Table of contents for The looting of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad : the lost treasures of ancient Mesopotamia / edited by Milbry Polk and Angela M.H. Schuster.

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Table of Contents:
Preface 					Milbry Polk and Angela M.H. Schuster
Foreword 			Donny George, Director of Iraq Museum, 
Introduction 					William R. Polk
The Illicit Trade in Looted Antiquities		Angela H. M. Schuster
Smuggling and Looting in Iraq			Micah Garen and Marie-Hélène Carleton
A Short History of the Iraq National Museum	Usam Ghaidan and Anna Paolini
Chapter I: A Museum Is Born				Lamia Al-Gailani Werr
Chapter II: Shanidar, Iraq in the Beginning			Ralph and Rose Soleki, 
								Anagnostis Agelarakis
Chapter III: Dawn of Civilization 				Harriet Crawford
Chapter IV: The Small Treasures of the Iraq Museum	Fiorella Ippolitoni Strika
The Lion Hunt Stele						Diana McDonald
The Warka Vase						Diana McDonald
Chapter V: From Village to Empire: The Rise of 
Sumer and Akkad 						Paul Collins
Akkadian Victory Stele						Diana McDonald
Akkadian Head of a King					Diana McDonald
Chapter VI: The Birth of Writing, the Dawn of Literature 	Robert D. Biggs
Cylinder Seal Impression					Diana McDonald
Chapter VII: Babylonians and Assyrians 			Julian Reade
Assyrian Ivory Lioness from Nimrud				Diana McDonald
Decoration from the Kassite Temple of 
Karaindash from Uruk						Diana McDonald
Chapter VIII: In the Wake of Alexander: Parthians and Sassanians	Elisabetta Valtz Fino
Alexander Coin							Diana McDonald
Chapter IX: The Coming of Islam				Alastair E. Northedge
Chapter X: Baghdad Through the Ages			Vincenzo Strika 
Chapter XI: The Ravages of War and the Challenge of Reconstruction Selma Al-Radi
The Recovery of the Nimrud Gold			Diana McDonald
Epilogue						Angela M.H. Schuster and Milbry Polk
The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Mesopotamia
References and Resources				Barbara A. Porter
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Iraq War, 2003 -- Destruction and pillage.
Archaeological thefts -- Iraq.
Iraq -- Antiquities.
Matòhaf al-°Iråaqåi.