Table of contents for Disinformation : the 19 media myths that undermine the war on terror / Richard Miniter.

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One: Bin Laden is on dialysis
Two: Bin Laden has a vast fortune and is able to finance terrorism out of his own 
Three: Bin Laden was trained or funded by the CIA
Four: Before September 11, no one had heard of bin Laden
Five: The U.S. government had many warnings about bin Laden prior to 
September 11 and failed to act on them
Six: Warned by Mossad, there were no Jews at the World Trade Center on 
September 11 
Seven: The post¿September 11 world is more dangerous for Americans than ever 
Eight: Halliburton made a fortune in Iraq
Nine: The Iraq War is another Vietnam
Ten: The U.S. military killed 100,000 civilians in Iraq 
Eleven: Wolfowitz told Congress oil would pay for the Iraq War
Twelve: There is no evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction 
Thirteen: There is no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda
Fourteen: Terrorism is caused by poverty
Fifteen: Suitcase nukes are a real threat
Sixteen: Oliver North warned us about al Qaeda in the 1980s 
Seventeen: Bush said Iraq was an "imminent threat" to America
Eighteen: Racial profiling of terrorists works
Nineteen: The U.S. border with Mexico is the most likely place for al Qaeda 
terrorists to sneak into the homeland 
A.	Classified memorandum from Richard Clarke to Condoleezza Rice, January 
25, 2001 
B.	Italian transcripts of phone intercerpts of the Madrid bombers. These are 
intercepts of phone conversations of the al Qaeda bombers of trains in Spain
C. "Strategy for Eliminating the Threat from the Jihadist Networks of al Qida: Status and 
D. News release from Pentagon: "Lawrence DiRita on Latest Seymour Hersh Article."
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