Table of contents for A mad, bad, and dangerous people? : England, 1783-1846 / Boyd Hilton.

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1. england 1783-1846: a preview 1
The Economy: Crisis and Survival 2
An Old or New Regime? 24
The Politics of Theatre and the Theatre of Politics 31
2. politics in the time of pitt and fox, 1783-1807 39
The Launching of Pitt and the Destruction of Fox 41
Party Government or Broad Bottom? 47
The French Revolution and Political Realignment 57
'Pitt's Terror' 65
Irish Problems 74
French Wars 82
The Fall of Pitt 91
Peace and War 98
3. pittism and plutocracy: the social and psychological foundations 110
Court Whigs, Country Whigs, and the Conservative Reaction 110
Virtuous Economics 113
A New Vision of Government 119
Class Distinctions and Rentier Capitalism 124
The Late Hanoverian Aristocracy: Domination or Accommodation? 133
Commerce and the Quasi-Professions 141
Business Classes 152
Producers and Dealers: The Makings of a Lesser-Middle Class? 156
Civic Cultures: A Literary and Philosophical People 162
The Evangelical Revival 174
Slavery and National Mission: The Politics of Virtue 184
The Politics of Pittism: Rhetoric and Reality 188
4. politics in the time of liverpool and canning, 1807-1827 195
The Development of Two-Party Politics? 195
The Narrative Resumed: All-Out Warfare 210
Liberation and Liberalism 223
Victory, the Second Empire, and a Mistaken Case of National Identity 235
'A malady of Peace': The Foundations of Monetary Policy 251
Rethinking the Corn Laws 264
The Squires' Revolt 268
'Never a Controversial Cabinet': Lord Liverpool's System of Politics 274
The Reshuffle of 1821-1823 and the Origins of Cabinet Government 280
Divided Cabinets: Foreign and Economic Policies 286
5. ruling ideologies 309
'A Love of System' 309
Liberal Toryism versus High Toryism 314
Utilitarianism 328
Natural Theology in a Fallen World 332
The Paradoxes of Political Economy 342
Philosophic Whiggism 346
The Status of Women and Ideas about Gender 353
6. the crisis of the old order, 1827-1832 372
Coalition and the Canningite Flame 372
The Goderich File 376
The First Blow: Test and Corporation Act Repeal 379
The Second Blow: Catholic Emancipation 384
The Emancipation of Peel 391
Money and the Millennium 397
Ultra Tory Backlash 406
The Fall of the Pittite Regime 411
The Struggle for Reform 420
A Middle-Class Bill, or a case of Landed Reaction? 429
Appendix 6.1. The Status of the Borough Freeholders 437
Appendix 6.2. Split Voting, Straight Voting, and Plumping 437
7. contesting mechanical philosophy 439
The Evolutionary Moment: The Scientific Threat to Belief 441
From Romantic Science to Peelite Compromise 454
From Unitarianism to Liberal Anglicanism 460
The Oxford Movement 468
The Middle Ages, the 'Olden Time', and Ideas of Nation 475
From Romanticism to Socialism 487
8. politics in the time of melbourne and peel, 1833-1846 493
From Reform to Repeal: The Narrative Resumed 493
The Analysis Resumed: Party Politics without Parties 513
The Politics of Militant Dissent 524
Clouds in the West 538
Towards Free Trade: 'Mighty Athlete' or 'Wounded Giant'? 543
Towards the Pax Britannica 558
Imperial Onset 566
9. the condition and reconditioning of england 573
Social Crisis 573
The Origins of Social Policy 588
'System, Method, Science, Economy': Defining the Liberal State 599
Chartism 612
Class and Community 622
Mad Metropolis 625
10. afterwards: 'there are no barbarians any longer' 628
Chronology 639
Bibliography 664
Index 000

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Great Britain -- History -- George III, 1760-1820.
National characteristics, English -- History -- 19th century.
National characteristics, English -- History -- 18th century.
Great Britain -- History -- William IV, 1830-1837.
Great Britain -- History -- George IV, 1820-1830.
England -- Civilization -- 19th century.
England -- Civilization -- 18th century.