Table of contents for India before Europe / Catherine B. Asher and Cynthia Talbot.

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List of illustrations 12
List of maps 22
Preface 23
Glossary 28
Place names: alternative spellings 40
1 Introduction: situating India 41
India as a world region 50
India¿s physical and human landscapes 56
Regional cultures of India, 1000¿1200 61
Mahmud of Ghazni and the Islamic world, ca. 1000 71
2 The expansion of Turkish power, 1180¿1350 83
Establishment of the Delhi Sultanate: 84
The Ghurid conquest 84
Early Sultans of Delhi 94
The Delhi Sultanate¿s expansionist phase 98
Reign of Ala al-Din Khalji 98
Muhammad and Firuz Shah Tughluq: a rise & fall of
fortunes 107
Impact of the Delhi Sultanate 115
Delhi Sultanate as a conquest state 115
India in a growing world system 124
3 Southern India in the age of Vijayanagara, 1350¿1550 131
Rise and decline of the Vijayanagara kingdom 132
Political history of the Deccan 132
Vijayanagara¿s militarism 142
Cultural orientations in peninsular India 148
Vijayanagara kings as exemplary Hindu rulers 148
Islamicate influence at Vijayanagara 156
Creation of a pan-south Indian culture 160
The Bahmani court 163
Trade and commerce in the Vijayanagara period 167
Maritime trade 167
Domestic economy 174
4 North India between empires: history, society, and culture,
1350¿1550 181
Regional sultanates 182
On the eastern periphery: Bengal 183
Maritime region to the west: Gujarat 190
In the mid Gangetic plain: Jaunpur 199
Inside central India: Malwa 202
Rajput states and culture 204
Mewar kingdom of the fifteenth century 205
Temple construction under the Rajputs 210
Religious trends in north India 214
Spread of Sufism 214
Kabir and the Sant tradition 218
Growth of Krishna worship 221
5 Sixteenth-century north India: empire reformulated 231
Toward empire 232
Delhi under the Lodis 232
Babur and Humayun: the first Mughals 233
The Sur interregnum 239
Humayun¿s return to India 243
The career of Akbar 244
Securing the empire 244
Creating an enduring state 249
Akbar¿s religious policies 254
Akbar as patron of the arts 259
Architecture as visual manifestation of dynamic
leadership 260
Painting the imperial image 265
Music at the court 274
The careers and patronage of two nobles 275
6 Expanding political and economic spheres, 1550¿1650 284
Part I: the Mughal north 286
Careers of Jahangir and Shah Jahan 286
The Mughals and maritime trade 295
Part II: the peninsular south 302
Successor states to the Bahmanis 302
Vijayanagara and the Nayaka states 317
7 Elite cultures in seventeenth-century South Asia 334
The Mughal court 335
Court culture under Jahangir and Shah Jahan 335
Shahjahanabad: the new capital 344
Gender roles and lifestyles of the Mughal elite 349
European perceptions of Mughal India, 1600¿1658 356
Rajput courts 360
Rajput counterpoint: the court of Mewar 360
Rajput allies: the court of Amber 364
Women in the Rajput courts 367
Pious constructions 370
Terracotta temples of seventeenth-century Bengal 370
The Ajmer shrine 374
Madurai¿s Minakshi temple 377
8 Challenging central authority, 1650¿1750 382
Religious and cultural trends 383
Religious policies of Jahangir and Shah Jahan 383
Aurangzeb¿s rule: a cultural assessment 386
Shivaji and the Deccan wars 394
The Marathas 402
The Marathas as a warrior community 402
Shivaji¿s rule 405
Marathas in the eighteenth century 409
Cultural contributions of the Marathas 411
Disintegration of the Mughal empire 414
Internal response to the crisis of empire 414
Emergence of independent regional states 419
New political centers 425
9 Changing socio-economic formations, 1650¿1750 433
The European trading companies 434
Peasants and zamindars 444
Transformations of the Mughal economy 458
Bengal: India¿s agrarian and commercial frontier 469
Epilogue 484
Biographical notes 494
Bibliography 502
Index 000

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