Table of contents for Technical analysis for the rest of us : what every investor needs to know to increase income, minimize risk, and achieve capital gains / by Clifford Pistolese.

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                                                    Table of Contents
                   Chapter One     Basic Concepts Of Technical Analysis
                   Supply and Demand
                   Upward Price Trend
                   Downward Price Trend
                   Trading Range
                   Head And Shoulders
                   Double Top
                   Rounding Top
                   Symmetrical Triangle
                   Ascending Triangle
                   Descending Triangle
                   Inverted Head And Shoulders
                   Rounding Bottom
                   Double Bottom
                   Parabolic Curve
                   Flat Line Formation
                   Erratic Volatility
                   Match Up Exercise
                   A Note of Caution
                   Chapter Two.    Volume Analysis
                  Average Volume Data
                  Trading Volume And The Stock Market
                  Stock Price And Trading Volume Charts
                  Upside Break Out From Trading Range (High Volume)
                  Upside Break Out From Trading Range (Low Volume)
                  False Break Out From Trading Range
                  Downside Break Out From Trading Range
                  Upside Break Out From Symmetrical Triangle
                  Downside Break Out From Symmetrical Triangle
                  Upside Break Out From Ascending Triangle
                  Downside Break Out From Descending Triangle
                  Upside Break Out From Downtrend
                  Downside Break Out From Uptrend
                  Review Exercise
                  Chapter Three      Moving Averages
                  Construction of a Moving Average
                  Exponential Moving Average
                  Stock Prices and Moving Averages
                  Stock Price Falls Through Moving Average
                  Stock Price Rises Above Moving Average
                  Moving Average Follows Stock Price Up
                  Moving Average Follows Stock Price Down
                  Short Average Rises Above Long Average
                  Short Average Falls Through Long Average
                  Stock Price Goes Up Through Short and Long Averages
                  Stock Price Goes Down Through Short and Long Averages
                  Review Exercise
                  Chapter Four      Portfolio Management
                 A Framework and Rationale For Portfolio Management
                 Dealing With Market Phases
                 Selecting Stocks and Funds For An Aggressive Portfolio
                  Inverted Head and Shoulders
                 Double Bottom
                 Rounding Bottom
                 An Aggressive Portfolio
                 A Balanced Portfolio
                 World Income Funds
                 National Municipal Bond Funds
                  Investment Grade Bond Funds
                 A Conservative Portfolio
                 Zero Coupon Bonds
                 General Obligation Municipal Bonds
                 Review Exercise
                 Chapter Five     Technical Analysis and the Stock Market
                 Active Trading
                 How Technical Analysis Can Help
                 Trading An Uptrend
                 Trading A Moving Average
                 Trading A Trading Range
                 Trading An Ascending Triangle
                 Trading Symmetrical Triangles
                 Uptrend and Topping Out Pattern
                 Review Exercise
                Chapter Six     Technical Analysis And The Internet
                Yahoo! Finance Web Site
                Clear Station Web Site
                Stock Web Site
                Big Charts Web Site
                Application Exercise
                Chapter Seven     Analyzing Closed End Funds
                Closed End Fund Analysis
                Buy and Hold Closed End Fund For Income
                Buy Closed End Fund For Income and Capital Gain
                Buy And Hold Closed End Fund For Income
                Don't Buy Closed End Fund At Premium Price
                Closed End Fund At Excessive Price
                 Ideal Closed End Fund To Buy and Hold
                Review Exercise
                Chapter Eight     Analyzing Preferred Stocks
                Selecting Preferred Stocks
                Preferred Stock Produces Large Net Profit
                Hold Preferred Stock To Call Date
                Sell Preferred Stock Before Call Date
                Preferred Stock Flat Line Formation
                Preferred Stock Preserves Capital
                High Risk Preferred Stock
                Review Exercise
                Chapter Nine     Analyzing Real Estate Investment Trusts
                Characteristics of Real Estate Investment Trusts
                Real Estate Investments Owning Real Properties
                Analyzing Real Estate Investment Trust on the Internet
                Final Review Exercise
                A.  List of Illustrations
                B.  Glossary
                C.  Helpful Web Sites
                D.  Bibliography
                E.  Index
                F.  About the Author

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