Table of contents for Amniote paleobiology : perspectives on the evolution of mammals, birds, and reptiles : a volume honoring James Allen Hopson / edited by Matthew T. Carrano ... [et al.].

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1. Introduction
Timothy J. Gaudin, Matthew T. Carrano, Richard W. Blob, and John R. Wible
Part One: New Fossils and Phylogenies
2. The mandible of Whatcheeria deltae, an early tetrapod from the Late Mississippian of Iowa
R. Eric Lombard and John R. Bolt
3. Theropod dinosaurs from the Early Jurassic of Huizachal Canyon, Mexico
Regina C. Munter and James M. Clark
4. Herpetoskylax hopsoni, a new biarmosuchian (Therapsida: Biarmosuchia) from the Beaufort 
Group of South Africa
Christian A. Sidor and Bruce S. Rubidge
5. The postcranial skeleton of Kayentatherium wellesi from the Lower Jurassic Kayenta 
Formation of Arizona and the phylogenetic significance of postcranial features in tritylodontid 
Hans-Dieter Sues and Farish A. Jenkins, Jr.
6. The phylogeny of living and extinct armadillos (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Cingulata): a 
craniodental analysis
Timothy J. Gaudin and John R. Wible
Part Two: Large-Scale Evolutionary Patterns
7. The origins of high browsing and the effects of phylogeny and scaling on neck length in 
J. Michael Parrish
8. Body-size evolution in the Dinosauria
Matthew T. Carrano
9. Major changes in the ear region and basicranium of early mammals
Guillermo W. Rougier and John R. Wible
Part Three: Functional Morphology
10. Shoulder girdle and forelimb in multituberculates: evolution of parasagittal forelimb posture 
in mammals
Paul C. Sereno
11. Tooth orientation during occlusion and the functional significance of condylar translation in 
primates and herbivores
A. W. Crompton, Daniel E. Lieberman, and Sally Aboelela
Part Four: Ontogeny and Evolution
12. Neoteny and the plesiomorphic condition of the plesiosaur basicranium
F. Robin O¿Keefe
13. Scaling of the hind limb skeleton in cynognathian cynodonts: implications for ontogeny and 
the evolution of mammalian endothermy
Richard W. Blob
14. Cranial variability, ontogeny, and taxonomy of Lystrosaurus from the Karoo Basin of South 
Frederick E. Grine, Catherine A. Forster, Michael A. Cluver, and Justin A. Georgi
Part Five: Reflections on James Allen Hopson
15. James Allen Hopson: A Biography
A. W. Crompton, Farish A. Jenkins, Jr., Susan Hopson, Timothy J. Gaudin, and Matthew T. 
Appendix. James Allen Hopson: A Bibliography (1964¿2003)
Matthew T. Carrano and Timothy J. Gaudin

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Amniotes, Fossil -- Evolution.
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