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Acknowledgements 00
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1	The Emergence of Global Environmental Politics 
Global Macrotrends, 00
An Introduction to Global Environmental Politics, 00
International Regimes in Environmental Politics, 00
Paradigm Shift and Environmental Politics, 00
Conclusion, 00
Discussion Questions, 00
2	Actors in the Environmental Arena, 00
Nation-State Actors: Roles and Interests, 00
International Organizations as Actors, 00
Regional and Other Multilateral Organizations as Actors, 00
Nongovernmental Organizations as Actors, 00
Corporations as Actors, 00
Conclusion, 00
Discussion Questions, 003	The Development of Environmental Regimes: Eleven Case Studies, 00
Transboundary Air Pollution, 00
Ozone Depletion, 00
Climate Change, 00
International Toxic Waste Trade, 00
Toxic Chemicals, 00
Whaliing, 00
International Trade in Endangered Species, 00
Biodiversity Loss, 00
Fisheries Depletion, 00
Desertification, 00
Forests, 00
Conclusion, 00
Discussion Questions
4	Effective Environmental Regimes: Obstacles and Opportunities, 00
Obstacles to Creating Strong Environmental Regimes, 00
Obstacles to Complying with Global Environmental Conventions, 00
Opportunities to Improve Compliance, 00
Increasing Financial Resources for Implementing Global Environmental Regimes, 00
Conclusion, 00
Discussion Questions, 00
5	Economics, Development and the Future of Environmental Politics, 00
North-South Inequalities and the Environment, 00
Trade and the Environment, 00
Environment and Development, 00
Conclusion: The Prospects for Global Environmental Politics, 00
Discussion Questions 00
Notes 00
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Glossary 00
Chronology 00
Index 00

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