Table of contents for 1--2 Corinthians / Criag S. Keener.

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I. Introduction to Corinth and 1 Corinthians
1. Proposed Backgrounds
2. Ancient Letters
3. Corinth
4. The Particular Situation and Paul's Response in 1 Corinthians
II. Suggested Reading for Corinth and 1 Corinthians
1. Paul and philosophy
2. Rhetoric and 1 Corinthians
3. Politics and 1 Corinthians
4. Social setting of 1 Corinthians
5. Primary sources for Corinth
6. Studies of the local situation in Corinth or its church
7. Ancient Letters
8. Paul and Jewish tradition
9. Theology
10. Commentaries
11. Sample articles and monographs
III. Commentary on 1 Corinthians
1:1-3: Paul's Greeting
1:4-9: Paul Thanks God for the Corinthian Christians
1:10-12: Demand for Unity
1:13-17: Not a Gospel about Preachers
1:18-25: God's Foolishness and Human Wisdom
A Closer Look: Paul's Use of Rhetoric
1:26-31: Boast in Christ, not in Status
Bridging the Horizons
2:1-5: Converted by "Weak" Speech
A Closer Look: Paul's Critique of Rhetoric
2:6-13: Human Wisdom Versus Wisdom from the Spirit
2:14---3:4: Spirit-people versus mortals
3:5---4:5: Eschatological Evaluation
4:6-21: Personal Appeal to Humble Themselves
Bridging the Horizons
5:1-13: Disciplining the Sexual Offender
6:1-8: Christian versus Secular Courts
6:9-11: Leaving the Former Life
A Closer Look: Arsenokoitës and malakos
6:12-21: The Sanctity of the Body, or, Why Christians should not sleep with Prostitutes
A Closer Look: Sex in the Cities
Bridging Horizons
7:1-9: Sex Within Marriage
A Closer Look: Marriage, Celibacy and Paul
7:10-16: Staying Married
7:17-24: Remaining Content with one's Situation
7:25-35: Unmarried Life Simpler
Bridging the Horizons
7:36-40: Betrothed Virgins and Widows
8:1-13: Knowledge and Idol Food
A Closer Look: Idol Food
9:1-27: Paul Relinquishes the Right of Support
A Closer Look: Teachers' Support
10:1-22: Eating Idol Food Supports Idolatry
10:23---11:1: Concluding Summary and Arguments on Idol Food
11:2-16: Sexual Modesty in Church
A Closer Look: The Need for Head Coverings
11:17-34: Abusing a Sacred Fellowship Meal
A Closer Look: Symposia and the Lord's Supper
12:1-11: Gifts from the Spirit
12:12-30: One body, many members
Bridging the Horizons
12:31---13:13: The Criterion for Employing Gifts
14:1-25: Prophecy More Useful than Tongues
14:26-40: Instructions for Order in Worship
Bridging the Horizons
15:1-11: Jesus Rose
A Closer Look: Ancient views on Resurrection
15:12-34: Eschatological Resurrection of Believers
15:35-58: Nature of the Resurrection
Bridging the Horizons
16:1-12: Plans and Instructions
A Closer Look: Paul's Collection
Bridging the Horizons
16:13-24: Conclusion
IV. Introduction to 2 Corinthians
1. Genre
2. The Situation in 2 Corinthians
3. Opponents
4. Unity?
V. Suggested Reading for 2 Corinthians
1. Situation
2. Theology
3. Other questions
4. Commentaries
5. Articles and monographs
VI. Commentary
1:1-11: Epistolary Introduction
1:12-22: Paul's Reliability
A Closer Look: Fickleness
1:23---2:11: Discipline and Forgiveness
2:12-13: Paul's Concern for Titus
2:14-17: God Sent Paul
3:1-18: Revealing the Greater Covenant's Glory
A Closer Look: Letters of Recommendation
A Closer Look: Divine Transformation through an Image
Bridging the Horizons
4:1-15: God's Glory in Weak Vessels
4:16---5:10: The Inner Person's Future Hope
A Closer Look: Souls and Heavens
5:11---6:10: Persevering Ambassadors of Reconciliation
6:11---7:4: Plea to Join God's and His Ambassadors' Side
A Closer Look: An Interpolation in 6:14---7:1?
A Closer Look: Belial
7:5-16: Repentant Response to Paul's Letter
8:1-15: Examples of Sacrificial Giving
A Closer Look: Equality
Bridging the Horizons
8:16---9:5: The Delegations
A Closer Look: Chapter 9 a Separate Letter?
9:6-15: Sowing God's Gifts, Reaping God's Praise
10:1-18: The Meek Letter-Writer versus his Challengers
A Closer Look: Rhetorical Expectations
A Closer Look: Self-Boasting
11:1-21a: Forced to Folly
A Closer Look: Corrupting Eve (11:2-3)
Bridging the Horizons
11:21b-33: The Fool's Boast in Sufferings
12:1-10: The Fool's Boast in Visions
A Closer Look: Paradise and the Third Heaven
12:11-18: Concluding Appeal and Summary
12:19---13:10: Paul's Visit
13:11-13: Closing Greetings

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