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Preface	xv
The Introduction of a Female Tiger (Panthera tigris) in a Pre-Established Group of Two Neutered Males: A Case Study
E. Gaultier, C. Falew¿e, L. Bougrat, P. Pageat	1
Treatment of Generalized Anxiety in a Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)
L. Bergman, D. Janssen	6
Using Multiple Correspondence Analysis to Define Groups of Dogs (Canis familiaris) at Risk for Aggressive Behaviour
N. C. Guy, J. Sanchez, A. U. Luescher	8
High Prevalence of Feline Aggression Cases Targeted Towards People in Japan
Y. Kakuma, K. Uchida, K. Kariya	14
Evaluation of Immunological, Stress and Behavioural Parameters in Dogs (Canis familiaris) with Anxiety-Related Disorders
G .V. Berteselli, F. Servida, P. Dall'Ara, M. Verga, E. Piola, M. Puricelli, C. Palestrini	18
The Influence of the Experimenter's Expectancy in the Results of the Assessment of Appeasing Pheromones in Stress of Police Dogs (Canis familiaris) during Training 
J. Dehasse, S. Schroll	23
The Control of Puppy (Canis familiaris) Disturbance of Owners at Night 
K. Taylor, D. S. Mills	27
The Use of the DAP? Collar to Reduce Stress during Training of Police Dogs (Canis familiaris): A Preliminary Study
S. Schroll, J. Dehasse, R. Palme, I. Sommerfeld-Stur, G. L¿wenstein	31
Rearing Environment and Behavioral Development of Psittacine Birds
A. U. Luescher, K. Sheehan	35
Comparison of 24 Cases of Canine Fear-Related Aggression with Structured, Clinician-Initiated Follow-Up and 42 Cases with Unstructured Client-Initiated Follow-Up
L. A. Radosta-Huntley, I. R. Reisner, F. S. Shofer	42
Objective Measurement of Fear-Associated Learning in Dogs (Canis familiaris)
N. Ogata, Y. Takeuchi, T. Kikusui, Y. Mori	48
Canine Aggression: A Survey in Northern Italy
C. Palestrini, M. Michelazzi, S. Cannas, M. Verga	52
A Comparison of Cases Referred to Behaviorists in Three Different Countries
S. Denenberg, G. M. Landsberg, D. Horwitz, K. Seksel	56
Canine Behaviour Type Index
K. Dagley, J. Perkins	63
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Prevalence, Clinical Signs and Treatment with a Nutraceutical 
M. C. Osella, G. Re, R. Odore, C. Girardi, P. Badino, R. Barbero, L. Bergamasco	66
Nutritional Supplementation in Cases of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Results of a Clinical Trial
S. E. Heath, S. Barabas, P. G. Craze	73
Comparison of the Behaviour of Three Groups of Chickens (Gallus domesticus) during Their Growth: Preliminary Results
I. Madec, D. Saffray, J. F. Gabarrou, C. Lafont, L. Bougrat,J. Gigante, P. Pageat	78
Influence of Appropriate Water Supply for Peking Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) on Behavior during Common Fattening Period
E. Heyn, M. Manz, F. Remy, K. Dammei, M. Erhard	82
Development of Grazing Posture Preference in Foals (0-1 Yr) and Their Dams and Its Relation to Other Asymmetrical Behaviours
M. C. VanDierendonck, M. C. V. van Heel, A. M. Kroekenstoel, W. Back	85
The Effect of Handling and Environmental Enrichment on the Exploratory and Alert Behaviours and Reactivity Level of Foals (Equus caballus)
M. Panzera, E. Trobia, M. D'Anna, G. Innella	88
A Search for Temperament-Associated Genetic Polymorphisms in Horses
Y. Momozawa, R. Kusunose, T. Kikusui, Y. Takeuchi, Y. Mori	92
Aggression in Wolves (Canis lupus): Ambivalent Behaviour as a Model for Comparable Behaviour in Dogs (Canis familiaris)
