Table of contents for Living mountains : how and why volcanoes erupt / Jacques Kornprobst and Christine Laverne.

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Constructing Volcanoes
Simple and Complex Volcanoes
	Fluid Lavas: Flows and Lava Lakes	
	Pahoehoe Flows, `A`a Flows, and Ropey Lavas
		Lava Tunnels
		Columnar Jointing
	Viscous Lavas: Domes and Petaloid Flows
		Simple Domes, Complex Domes, and Cryptodomes
		Prismatic Columns in Viscous Lava
Volcanic Ejecta
	Bombs, Lapilli, and Ash
	Inclusions or Xenoliths
	Pyroclastic Formations
Why Explosive Eruptions Occur 
Volcanic Gases
Gas expansion
Strombolian Eruptions and Lava Fountains	Plinian Eruptions
Pel¿an Eruptions
	When Rising Magma Meets Groundwater 
Carbonic Eruptions
Percolation of Carbon Dioxide through Earth's Crust
	Disruption of Deep Aquifer Layers
Overturn of Water in Crater Lakes
The Effects of Volcanic Eruptions on Climate
Repose Period of a Volcano and Fumarolic Activity
Submarine Volcanoes: Eruptions Beneath the Sea
	Pillow Lavas and Lava Ponds
	Black Smokers
Volcanic Collapse
	Flank Slides
Where Magma Originates
The Earth's Concentric Structure
Partial Melting of Rocks
Migration of a Melt
Formation of Magma Chambers
The Conditions of Partial Melting
Mantle Convection and Plate Tectonics
	Seafloor Spreading
Mantle Upwelling: Partial Melting Due to Reduced Pressure
	Formation of the Oceanic Crust
	Hot Spot Volcanism
Subduction: Partial Melting Due to the Addition of Water
Magma Pooling: Partial Melting Due to Increased Temperature
Volcanic Rock Diversity 
Cooling History
	Microlitic and Doleritic Textures
	Aphyric Versus Porphyritic Texture
Chemical Diversity 
Differences in Source Material and Degree of Partial Melting
Magma Mixing and Contamination 
Bimodal Volcanism
Magma Mixing or Hybridization	
Magmatic Differentiation by Fractional Crystallization 
Crystallization in a Magma Chamber
	Unraveling a Lava's History
		Trace Elements
		Isotopic ratios 
Dating Volcanic Events
Relative Chronology
Absolute Chronology
	Carbon-14 Dating
	Potassium-Argon Dating
Predicting Volcanic Eruptions
Estimating the Threat
Precursors of Eruptions
	Seismic Precursors
	Inflation of Volcanoes
		Tilt meters
		Displacement Meters
		Electronic Distance Meters 
		Spatial Altimetry
	Thermal and Chemical Precursors
	Magnetic Precursors
Volcano Surveillance Networks

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