Table of contents for Living faithfully with disappointment in the church / J. LeBron McBride.

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v About the Author 
xi Foreword 
xiii Preface 
xvii Acknowledgments 
Chapter 1. When Churches Stumble 
Idealism and the Church 
unity versus community 
The Church: The Community 
When the Church Walks with Two Feet on the Ground 
Questions for Discussion/Reflection 
Chapter 2. When Families Feud 
Stagnant Minds Lead to Isolated and Closed Churches 
Controlling Families 
Church Bullies 
Church Codependents 
Questions for Discussion/Reflection 
Chapter 3. When Beliefs Crumble 
A Crisis Can Bring Forced Introspection 
Adjustments to Belief Structures Can Be Difficult 
The Church Should Be a Safe Place for Honest Discussion 
Beliefs Change in Multiple Ways 
Belief Transitions Are Normal, Not Abnormal 
Movement from the Status Quo May Energize 
Questions for Discussion/Reflection 
Chapter 4. When Religion Rigidifies 
Addictive Processes in Organizations 
The Awakening
A Psychological and Spiritual Danger Zone 
Extremes Are Not Only Found in Extreme Organizations 
The Problem of Mistaking Religion for Spirituality 
The Challenge 
Questions for Discussion/Reflection 
Chapter 5. When Leaving Hurts 
The Battle 
The Decision 
Considerations When in a Denominational Crisis 
Questions for Discussion/Reflection 
Chapter 6. When Ministry Disillusions 
Finding Meaning in Life 
Finding Sanctuary 
Learn to Surrender 
A Sense of Discipline 
Incorporating Others 
Questions for discussion/reflection 
Chapter 7. When Tensions Increase 
A Narrow Focus Results in Lack of Tolerance 
Not Accepting Tensions Results in Lack of Challenge 
Integration Results in More Balance 
Polarities In The Christian Life 
Questions for Discussion/Reflection 
Chapter 8. When Change Collides 
Concepts About Change 
Change and Churches 
Superficial Change 
Change Never Comes Easily 
The Church: A Projection of Us? 
When Change and Church Collide 
The Opportunity 
Questions for Reflection/Discussion 
Chapter 9. When Humanity Fails
73 The Crisis of Pollyanna Delusions; Denial 
The Crisis of Projection: 
The Devil Made Me Do It 
The Crisis of External Locus of Control: Expecting God 
to Do It All 
The Crisis of Legalism: Control 
The Crisis of Instability and Insecurity: Anxiety 
The Crisis of the Inflated Self: Narcissism 
The Crisis of Condemnation: Guilt 
The Crisis of Conformity: Mindlessness 
The Use of Spirituality and Religion in Psychologically 
Healthy Ways 
Questions For Discussion/Reflection 
Chapter 10. When Churches Walk the Talk 
The Gospel, As Lived in the Healthy Church, Answers 
Many Important Questions 
"Where Do I Belong?": Provides Community 
Questions for Discussion/Reflection 
101 Epilogue 
103 Bibliography

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