Table of contents for JFK and Sam : the connection between the Giancana and Kennedy assassinations / Antoinette Giancana, John R. Hughes, and Thomas H. Jobe.

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1	The Tragic Events of November 22, 1963 as Reported by the Media
2	The Warren Commission: Their Interpretation of the Events of November 22, 1963
3	Deficiencies of the Report from the Warren Commission: The Scanty Evidence for their 
4	Who Has Got a Correct Insight into the Assassination?
5	Sam Giancana's Major Event- Linkage with the Kennedy Killing?
6	The Essence of Our Theory of the Kennedy and Giancana Assassinations
7	Sam Giancana: The Double Cross by JFK
8	The Church Committee on Assassination Plots; Prelude to the Assassination of Sam 
9	The Mob Loses an Empire in Cuba, Harassment by the Kennedys
10	Major Harassment by the Kennedys
11	Bay of Pigs: Its Role in Creating Enemies of JFK
12	Military Industrial Complex: Creating an Enemy of the Suppliers of the War Machine
13	Role of the FBI in JFK Assassination: Sequence of Events; Early 1960's
14	Lee Harvey Oswald: Why He Was Not a "Lone Nut"
15	The Story of Dead-Eye: The Real Killer of President Kennedy
16	Critical Evaluation of Dead-Eye: What are the Criticisms Against Him?
17	Overview of the Assassinations of Kennedy and Giancana: Their Relationships and 
Who can hear the words "grassy knoll" or "Texas School Book Depository" without a shudder of 
horror? Who can forget that one minute our handsome, smiling President was waving to the 
crowds lining the route of his motorcade, and the next minute Jacqueline in her brave pink suit 
was trying to hold his shattered head together? It happened too quickly. We were stunned, 
chilled. How could someone who seemed larger than life in one second be reduced to a bloody 
Neither can we forget the solemn slow funeral march back in Washington, the riderless black 
horse, the dignitaries from around the world risking their own lives by walking unprotected past 
crowds of watchers in order to honor our President.
No matter what sorry scandals have been revealed since, at that moment in history, John 
Fitzgerald Kennedy was our leader, much admired, energetic, elegant, a figure from Camelot, 
and he was mourned.
What threads of hatred tangled together at that spot, at that time, to lead him to a rendezvous 
with an assassin's bullet?
Most of the books dealing with this type of subject matter devote up to 20 percent of their pages 
to hundreds of references to support each fact that is presented. Although these references can 
lend a sense of credibility and coherence to the points made, we opted simply to provide a 
framework for Antoinette Giancana's recollections. We have decided not to add these hundreds 
of references, especially because so many of the many books on the Kennedy assassination 
already have these documentations and our facts are similar to those already published, not to 
mention the huge documentary material released under the Freedom of Information Act. If the 
reader wishes to explore any point in depth, we recommended the following books which have 
provided so much of our own data.
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Giancana, Sam, 1908-1975.
Criminals -- United States -- Biography.
Mafia -- United States -- History -- 20th century.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 -- Assassination.