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General Overviews
Introduction to General Overviews
1 Integrating Science and Religion
John Polkinghorne
2 Integrating Science and Religion-A Jewish Perspective
Norbert M. Samuelson
3 Islam and Science
Toby E. Huff
4 The Place of Science in the Hindu Worldview
P. Venugopala Rao
5 Science and Religion in Africa
Gloria Emeagwali
6 Science and Native Communities
Keith James
7 Native Spirituality and Science
Phillip H. Duran
8 Knowing the World
Vine Deloria, Jr.
9 Issues in Science and Religion: A Critical Evaluation
Laurence I. Gould
10 Intersecting Frontiers in Science and Religion
Gopala Rao
11 A Superior Road for Life's Journey: A Scientist Explores Reality
Jagdish N. Srivastava
12 Iche Tante Mind
Leslie A. Real
13 Islam and Science: Notes on an Ongoing Debate
Ibrahim Kalin
14 Daoist Contributions to Science in China
Jiang Sheng
15 Religious Pluralism and Science in Asia
Shigeru Nakayama
16 Diversity of the Religious Experience
Ralph W. Hood, Jr.
17 Contemporary Multicultural Perspectives on Issues in Science and Religion
Barbara Strassberg
18 Learning Science in a Multicultural, Multifaith World
Eva Krugly-Smolska
Historical Perspectives
Introduction to Historical Perspectives
19 Religion in Ancient Western South America
Charles Stanish
20 Science in Prehispanic Western South America
Charles Stanish
21 Science in the Classical Hindu World
V.V. Raman
22 Joseph Needham and Taoism
Shigeru Nakayama
23 Islam and Science Nexus Before the Rise of Modern Science
Muzaffar Iqbal
24 Islam and Modern Science
Muzaffar Iqbal
25 Science, Philosophy, and Religion in Ancient Greece and Rome
Louis A. Ruprecht, Jr.
26 Patristic Theology and Greek Natural Philosophy
Matthew F. Dowd
27 Religion and Science in the Middle Ages
Edward Grant
28 Greco-Roman Conceptions of the Natural World, Religion, and Notions of Leadership in the Later Roman Empire
Walter Roberts
29 Knowledge and Accuracy in Early Greek Historical Writing
Gordon Shrimpton
30 The Development and Diffusion of Alchemy from Antiquity to the Renaissance
Brenda S. Gardenour
31 Female Biology and the Perception of Women's Bodies: Theory, Category, Praxis
Brenda S. Gardenour
32 Religion and Geography in the Early Middle Ages
Natalia Lozovsky
33 The Western Calendar: Religion and Science Intertwined
Matthew F. Dowd
34 The Extraterrestrial Life Debate and Christianity
Michael J. Crowe
Creation, the Cosmos, and Origins of the Universe
Introduction to Creation, the Cosmos, and Origins of the Universe
35 Creation and Origins of the Universe
Marcelo Gleiser
36 African Cosmologies Past and Present
Hazel Ayanga
37 Creation Myths of Ethiopia
Gloria Emeagwali and Ayele Bekerie
38 The Biblical View of Nature
Stephen D. Snobelen
39 Galileo, Science, and Religion
Mariano Artigas
40 Isaac Newton: His Science and Religion
Stephen D. Snobelen
41 God and the Big Bang
Theodore Schick, Jr.
42 The Anthropic Principle
Victor J. Stenger
43 Creationism
Jeffrey Koperski
44 Science and the Bible: Two Views of One Reality
Gerald Schroeder
45 Is Cosmology Religiously Significant?
Willem B. Drees
46 Space in Ancient Mesoamerica
Rex Koontz
Ecology, Evolution, and the Natural World
Introduction to Ecology, Evolution, and the Natural World
47 Natural Theology, Deism, and Early Modern Science
Peter Harrison
48 Process Theology
Joseph Bracken
49 Evolution: Introductory Synopsis
Francisco J. Ayala
50 Evolution and Natural Selection
Christopher Beck
51 Intelligent Design
Michael J. Behe
52 Evolution and Religion
Scott Atran
53 The Environment in an African Spirituality
Adam K. arap Chepkwony 
54 Environmental Ethics
Celia Deane-Drummond
55 Science and the Sacred
John Ikerd
56 Science, Religion, and Sustainable Development
Mikael Stenmark
Consciousness, Mind, and the Brain
Introduction to Consciousness, Mind, and the Brain
57 The Psychology of Religion
Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park
58 Consciousness and Neurotheology
Kelly Bulkeley
59 Neurotheology
Carol Rausch Albright
60 Neurobiology and Consciousness
Andrew B. Newberg
61 The Past, Present, and Future of Psychosurgery: Is There a Role for Deep Brain Stimulation?
Sarah Vinson, Kelly D. Foote, and Michael S. Okun
62 The Mind/Body Problem and Science
J.P. Moreland
63 Extraordinary Aspects of Reality in Altered States of Consciousness
Imants Baru¿s
64 Consciousness, Ritual, and Belief
Kenneth R. Livingston
65 Cognitive Science of Religion
D. Jason Slone
Healers and Healing
Introduction to Healers and Healing
66 Shamanism
Alexander Escobar
67 Shamanism and Science: Ancient Pathways; Opening to Greater Realms of Healing and Understanding
E. Barrie Kavasch
68 Shamanism: A Biogenetic Perspective
Michael Winkelman
69 Spiritual Healing in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Getatchew Haile
70 Healing and the Environment in African Spirituality
Adam K. arap Chepkwony 
71 AIDS, Science, and Religion in Africa
Hazel Ayanga
72 Nuwati: Native American Medicine, Healing, and the Sacred Way of Being
Michael Tlanusta Garrett
73 Navajo Spirituality: Native American Wisdom and Healing in the Modern World
Lori Arviso Alvord
74 The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Conventional Medical Treatment
William T. Branch, Jr.
75 Interdisciplinary Approaches to "Faith Healing"
Lisa J. Schwebel
76 "Does Religion Cause Health?" Differing Interpretations and Diverse Meanings
Doug Oman and Carl E. Thoresen
Dying and Death
Introduction to Dying and Death
77 The Blurred Boundary: When Death Displaces Life
Joanne D.S. McMahon
78 Judaism and Ethical Issues in End of Life Care
Elliot N. Dorff
79 Hospice
Charles A. Corr
80 Prolonging Living and Dying
Kathy Kinlaw
81 Near Death Experiences: Science Meets Spirituality
Bruce J. Horacek
82 Dissection and Autopsy
Toby E. Huff
Genetics and Religion
Introduction to Genetics and Religion
83 Genetics and Religion
Gaymon Bennett
84 Biotechnology and Theology
Celia Deane-Drummond
85 Human Genome Project
Margaret R. McLean
86 Human Reproductive Cloning: Assessing the Concerns
Timothy Caulfield
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