Table of contents for Uncentering the Earth : Copernicus and the revolutions of the heavenly spheres / William T. Vollmann.

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List of Diagrams 00
Notes 00
Why the Universe Screams 00
Exegesis: Osiander's Preface and I.1/4 00
Once upon a time, beneath an unspotted sun - Provenance of the preface - Rev. 
I.1: What ought to be must be - Spherical finitude - I.2: The spherical 
Earth - Starry proofs - I.3: Proportioning water on the Earth - I.4: Eternal 
circles, circles around circles - The ecliptic and the Zodiac - The 
equinoxes - Ecliptic wriggles - A complaint against contrary movements - I.4 
(cont'd): "We must however confess that the movements are circular" - On guard.
What We Believed: Cosmology 00
Centeredness as inevitability - Twelve impieties - Ptolemy's 
justifications - Polish courtyards - The dead hand - Epicycles - Diagram of a 
water-mill - Equants - The parable of the Alphonsine Tables - One thing with 
many effects.
Exegesis: I.5 00
What We Believed: Motion 00
Earth's appropriate position - Natural versus compulsory motion - Willed 
perfection - "Circular movement belongs to wholes and rectilinear to 
parts" - Stillness.
Exegesis: I.5 (cont'd)/I.9 00
I.5: "Does the Earth have a circular movement?" - I.6: The geometry of heavenly 
immensity - 1.7/9: Copernicus almost defines gravity - A digression on Neptune's 
atmosphere - A sub-digression on the Coriolis Effect - "Then what should we say 
about the clouds?" - I.9: Centering the sun.
The Limits of Observation in 1543 00
How easy it used to be to save the appearances! - Foucault's 
pendulum - "Bequeathed like a legacy" - "Binoculars are usually needed."
Exegesis: I.10/14 00
I.10: Simplifying and rearranging the heavenly spheres - I.11: The Earth's three 
movements - I.12/14: Some theorems of plane and spherical geometry.
Orbits of Venus 00
"In line with the Water-Bearer's testicles" - Parallax - Another perfect 
circle - "Then what will they say is contained in all this space?" - "An easier 
and more convenient demonstration" - "More complicated than the Ptolemaic 
system" - "But now the Telescope manifestly shows these horns."
Exegesis: Book II 00
II.1/2: Uncentering definitions - II.3/14: Tables and transformations.
What We Believed: Scriptures 00
The parable of the lodestone - Exempt from re-examination - The status of the 
sun when Lot came to Zo'ar - "Aided by spiritual insight" - Twenty-four 
centuries since Creation - Axioms of Scriptural astronomy - The leaden 
square - "The Sun did run much more than 7,000 miles."
Exegesis: Book III 00
III.1/3: Spica's variables - III.3/4: The lost ellipse - III.5/26: Eccentrics, 
epicycles and an uncentered Earth.
Silent to the End 00
"A pale, insignificant figure" - Postludes to an occultation - Fish days and 
meat days in Gynopolis - "Nobody shall have any proper pretext to suspect evil 
of me hereafter" - Safe at last.
Exegesis: Book IV 00
IV.2/4: "I say that the lunar appearances agree" - IV.4/32: Distances, 
diameters, volumes.
The Pillars of Hercules 00
"I doubt not that certain savants have taken great offense" - To the Eighth 
Circle - Herschel's looming universe.
Exegesis: Book V 00
V.1/5: The Martian circles - V.4/36: Rescuing Mercury from injury and 
Assessments 00
"Rotting in a coffer" - False supposition, true demonstration.
Exegesis: Book VI 00
VI.1/8: Inclination, obliquation, deviation - VI.9: "Except that in the case of 
Mercury . . ."
Simplicity 00
Astrologers' shameful recourse - Epilogue to Mercury's obliquation - Back to 
iron-grubbing - But the universe screamed.
Burnings 00
The Medicean planets - Resolutely Copernican . . ."How great would have been thy 
joy" . . ."Newly emerging values still seeking intellectual 
justification" - "Safely back on a solid Earth."
Chronology 00
Glossary 00
Sources 00
Bibliography 00
Acknowledgments 00

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Copernicus, Nicolaus, 1473-1543. De revolutionibus orbium caelestium.
Copernicus, Nicolaus, 1473-1543 -- Influence.
Solar system -- Early works to 1800.
Astronomy -- Early works to 1800.