J. F. Fatj¢, M. Mets, B. Braus, M. Amat, J. L. Ruiz de la Torre, D. Feddersen-Petersen, X. Manteca	98
Correlations Between Individual Specificities of Piglets (Sus scrofa) and Behavioural Patterns Involved in Cannibalism during Growing-Finishing Period
D. Saffray, F. Biagini, I. Madec, C. Lafont, P. Pageat	102
Breed-Specific Profiles of Canine (Canis familiaris) Behavior
B. L. Hart, L. Hart	107
Measuring Personality Adjectives to Measure Personality in Dogs (Canis familiaris): Report on a Pilot Study
J. M. Ley, P. Bennett	114
Interest in the Use of a New Galenic Form of the Feline Allomarking Pheromone (F4) Analog (Felifriend) during Medical Examination
L. Bonnafous, C. Lafont, E. Gaultier, C. Falew¿e, P. Pageat	119
Cat (Felis sylvestris) Separation Anxiety in an Experimental Situation
C. Edwards, A. Tejeda, M. Heiblum	123
The Effect of Hypothyroid Function on Canine Behavior
L. P. Aronson, W. J. Dodds	131
Stress Symptoms Caused by the Use of Electric Training Collars on Dogs (Canis familiaris) in Everyday Life Situations
E. Schalke, J. Stichnoth, R. Jones-Baade	139
Stress in Avalanche and Rescue Dogs (Canis familiaris) during Search Work
M. Schneider, F. K¿hler, M. Erhard	146
LactiumTM: A New Anxiolytic Product from Milk
C. Beata, C. Lefranc, D. Desor	150
Assessing Prolactinaemia in Anxious Dogs (Canis familiaris): Interest in Diagnostic Value and Use in the Selection of the Most Appropriate Psychotropic Drug
P. Pageat	155
A Retrospective Analysis of Relationships with Severity of Signs of Fear of Fireworks and Treatment Outcome in 99 Cases
M. Gandia Estell¿s, D. S. Mills, P. H. Coleshaw, C. Shorthose	161
Use of a Cape (The Storm Defender?) in the Treatment of Canine (Canis familiaris) Thunderstorm Phobia
N. Cottam, N. Dodman, T. Critzer	165
Trends in Canine and Feline Behavioral Diagnoses: 1991-2001
M. Bamberger, K. A. Houpt	168
The Effect of an Additional Programme of Socialisation for Kittens (Felis sylvestris) in a Rescue Centre on Behaviour and Suitability as a Pet after Re-homing
R. A. Casey, J. W. S. Bradshaw	173
Evaluation of a Behavioral Assessment Questionnaire in Animal Shelters
S. A. Segurson, J. A. Serpell, B. L. Hart	179
Behavioural Testing for Dog (Canis familiaris) Behaviour and Owners' Management in Urban Contexts: A Preliminary Study
L. Notari, M. Antoni, B. Gallicchio, A. Gazzano	181
Grief Following Death of a Companion Animal
L. L. McV. Messam, R. L. Zasloff, B. Mader-Weidner, T. Hendrie, L. A. Hart	184
Comprehension, Compliance, Outcome and Satisfaction: A Retrospective Survey of 49 Clients with Dogs (Canis familiaris) Treated for Behavior Problems
D. Frank, J. M. O'Connor	189
Effect of Telephone Follow-Up on Client Compliance in the Treatment of Canine Aggression
J. R. Lane, L. M. Bohon	192
Are We Dog's Best Friend? Predicting Canine Cortisol Response from Human Affiliative and Punitive Behaviors
A .C. Jones, R. A. Josephs	194
Effect of Fluoxetine Hydrochloride in Treating Canine Compulsive Disorder 
M. Irimajiri, A. U. Luescher	198
The Effects of Queen (Felis sylvestris)-Rearing versus Hand-Rearing on Feline Aggression and Other Problematic Behaviors 
E. Chon	201
Separation Anxiety: A Summary of Some of the Characteristics of 61 Cases Seen at a Sydney, Australia Behaviour Practice
G. Perry, K. Seksel, L. Beer, L. Batt	203
Classical Counter-Conditioning as a Treatment Modality for Dogs (Canis familiaris) Showing Aggression Toward Other Dogs on Walks 
