Table of contents for What to eat : the ten things you really need to know to eat well and be healthy! / Luise Light.

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1 What to Eat
The Good Ship Nutrition
Food Guides and Pyramid Schemes
Eating Right or Eating Wrong
What¿s Wrong with Our Food?
Building a Better Pyramid
2 Ten Rules for Healthy Eating
1. Eat a Variety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily 
2. Eat Whole Grain Pasta, Rice, Breads, and Cereals 
3. Eat Certified Organic Foods as Often as Possible
4. Eat Healthy Fats Every Day 
5. Protect Your Health with Antioxidants
6. Avoid Too Much Refined Starch and Sugar
7. Select Fish from the Sea and Poultry, Meat, and Eggs from Range-Fed, Antibiotic and Hormone-Free Animals
8. Eat Several Good Sources of Calcium Daily 
9. Eat Less Salt, Salty Foods, and Processed, Additive-Rich Food Products
10. Drink Plenty of Clean, Filtered Water Daily 
Other Behaviors That Promote Health
3 An Appetite for Change: Healthy Eating for Children
Limit Television 
Set a Good Example
Stock the Good Stuff
A Big Revolution
What Else Can We Do?
What Do Kids Want?
4 Healthy Eating 101
Your Personal Diet Makeover
Foods Are Not Simple 
Changing Without Tears
Keep a Journal
Guide to Healthy Eating
Weighing in on Weight
How Foods Affect You
Food Groups
The Pyramid Gets Personal 
5 Your Diet Makeover Toolkit
Your Makeover Market Basket
Refrigerator Redux
Menu Ideas for Healthy Eating
A Week¿s Worth of Healthy Eating
Other Tips
6 What to Cook
Soups and Chowders
Whole Grains
Vegetable Dishes
7 Food, Mind, and Spirit
Food and Mood
Fat, Stress, and Weight
Women and Mood Swings
Nutrients and the Brain 
Surviving Stress 
Spiritual Nourishment
8 Healing Digestive Disorders
IBS: Widespread But Little Understood
A Physician¿s Tale
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Hypothyroidism
9 Slimming Without Tears
A Lose-Lose Situation
Reality, Reality, Reality
New Breakthroughs
Stuff Yourself Thin
Diet Revolutions
Life in the Restricted Lane
Emotional Eating 
Controlling Calories
A Natural Way to Control Appetite
Beyond Diets and Dieting
Secrets of Success 
10 Food for Change
Benefits from Nutrition Research
Local Is the New Global
Myths of the Twinkie Police
Solving Our Problems: An Agenda for Change
Change Happens Slowly

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