Table of contents for Civilizing Argentina : science, medicine, and the modern state / Julia Rodríguez.

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Acknowledgments 000
Introduction 000
Part I. Symptoms
1 Barbarism and the Civilizing Sciences 000
	Barbarism in a Young and Fertile Country 000
	Civilizing the Pampa: Transcending the Nation's Past 000
	<"To Govern Is to Populate": Importing Whiteness 000
	The Generation of 1880: Making a Great Nation 000
2 The Rise of the Social Pathologists: Merging Science and the State 000
	Argentina, the Idea of Europe, and Racial Implications 000
	<"In the Echo of Your Progress": A Transatlantic Conversation 000
	An Alliance of State and Science for the Advancement of Hygiene 000
	The Medical Policing of the <"Born Criminal" 000
Part II. Diagnosis
3 A National Science to Investigate the <"Abnormal Individual" 000
	<"A Study of Our Own Criminality": Measuring Social Pathology 000
	A Synthetic Program of Psychopathology 000
	A Taxonomy of Delinquents and Deviants 000
	<"A Useful Exaggeration": Classification and Race 000
4 Defects of Organic Constitution: Degeneration of the Nation's <"Germ Plasm" 000
	Unnatural Sex: Female Hysteria and Other Psychoses 000
	The Urban Male Criminal: Indolence, Regressive Heredity, and Alcoholism 000
	<"A Foreign and Hostile Horde": The Crowd 000
	The Worst Type of Criminal: The Anarchist of <"Degenerate Lineage" 000
Part III. Prescriptions
5 Women Confined to Save the Future Nation: Home and Houses of Deposit 000
	The <"Pride of the Kitchen, Bedroom, and Parlor" but Prone to Hysteria 000
	Wayward Wives, Women on Deposit, and Feminist Responses 000
	Regulating the Pathological Prostitute 000
	The Civilizing Influence of Mothers and the <"Improvement of the Species" 000
6 Men on the Street: A Threat to <"Our Industrial and Social Organization" 000
	Social Parasites Who <"Refuse to Obey the Natural Law of Work" 000
	Men in Groups: <"A Very Grave Danger to the Public Order" 000
	A Science of Political Policing 000
	<"Our Police Have Obtained a Complete Success": Fingerprinting the Masses 000
7 Places of Regeneration: Prison and Asylum as <"Medicine for the Soul" 000
	<"Moral Orthopedics": Specialized Institutions for the Mentally Ill, Women, and Juveniles 000
	<"A System of Rational Separation": The National Penitentiary 000
	<"True Innovation in the Study of the Criminal": The Criminology Institute 000
	Regeneration through the <"Love of Work" and Civic Morals 000
Part IV. Hygiene
8 Public Hygiene against Foreign Contagion and <"Sanitary Anarchy" 000
	Public Hygiene as a <"Material Religion" 000
	<"Selective Immigration with Scientific Criteria": A Solution to <"Deplorable Ethnic Conditions" 000
	Fingerprinting Foreigners to Inoculate against <"Pernicious Elements" 000
9 To <"Formulate a New Race, the Argentine Race," for Democracy and Civic Regeneration 000
	Weighing and Measuring the <"Words of Law": Legal Codes and Civic Responsibility 000
	Determining Dangerousness to Ensure Maximum Social Security 000
	<"Cover Them with the Flag": Naturalization and Citizenship 000
	The <"Intelligent Incorporation" of the Immigrant 000
10 <"Fully Attacking the Source of Moral Infection": Purging the Nation of Incurables 000
	<"Preventive-Social Hygiene": A Permanent Segregation of the Dangerous Element 000
	Perfecting the Social and Legal Order: Fingerprinting as Prophylaxis 000
	<"Errors of Sex": Social Prophylaxis and Sexual Control 000
Afterword: A <"New Civilization" Shaped by Science: Its Paradoxes and Its Consequences 000
Notes 000
Essay on Sources 000
Index 000

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Science and state -- Argentina -- History.
Science and civilization.
Eugenics -- Argentina -- History.
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