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Preface v
Table of Abbreviations xv
Acronyms xvii
Table of Statutes xix
List of Cases xxi
1 Historical development of planning law 
The development of regulatory planning 
Problems of redevelopment 
2 Basis and objects of modern planning law 
Planning legislation 
Other planning legislation 
Human Rights Act 1998 
3 Central and local administration 
The Secretary of State 
Local planning authorities 
Greater London Authority Act 1999 
Estoppel and legitimate expectation 
Compulsory purchase for planning purposes 
4 Development plans before the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 
Development plans under TCPA 1947 
The system of structure and local plans 
Structure plans 
Local plans 
Unitary development plans 
Meaning of development plan under TCPA 1990 
Development plans under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 
5 Development plans after the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 
Part 1: Regional planning in England
Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS) 
High Court challenge 
Part 2: Local development planning in England
The Local Development Framework (LDF) 
The survey 
The Local Development Scheme (LDS) 
Local Development Documents (LDDs) 
Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) 
Preparation of Local Development Documents 
Development Plan Documents: submission and adoption 
Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) 
Local Development Documents; further provisions 
Annual Monitoring Report 
Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (MWDS) 
High Court challenge 
Part 3: Development plans in Wales
Wales Spatial Plan (WSP) 
Local Development Plans (LDPs) 
High Court challenge 
Part 4: Strategic planning in Greater London
Spatial Development Strategy for Greater London (SDS) 
High Court challenge 
Part 5: Development plans—transitional arrangements
Structure plans 
Local plans and Unitary Development Plans 
Plans in preparation 
Part 6: Development plans—legal effect under PCPA 2004
Part 3 of PCPA 2004 
Part 7: Development plans: High Court challenge
Grounds of challenge 
6 Definition of development 
Change of use 
General principles 
Cases of doubt 
7 Planning permission: permitted development 
Permission under development order 
Permission `deemed to be granted' under the Act 
8 Planning permission: express permission 
Publicity for applications 
Notification of owners 
Form of application 
Consultations by local planning authority 
Consideration by local planning authority 
The local planning authority's decision 
Planning registers 
Appeals to the Secretary of State 
Power to decline to determine subsequent and twin-tracked applications 
9 Environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment 
Part 1: Environmental impact assessment
What is environmental impact assessment? 
EIA development 
Schedule 1 development 
Schedule 2 development 
Procedure on submission of an application for planning permission 
Permitted development 
The environmental statement 
Non-compliance with EIA requirements 
EIA and mineral development 
Amendments to the EIA directive 
Part 2: Strategic environmental assessment
What is SEA? 
Requirement for environmental statement 
The environmental report 
Post-adoption procedures 
10 Planning permission: further considerations 
Effect of permission 
Validity of conditions 
Special types of condition 
Effect of striking out conditions 
Duration of permissions 
Planning permission and human rights 
Stopping up and diversion of highways 
11 Revocation or modification of existing rights 
Revocation or modification of planning permission 
Discontinuance orders 
Compensation for revocation or modification of existing rights 
12 The enforcement of planning control 
Planning contravention notices (PCN) 
Powers of entry 
Breach of condition notices (BCN) 
Enforcement notices 
Stop notices 
Temporary stop notices (TSN) 
Certificates of lawfulness (CLEUDs) 
13 Planning agreements, obligations, and contributions 
Planning agreements before PCA 1991 
Planning obligations under PCA 1991 
Planning contributions under PCPA 2004 
14 Purchase notices and blight notices 
Adverse planning decisions 
Adverse planning proposals: blight notices 
15 Special forms of control 
Tree preservation 
Outdoor advertising 
Land adversely affecting amenity of neighbourhood 
Hazardous substances 
16 Buildings of special interest and conservation areas 
Buildings of special interest 
Conservation areas 
Proposals for reform 
17 Special cases 
Crown land 
Crown land: abolition of crown immunity 
Development by local authorities and statutory undertakers 
18 Planning control and natural habitats 
The Habitats Directive 
Conservation (Natural Habitats, etc) Regulations 1994 
19 Planning appeals 
Appeals against planning decisions: preliminary 
Written representation procedure 
Hearings procedure 
Public inquiries: preliminary 
Public inquiries: transferred cases 
Public inquiries: non-transferred cases 
Appeals against planning decisions: finality of decision 
Undue delay 
Award of costs 
Listed building consent and conservation area consent appeals 
Enforcement notice etc inquiries 
Mayor of London 
Major infrastructure projects 
Timetable for decisions 
20 Review by the courts and the ombudsman 
Statutory review 
Judicial review 
Correction of errors under Part 5 of PCPA 2004 
The ombudsman remedy 
21 Planning compensation 
The historical background 
Planning and Compensation Act 1991 
Index 000

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