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Introduction: Gauging Violence in Late Antiquity	 1
H. A. Drake 
Part 1		Assessing Violence in Late Antiquity
1	Perceptions of Barbarian Violence	13
	Walter Pohl 
2	Violent Behavior and the Construction of Barbarian Identity	25 
in Late Antiquity	
	Ralph Mathisen 
3	Violence in the Barbarian Successor Kingdoms	35
	Wolf Liebeschuetz 
4	The Isaurian incident of Ammianus Marcellinus 14.2	45
	Linda Honey 
5	The Inn as a Place of Violence and Danger in Rabbinic Literature	55
	Tziona Grossmark
6	"A Question of Faith? Persecution and Political Centralization in the	67 
Sasanian Empire of Yazdgard II (438¿457 CE)
	Scott McDonough
Part 2 	"Legitimate" Violence
7	Violence, Victims and the Legal Tradition in Late Antiquity	 83
	Jill Harries 
8	Violence and Living Conditions in Prisons of Late Antique Egypt	101
	Sofia Torallas Tovar
9	Coercion, Resistance and ¿The Command Economy¿ in Late	111
Roman Aperlae
	Bill Leadbetter 
10	Making Late Roman Taxpayers Pay: Imperial Government Strategies	125 
and Practice	
	Hartmut Ziche
11	Desires of the Hangman: Augustine on Legitimised Violence	135
	Gillian Clark 
12	'Kindly Correction from a Merciful God': Pain, Purgation and Justice	145 
in Late Antique Conceptions of the Afterlife
	Isabel Moreira 
13	Exiled Bishops and Clergymen in the Christian Empire: 	155
Victims of Imperial Violence?	
	Eric Fournier
14	Reasoned Violence and Shifty Frontiers: Shared Victory in the 	165
Late Roman East	
	Thomas Sizgorich
Part 3		Violence and Rhetoric 
15	Bad Boys: Circumcellions and Fictive Violence	177
	Brent D. Shaw
16	Teaching Violence in the Schools of Rhetoric	195
	Janet Davis 
17	Doing Violence to the Image of an Empress: The Destruction 	203
of Eudoxia's Reputation	
	Wendy Meyer
18	The Thessalonian Affair in the Fifth-Century Histories	213
	Daniel Washburn
19	"Kill All the Dogs!' or 'Apollonius Says!': Two Stories 	223
Against Punitive Violence	
	Jacqueline Long 
20	Epiphanius of Cyprus and the Geography of Heresy	233
	Young Kim 
21	Cyclic Violence and the Poetics of Negotiation in Pre-Islamic Arabia	251
	Clarissa Burt 
Part 4		Religious Violence
22	Rethinking Pagan-Christian Violence	263
	Michele Salzman
23	Bookburning in the Christian Roman Empire	285
	Daniel Sarefield 
24	Christianizing the Rural Communities of Late Roman Africa: 	295
A Process of Coercion or Persuasion?
	David Riggs
25	Hellenic Heritage and Christian Challenge: 	307
Conflict over Panhellenic Sanctuaries in Late Antiquity
	Amelia Brown 
26	Embodied Theologies: Popular Mobilization and Violence 	319
in Alexandria in the Early Arian Controversy
	Carlos Galvao-Sobrinho
27	The Murder of Hypatia: Acceptable or Unacceptable Violence?	331
	Edward Watts 
Conclusion: Violence in Late Antiquity Revisited	341
	Martin Zimmermann
Bibliography	357
Index			385

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