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Part I: Planning
1: Researching Your Destination
	Sources of inspiration: A week off and no idea where to go
	Choosing a guidebook: Which series fits your style-and budget
	Online travel forums: Advice from fellow travelers
	Visitor and tourist offices: On the Web, every destination has a .com
	The local perspective: When going to Rome, ask a Roman
	When to go: Avoiding hurricanes, honeymooners, and holidays-or not
	Government travel advisories: Reading between the lines
2: Organized Trips
	Going with a group: Tours aren't necessarily just for tourists
	Get outdoors: Hiking, biking, and other active travels
	Relax, already: Spas vacations and yoga retreats
	Culinary adventures: When food really is the focus
	Volunteer vacations: Trips that make a difference
	Options for solo travelers: Resources, trips, and travel companions
Part II: Booking
3: General Advice
	The travel marketplace: Everybody wants your business, but where should you buy?
	Evaluating vacation packages: When they're a bargain, when they're not
	Member benefits: When a discount isn't really a deal
	Travel insurance: What it covers, what it doesn't
	Bidding and booking blind: How you can save with Priceline or Hotwire
	Help for last-minute planners: Options at the 11th hour
	Using a travel agent: When an agent can do for you-and where to find one
4: Plane Tickets
	Where to research fares: One Web site does not display them all
	Search tips for plane tickets: It's not just where you look, but how
	Choosing a flight: Why price shouldn't be your only concern
	Where to buy: Agencies vs. airlines, the Web vs. the phone
	Understanding ticket rules: Change fees, cancellation policies, and refunds
	International flights: Where to shop for fares when traveling abroad
	One-way or multi-city tickets: Tricks to keep costs down
	Frequent flier awards: What it takes to get the flights you want
	Unraveling airline alliances: What's in it for you when airlines partner up
	Foreign carrier air passes: One pass, several flights, sometimes a bargain
5: Lodging
	Finding a place to stay: Where to research your options
	How to get the best rate: Online agencies, hotel Web sites, the phone
	Hotel cancellation policies: Rules vary depending on where you book
	Understanding hotel ratings: One rater says three stars, another says four
	Finding a B&B or inn: Places for travelers who like to feel at home
	Renting a house or condo: Finding and evaluating rental options
	Doing a home exchange: With the Web, house swaps catch on
	Browser beware: Photos and descriptions may be much nicer than reality
6: Cruises
	Cruise lines 101: Which company suits your style-and budget
	Narrowing the fleet: Choosing an itinerary, ship, and sailing date
	Selecting a cabin: Inside, outside, high deck, or low
	How cruise pricing works: When to get the best deals, and where
	Airfare, shore excursions and land tours: Buying from the cruise line or going it alone
	Deposits, cancellation policies, and refunds: What to know before you book
	Where to find cruising advice: Ship reviews, itineraries, and message boards
7: Rental Cars, Trains, and Buses
	Reserving a rental car: How to get the best rate
	Renting a car abroad: Where to book, potential potholes
	Supplemental insurance: When you need it, when you don't
	Express pick-up programs: Skip the line, at least some of the time
	Riding the rails: Timetables, reservations, and tickets
	Trains, planes, cars, and buses: How to decide which way to travel
Part III: Navigating
8: Pre-Trip Preparations
	Passports and visas: New rules-and fees-when you're crossing borders
	Immunizations and health: Does your insurance cover travel abroad?
	Maps and driving directions: When not to trust a computer for help
	Money matters: Why your bank should know your itinerary
	Making reservations: What to book before you arrive
	Technology and travel: Getting your gadgets ready to go
	Getting to and from the airport: Know your options, avoid being overcharged
	Pre-flight checklist: Checking in, flight status alerts, security lines
9: At the Airport
	Checking bags: Avoiding extra fees-and theft from your luggage
	Navigating airport security: Keeping up with the rules
	Upgrading your ticket: What it takes to move up front
	Flying standby: When it's free, when it's not, and when it's worth a try
	Getting bumped: What to know about those "free ticket" coupons
	Surviving flight delays and cancellations: Know the rules, know your rights
10: What To Do If .§.§.
	You need a doctor: How to find medical help far from home
	The airline loses your luggage: How to track your bag-and file a claim
	Your travel company goes out of business: What happens when a company folds
	You lose your passport or wallet: Coping with no I.D. and no money
	There's a problem with your rental car: What to do, who to call
	You have a complaint: Dealing with problems-on the road and once you're home

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