D. F. Horwitz	207
The Treatment of Fear of Fireworks in Dogs (Canis familiaris): A Prospective Study
E. D. Levine, D. Ramos, D. S. Mills	211
The Effect of Emotional Content of Verbal Commands on the Response of Dogs (Canis familiaris)
D. S. Mills, M. Fukuzawa, J. J. Cooper	217
Hereditary Fear, Panic, and Anxiety in Dogs (Canis familiaris)
K. L. Overall, D. Dyer, A. E. Dunham, L. Schechter, S. P. Hamilton	221
Evaluation of DAP's Effect on Reduction of Anxiety in Puppies (Canis familiaris) As Well As Its Usefulness in Improving Learning and Socialization
S. Denenberg, G. M. Landsberg, E. Gaultier	225
Plant Eating in Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris): Characterization and Relationship to Signalment, Illness, and Behavior Problems
K. C. Sueda, B. L. Hart, K. D. Cliff	230
Inappropriate Use of Pain as Punishment in Canine Aggression Toward Household Members
M. Alnot-Perronin	232
The Prevention of Separation-Related Behaviour Problems in Dogs Re-homed from Rescue Centres
E. Blackwell, R. A. Casey, J. W. S. Bradshaw	236
Factors Influencing Stereotypical Behaviour Patterns in Horses: A Review of 52 Clinical Cases
R. A. Casey	239
Pseudopregnancy in the Bitch: An Epidemiological Study
P. Darder, J. L¢pez, J. F. Fatj¢, J. L. Ruiz de la Torre, M. Amat, X. Manteca	243
Ethogram of Horses Experiencing a Standardized Handling Test with a Special Interest to Objective Assessment of Fearful Reactions
C. Falew¿e, E. Gaultier, D. Colombani, P. Pageat	246
Aggression in Dogs: Analysis of 761 Cases
J. Fatj¢, M. Amat, V. Mariotti, J. L. Ruiz de la Torre, X. Manteca	251
The Tragedy of a Quick-Fix Approach to Canine Behaviour Problems: A New Zealand Perspective
E. L. Flint	255
Influence of a Putative Appeasing Pheromone on Behaviour of Broilers: A Tool for a Better Understanding of Behaviour?Preliminary Results
I. Madec, J. F. Gabarrou, D. Saffray, C. Lafont, M. A. Gervasoni, A. Bollart, P. Pageat	257
A Comparison of Canine Behavior in Pre-adoptive and Post-adoptive Homes
A. R. Marder, M. VanDriel, J. Engel	262
Perception of Veterinarians and Dog Professionals about Behavioural Characteristics of Pure-Bred Dogs (Canis familiaris) in Italy: Comparison with the U.S. and UK
L. Notari, D. Goodwin	264
Combined Use of Selegiline and Behaviour Modifications in the Treatment of Cases in Which Fear and Phobias Are Involved: A Review of Four Cases
L. Notari	267
Use of a Synthetic Analogue of a Dog-Appeasing Pheromone in Sheltered Dogs after Adoption
M. C. Osella, L. Bergamasco, F. Costa	270
Plasma Dopamine Neurophysiological Correlates in Anxious Dogs
M. C. Osella, R. Odore, P. Badino, B. Cuniberti, L. Bergamasco	274
Evaluation of the Owner's Influence on Dogs' Behavioural and Physiological Reactions during the Clinical Examination
C. Palestrini, M. Baldoni, J. Riva, M. Verga	277
Aggression: An Analysis of the Frequency of Forms Seen in an Australian Behaviour Practice and Their Interrelationships with Other Relevant Factors
G. Perry, K. Seksel, L. Beer	280
Behavioral Description of Cannibalism in Fattening Pig Production
D. Saffray, I. Madec, C. Lafont, J-F. Gabarrou, P. Pageat	283
Clicker Training with Cats
S. Schroll	286
Observations on Communication Signals Between Cats
S. Schroll	288
Flexible Reward: Help or Hindrance When Training Horses (Equus caballus)?
B. J. Whitham, D. S. Mills	291
Author Index	295
Keyword Index	298

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