
Divisions Between Fundraising and Advocacy Will Be Eliminated
Increased Reliance on and Automation of Peer-to-Peer Marketing
Building Activist Engagement Through Community - Online and Offline
	Glossary of Terms
Chapter 11	Volunteer Recruitment and Management
		By Alison Li
		HJC New Media
	Online Volunteer Matching
	Expanding the Boundaries of Volunteering
	Virtual Volunteering
	Manage and Retain Volunteers
	Recognizing Volunteer Efforts
	Integrating Online and Offline Methods
	New Directions
Chapter 12	e-Stewardship or E-VRM (Electronic Visitor Relationship Management): Building and Managing Lasting and Profitable Relationships Online
	By Jason Potts
	THINK Consulting Solutions
		Commercial Learning
	New Technologies Are Changing the Art of the Impossible
	Case Study: Greenpeace International
		Test Activities and Results
		The e-Communications Style
		Test Results and Conclusions
		Other Case Studies from Around the World
Chapter 13	Introduction to Building an Integrated Fundraising Strategy
		Stephen Love
		Shelby Reardon
		Crave, Mathews, Smith & Company
	The Challenges and Opportunities of Modern Fundraising
	Messaging Fundamentals
	The Online Environment
	The Online Experience
	Preventing the Internet from Being a "Loose Thread"
		Top-Level Organization Issues
		Setting Combined Goals
	The Truth About Donors
	Online Donation Tools
		Five Things to Look for in Online Donation Tools
		Impact of Successful Data Integration on Messaging 
	Weaving the Fabric to Recruit, Cultivate, and Retain Donors
		Prospecting-Search Engines and Paid Placement
		The Integrated Appeal
		Online Renewals
	Technology Providers and Resources
Chapter 14	Annual Giving: Acquiring, Cultivating, Soliciting, and Retaining Online Donors
		By Michael Johnston
		HJC New Media
	Goal Setting in Annual Fund Giving
	The Basics-Your Home Page, Giving Form, and "Catching Eyeballs"
	The Home Page
	E-Mail Renewal Rates-The Missing Pillar of Annual Fund Campaigning Online
	An E-Mail Solicitation Primer
	Why Monthly Giving Has to Be Emphasized with Online Annual Campaign Fundraising
	Improving the Fundraising Side of Your Newsletter 	
		Best Practices
	Online Acquisition Strategies
		The Acquisition Basics
	Amnesty Spain's eAnnual Fund Plan
		Goals of Amnesty Spain's eAnnual Fund Strategy
Chapter 15	Special Events and Sponsorships
		By Philip King
		Artez Interactive
		Diane Sheridan
		Artez Interactive
	Power of the Few
	Defining the Digital Donor Elite
	People Give to People
		High Tech and High Touch
		Getting Your E-Mails Read: The Power of "From"
		People with the Right "From Field" Can Raise Money You Need
	Many Things Can Be an Online Special Event
		Golf Tournaments
		Virtual Events
		Engaging the 30-Somethings
	What About Smaller Organizations?
	If You Can't Afford It, Get Someone Else to Pay: The Role of Sponsorship
	Beyond the Basics
		Brian's Tips and Tricks
	New Donors, New Dollars
	Not a Silver Bullet
	Sample List of Solution Providers
Chapter 16	Seeking Big Gifts Online: Planned Giving and Major Gifts
		By Michael Johnston
		HJC New Media
	Why Build a Planned Giving Section on a Web Site?
	What Should Go Into an Online Planned Giving Area?
		Live Chat
	Major Gifts Online: Helping Board Members Meet Their Personal Goals
	It's More Than Just a Journey-How ePhilanthropy Should Support Your Capital Campaign
		Getting Planned Gifts Online: A Quick Case Study
Chapter 17	Institutional Support: Foundation and Corporate Giving
		By Bob Carter
		Kristina Carlson
	The Internet's Relationship to Institutional Support
	Finding Corporate Sponsors
		Plan for Stewardship Before Solicitation
		Finding Foundation Information
	Researching Corporations
		Create a Corporate Profile
		Philanthropic Information
		Grant Guidelines and Application Instructions
		Political Contributions
	Classifying Foundations
		Operating Foundations
		Community Foundations
		Charitable Trusts
		Charitable Foundations
	Securing Grants from Charitable Foundations
		Step #1-Identify Potential Funders
		Step #2-Focus Research
		Step #3-Find a Connection	
		Step #4-Schedule a Meeting
		Step #5-Prepare a Presentation
		Step #6-Ask Questions and Listen	
		Step #7-Prepare and Submit Proposal
		Step #8-Receive the Gift
		Step #9-Follow Up	
	Looking to the Future
		Sample Corporate Profile
Chapter 18	ePhilanthropy and the Law
		Bruce R. Hopkins
		Polsinelli, Shalton & Welter, PC
	Two Hot Issues
		Quantifying Activities
		Import of Links
	Unrelated Business Activities
		Business Activities
		Regularly Carried On
		Substantially Related
		Advertising in General
		Compensation for Advertising
		Online Corporate Sponsorship
		Online Storefronts
		Online Auctions
		Online Charity Malls
		Merchant Affiliate Programs
		Professional and Trade Associations
		Websites and Rules as to Periodicals
	Fundraising Regulation
		Overview of State Law
		Meaning of Solicitation
		State Fundraising Regulation and the Internet
		Charleston Principles
		Internet Communications
	Charitable Giving Programs Administration
		Substantiation Requirements
		Quid Pro Quo Contribution Rules
		Vehicle Donation Programs
		Other Requirements
	Other Bodies of Law
		Private Inurement Doctrine
		Private Benefit Doctrine
		Intermediate Sanctions
		Royalty Exception
		Privacy Principles
Chapter 19	Evaluating ePhilanthropy Programs
		James Greenfield
Introduction to Nonprofit Performance Evaluation
Internet Support to Public Affairs Management
E-Philanthropy Strategies for Marketing and Communications 
Evaluating e-Philanthropy Marketing and Communications 
The Challenge of Joint-Cost Accounting
Strategies for e-Philanthropy Fundraising 
Evaluating e-Philanthropy Fundraising Programs
Fundraising Cost-Effectiveness and Return on Investment
Suggested Guidelines for e-Philanthropy Performance
Internet Performance "Watchdogs"
		Additional Resources
Chapter 20	The Future of ePhilanthropy: Final Thoughts
		Michael Johnston
		HJC New Media
	Where We've Come From-A Ten-Year ePhilanthropy Journey
	September 11th, 2001 and Online Fundraising
	The Future of New Technology Fundraising
		The Mall
		Wireless Devices
	The Cellular Phone
	Italian Experience
	Putting It All Together-What Can the Future Hold?
	Putting the Future of ePhilanthropy in Perspective
	The Human Moment
	Taking a Harder Look
A Way to Decide Which Technologies to test and Adopt for Your ePhilanthopic Future
The Amish as a Model for the ePhilanthropist
Appendix A" An Amish Inspired Technology Assessment Tool for Nonprofit Organizations Contemplating Online Fundraising

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