Table of contents for Age-proof your body : your complete guide to looking and feeling younger now / Elizabeth Somer.

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Before You Begin This Book
Section I: Reclaiming Your Vitality
Chapter 1 - What is This Thing Called Aging?
	How Long Can We Expect to Live?
	What Are the Biomarkers of Age?
	Do Women Live Longer Than Men?
	Diet and Exercise Maximize Longevity: Promising New Findings
Chapter 2 - How Does Aging Happen? 
	Metabolism Meltdown: What Happens to Our Bodies As They Age?
	Theories of Aging
	You Can Reverse the Aging Process
Chapter 3 - Exploring Vitality
	What Is Vitality?
	Where Does Vitality Come From?
	The Link Between Health, Attitude, and Vitality
	Go for It
	Ageless, Timeless
Chapter 4 - Stack the Deck Against Aging
	Antioxidants Against Age 
	The Phytochemicals
	Fish Oils
	Calorie Cutback
	Move It
Chapter 5 - Anti-Aging Portions
	Don't Believe Everything You Hear or Read
	DHEA: The Mother of All Anti-Aging Tonics
	Growth Hormone
	Coenzyme Q10: Myth or Miracle Pill?
Chapter 6 - Pro-Aging Foods and Substances: What You Should Avoid to Stay Young
	Saturated Fat
	Meat and Potatoes
	Trans Slam
	Don't Smoke
Chapter 7 - The Anti-Aging Diet
	You Deserve Better
	The Anti-Aging Diet: The Eight Dietary Guidelines
	Guideline 1: Eat Eight Colorful Fruits and Vegetables each day 
	Guideline 2: Eat legumes (cooked dried beans and peas) at least five times a week. 
	Guideline 3: Eat Minimally Processed Foods
	Guideline 4: Include fish, nuts, and olive oil at least twice each a week. 
	Guideline 5: Eliminate Excess Calories, by cutting back on sugar, fat, and refined grains.
	Guideline 6: Include three low-fat, calcium-rich foods in the daily diet. 
	Guideline 7: Enjoy Food 
	Guideline 8: Supplement Responsibly 
	The Empty Nest Kitchen
Chapter 8 - The Anti-Aging Fitness Program
	Hold On to Your Youth
	The Aging Muscle
	Exercise and Vitality
	Exercise: The Natural High
	The Anti-Aging Exercise Program
	Cardiovascular Fitness: Your Target Heart Rate
	Strength Training
	Flexibility and Balance
	How to Stick with It
	The Bottom Line
Section II: Avoiding the Diseases of Aging
Chapter 9 - Your Defense System Against Aging
	Immune Power
	The Antioxidant Defense System
	The Total Picture
	Medications on the Menu
Chapter 10 - How to Prevent the Diseases of Aging
The Big Four
	Diabetes - Under Control
	Cancer Cures 
	Arthritis: Staying Limber
	Eyesight Survival Skills	 
	Radiant Smile, Beautiful Teeth
	Battling the Blues
	Fatigue Busters
	Listening Well
	Sleepless Nights?
	Kidney Stones: Avoiding the Big Chill
	Osteoporosis: The Silent Thief
	Skin and Hair: Turning Back the Hands of Time
Chapter 11 - Thinking Clearly, Remembering When
	Smart Foods
	The Dumbing Effect of Diet
 	Is There a Dietary Cure for Alzheimer's Disease?
	More Than Diet
	Vitally Thinking
Section III: Use Experience to Master Aging
Chapter 12 - Middle-Age Spread
	Is Weight Gain Inevitable?
	Are You an Apple or a Pear?
	How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
	Knowing Where You're Going
	Snack Rules in the Anti-Aging Diet
Chapter 13 - Menopause: A Change for the Better
	Just Another Milestone
	The Soy Connection
	Food & Mood
	Salt Cravings
	Bone Up on Calcium
	Protect Your Heart
	The Dietary Nuts and Bolts for Menopause
	What's Exercise Got to Do with It?
	Looking Forward to the Change
Chapter 14 - Can Diet Improve Your Love Life?
	Looking for Mr. Good Potion
	From Lusty Prunes to Rabbit Pie
	Modern-Day Sex Potions 
	Candy Is Dandy, but Liquor Is Quicker
	Amorous Edibles: Foods That Really Work
	Oyster Ambrosia
	Candlelight, Soft Music, and a Smidgen of Nutrition
Section IV: Beyond Diet and Exercise
Chapter 15 - Mind Over Aging
	Stress: Sorting Out the Good from the Bad
	Laugh and Lighten Up
	The Power of Prayer and Meditation
	Forgiveness and Gratitude
	A Suitcase Full of Vitality
Chapter 16 - The World Around You 
	Home Life 
	Friends: How Well Have I Loved?
	How Does Your Environment Affect Your Health?
	When All Is Said and Done 
A Final Word
Appendix A: A Week's Worth of Anti-Aging Meals
Appendix B: Anti-Aging Recipes
Appendix C: Anti-Aging Superfoods
Resources: Organizations, Books, and Related Materials
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