Table of contents for Limits to privatization : when a solution becomes a problem : a new report to the Club of Rome / edited by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsèacker, Oran R. Young, Matthias Finger.

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List of Figures 	000
List of Boxes	000
Foreword by Prince El Hassan Bin Talal	000
Preface by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Oran R. Young and Matthias Finger	000
EditorsÆ Acknowledgements	000
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations	000
Part I Introduction
	Limits to Privatization Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Oran R. Young, Matthias Finger	000
Part II Privatization in Many Sectors: Case Studies and Snapshots
	Initial remarks Oran R. Young	000
	Solving water supply problems in Bolivia: beyond Cochabamba Ralf Südhoff	000
	A æWaterlÆeauÆ in Grenoble, France Martin Stürmer	000
	Manila: a success story turned sour Dörte Bernhardt	000
	Thames Water Utilities Limited, United Kingdom Matthias Finger and Roger Levett	000
	Water privatization in Tanzania: mixed results Jürgen Scheffran	000
	Budapest sewage works: partial privatization of a Central European utility Alexander Juras and Todd Schenk	000
	Management success at Rostock, Germany Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker	000
	Metals and Cement
	Privatization of the mining sector in Zambia: the case of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) Brenda Mofya and Brighton Lubansa	000
	Saving Sidex Galati steelmill in Romania Black Sea University Foundation	000
	MDK Pirdop copper refinery, Bulgaria: a case of privatization and the environment Alexander Juras and Todd Schenk	000
	Other Resources
	The fight against patents on the neem tree Vandana Shiva and Ruth Brand	000
	The basmati patent Ruth Brand	000
	Privatizing nature: plundering biodiversity Aziz Choudry	000
	Private forests in Germany Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker	000
	Enron: unregulated master of influence Matthias Finger	000
	The prize to pay for deregulation of electricity supply in California Ruth Brand and Jürgen Scheffran	000
	Telecommunication and Postal Services	
	Telecommunications in Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina: a tale of contrasts Jochen Boekhoff	000
	Privatization of telecommunication in Japan Thomas and Max Thümmel	000
	Privatization in outer space: lessons from Landsat and beyond Jürgen Scheffran	000
	TPG Post: TNT Post Group, Netherlands Matthias Finger	000
	British Rail Martin Weidauer	000
	Japanese National Railways Martin Weidauer	000
	Regionalization as part of rail restructuring in Germany Martin Weidauer	000
	Privatization of the transport sector in Argentina Tim Gürtler	000
	Air New Zealand Diwata Hunziker	000
	Skyguide: a case of corporatization Matthias Finger	000
	Waste Disposal
	No time to waste: how to avoid too much of a bad thing (Germany, Malaysia) Raimund Bleischwitz and Akira Proske	000
	Abolishing property insurance monopolies in Germany Thomas von Ungern-Sternberg	000
	Culture and Media
	Privatization of Italian Cultural Heritage Roland Benedikter	000
	The Salzburg Festival: public responsibility and private money Raffaela Kluge	000
	The global media monsters: private media dominate the worldÆs public sphere DuÜan Relji?	000
	Partial privatization of health care in Chile Olaf Rotthaus	000
	Health care in the United States Kai Senf	000
	Privatization of the health sector in Germany Fabian Fechner and Thomas Thümmel	000
	Health care reform in Zambia Brighton Lubansa and Brenda Mofya	000
	Pharmaceutical research and development for neglected diseases: market failures and the case of sleeping sickness Tobias Luppe	000
	Education in Chile Ernst Hillebrand	000
	Community-managed basic education in Guatemala: a solution for the poor? Sabine Speiser	000
	The increasing privatization of universities in Tanzania Verdiana G. Masanja and Michael von Hauff	000
	A weak spot in the United States private pension system Beate Klein	000
	The Swiss three-pillar pension system Geneviève Reday-Mulvey	000
	Police and Security
	æRent a soldierÆ: the privatization of security and war and the case of mercenary companies in Africa Thomas Thümmel, Fabian Fechner and Jürgen Scheffran	000
	Privatization of police services in Frankfurt, Germany Sophie Müller and Simon Stähler	000
	Private prisons in the United States John Züchner	000
Part III Privatization in Context
	Initial remarks Oran R. Young	000
	The General Context
	Post-war history: the ups and downs of the public sector Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker	000
	The global context: privatization in a globalizing world Oran R. Young	000
	The Regional Context
	Privatization in G7 countries Matthias Finger	000
	Privatization in Latin America Jorge A. Schiavon	000
	Liberalization of services: experiences of African consumers Nessie Golakai	000
	No limits? Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe Zsolt Boda	000
	Privatization in South Asia Joachim Betz	000
	Special Issues
	Essential services: shifting the burden of proof Tim Kessler and Nancy Alexander	000
	Privatization of the infrastructures Matthias Finger	000
	The top TNCs in public services and private monopolies Matthias Finger	000
	How GATS jeopardizes essential services Nancy Alexander and Tim Kessler	000
	Privatization and development Andreas Obser	000
	Privatization and corruption Frédéric Boehm, Juanita Olaya and Jaime Polanco	000
	Employment impacts of privatization Rolph van der Hoeven and Hella Hoppe	000
	WomenÆs rights under privatization: the example of Bulgaria, Poland, Russia and Ukraine Anne Zollner	000
	Environmental impacts of privatization Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker	000
	Does privatization provide the right choice of choice? Observations from Britain Roger Levett	000
Part IV Governance of Privatization
	Initial remarks Oran R. Young	000
	Regulation Matthias Finger
	Example: water privatization working for the poor û first dos and donÆts of regulation Ralf Südhoff	000
	Example: the Parana (Brazil) school performance report cards û tools for public accountability Alcyone Vasconcelos and Simon Schwartzman	000
	Privatization and Municipal Democracy Nele Schneidereit and Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker	000
	Financing Global Public Goods: Challenges Inge Kaul
	Example: private funding of infrastructure in developing countries Peter Wolff	000
	Escaping Pernicious Dualism: Civil Society between the State and the Firm 	Teodor Shanin and Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker	000
	Private Governance: Private Rules for Privatization? Marianne Beisheim
	Example: The CSR navigator Björn Stigson and Margaret Flaherty	000
	æCo-evolutionÆ between State Regulation and the Private Sector Raimund Bleischwitz	000
Part V Conclusion
	Lessons Learned From Privatization 	Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Oran R. Young, Matthias Finger and Marianne Beisheim	000
About the Editors and Authors	000
Notes	000
Bibliography	000
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