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Introduction: Division and Reunion
Chapter 1	To Restore the Union
	A Traveler Describes the Devastated South
President Lincoln Offers the Ten-Percent Plan
Radical Republicans Propose a Stricter Policy
	Congress Passes the Thirteenth Amendment 
Lincoln Promises ¿Charity for All¿
Frederick Douglass Explains ¿What the Black Man Wants¿
A Freedmen¿s Convention Appeals to Congress
	President Johnson Reviews His Policies
	The Black Codes Restrict Freedmen¿s Rights
Chapter 2	The Freedmen¿s Bureau
	Congress Establishes the Freedmen¿s Bureau 
	An Official Finds ¿Confusion¿ in North Carolina
	A Tennessee Official Reports on ¿Outrages¿
	The Case of ¿Freedman Dan¿
	Nine-Year-Old Harriet Norwood Is Apprenticed
	A Northern Teacher Founds a Freedmen¿s School 
	A Southerner Advises, ¿Leave the People to Themselves¿
	A Cartoonist Honors the Freedmen¿s Bureau
Chapter 3	Congress versus the President
	Thaddeus Stevens Advocates Social Revolution
	The Civil Rights Act Combats the Black Codes
	Harper¿s Weekly Asks, ¿Why Not Call Them Citizens?¿
	The Fourteenth Amendment Protects Civil Rights
	Congress Places the South under Military Rule
	President Johnson Opposes the Reconstruction Acts
	Congress Impeaches the President
	Senator Sumner Calls for Johnson¿s Removal
	The Fifteenth Amendment Gives Black Men the Vote
Chapter 4	The Radicals Take Charge
	A Black Congressman Defends His Right to Hold Office
	A Northerner Becomes a ¿Carpetbagger¿
	Thomas Nast Draws a Carpetbagger
	Booker T. Washington Gets an Education
	The Civil Rights Act of 1875 Prohibits Discrimination
	John R. Lynch Denounces Segregation
Chapter 5	The End of Reconstruction
	The ¿Good Old Rebel¿: An Anti-Reconstruction Song
	A Grand Jury Reports on the Ku Klux Klan 
	Mississippi Democrats Steal an Election 
	Rutherford B. Hayes Approves the Compromise of 1877 
	The Supreme Court Overturns the Civil Rights Act of 1875
	Black Sharecroppers Work Like Slaves
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Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) -- Juvenile literature.
Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) -- Sources -- Juvenile literature.